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December 16, 2001

The sooz!radio playlist has been

The sooz!radio playlist has been updated with a merry collection of REM holiday tunes: a fun little assortment of songs from their 1988-1996 fan club records. A few of the songs you'll hear include:

  • Deck the Halls, 1988
  • See No Evil, 1988
  • Academy Fight Song, 1989
  • Ghost Reindeer in the Sky, 1990
  • Baby, Baby, 1991
  • Toyland, 1992
  • Silver Bells, 1993
  • Only in America, 1996

There are new events in the works including a monthly mixer type gathering at The Elephant Walk Restaurant on Mass Ave in Cambridge. That event will most likely start in February. More info soon, soon, soon. Song+Story is also in the works for a date as yet unknown in April: an evening of songwriters and storytellers with proceeds benefiting a local non-profit. Did you know Lloyd Cole lives in Massachusetts now? He's originally from England. One of my favorite musicians. Wouldn't it be grand if he participated. A girl can dream! Perhaps all it takes is an email. It might not hurt to cross my fingers, too. More on Song+Story as details come together. Soon!

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