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October 30, 2001

 raquo; RSVP3 photos (pre-Photoshop touching

 raquo; RSVP3 photos (pre-Photoshop touching up)
 raquo; Freelance Hub lunch: Join us on Thursday, November 15
 raquo; Micky's RSVP3 photos



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October 22, 2001

rsvp3 this weekend + Rose

rsvp3 this weekend + Rose Polenzani + for hire

rsvp3: the 80s is just around the corner -- this Saturday to be precise. We lowered the rsvp/ticket fee to $5 in advance and at the door (mostly because we're generous hosts -- something like that). If you plan to join us, how about sending a little email to me at rsvp@sooz.com? There'll be lots of food, cheap cash bar ($2-5), 80s music dj'd by Michael, lots of door prizes thanks to my crazed Ebay bidding, etc etc etc.

I've been a fan of Rose Polenzani's music for a couple years, ever since a pal in Indiana introduced me to Rose's music. After exchanging a few emails with Rose the past year, I'm now helping her out by managing her field rep program. She's playing a bunch of shows with Freedy Johnston throughout the southwest and east coast. Check out her tour schedule and download a few tunes at www.rosepolenzani.com. If you live in one of the cities she's headed to and you want to put up a few posters, let me know! In an interview a while ago, Rose described her music as "experimental folk." Did I mention she's fabulous? Truly.

From the "I probably should do some work for pay, too" department, I'm officially available for web marketing and event planning projects. I quit my fulltime web job at the end of September. It's a zany time to make such a move; but hey, that's me: zany. Let me know if you'd like to check out my resume.

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October 04, 2001

Oops, no photos Jeff Veen

Oops, no photos

Jeff Veen and Peter Merholz were in town this week for the UI 6 East conference so Peter and I conspired to get a few folks together for drinks/food/conversation at Underbones last night. I brought my digital camera with me -- planning to take a few photos to post in the photo album. It would have helped to remember the flash card. Oops. No photos to show; but a good time was had by all. Julianne Chatelain told us about her newish job at LifeFX. They're creating "virtual stand-ins" for email and Web sites.

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October 03, 2001

rsvp3: the 80s Michael and

rsvp3: the 80s

Michael and I finally started to send out the email invites for rsvp3:the 80s. We both need to get our costumes put together. And Kim is still refusing to feather her hair for the party. Ha. Ha. Ha. If you'd like to join us, read the party info right here. There's a special link to paypal for rsvp payments.

There will NOT be a 70s themed party next year. No no no no.

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