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January 23, 2002

I added songs from Mistle

I added songs from Mistle Thrush's new "Drunk With You" CD to the soozradio playlist. Check out the radio blog for the song list. Mistle Thrush had a fabulous CD release party on Friday night at the Middle East. Since my birthday was Sunday, a group of friends gathered for a birthday dinner at Roka for sushi and then we spent the rest of the evening at the CD release party/concert. Listen to soozradio to hear the band's new tunes and check out their website at MistleThrush.com.

Tomorrow's Freelance Hub lunch is full; but there are now four lunches in February that have lots of room as of right now. If you are freelancing in the Boston area (or thinking about it) this has become a worthwhile couple of hours. RSVP is required to reserve a seat. Learn more about the lunch and let me know if you have questions.

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January 20, 2002

Happy Birthday, Meryl!

Happy Birthday, Meryl!

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January 18, 2002

There are new additions to

There are new additions to the soozradio playlist. Check out the radio blog for the details. Denise Cjaza wrote interesting words (that I agree with) last night about Zeldman's article at PDN-Pix. Yesterday's Freelance Hub was great fun. I will be mailing the 40 participants the attendee list and contact information later today and also updating the photo album with a few photographs. Next week's lunch on January 24th is already full; but there are many seats left for the February 21st lunch.

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January 15, 2002

Since there was a large

Since there was a large number of people on the waitlist for Thursday's lunch, I've added another lunch for next Thursday, January 24th. Learn more and RSVP if you would like to join us. You can also RSVP for the February 21st lunch. See you there!

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January 14, 2002

Freelance Hub Lunch All 40

Freelance Hub Lunch

All 40 seats have been claimed for Thursday's Freelance Hub lunch. A few people usually cancel the day before due to a sudden change in their schedule. If you'd like to attend, add your name to the waitlist and I will be in touch by 9am on Thursday morning if a seat opens up for you.

SXSW Interactive Festival

I am collecting insights and thoughts from people who have attended the SXSW Interactive Festival in past years. Have you attended the festival? Contribute your answer to this question: "Why Should Someone Attend The SXSW 2002 Interactive Festival?" for inclusion in an article that I'm putting together for Digital Web Magazine's February issue. Contributions of 10-100 words are due on or before January 30, 2002. Fill out the contact form and share your thoughts!

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January 13, 2002

Michael (seen in the

Think Different jacket, as worn by Michael Femia of Bunkosquad.com Michael (seen in the photo) was kind enough to pose in the Think Different jacket we're selling on eBay so I could update the listing. Of course, now the title is wrong since it has finally been worn for one minute. Ten songs were added to the soozradio playlist. Check the radio blog for details. There are six two seats left (out of 40) for Thursday's Freelance Hub lunch. Thinking of attending the SXSW Interactive Festival March 8-12 in Austin, but not so sure what you can get out of it? Check out SXSW's guide to "Getting The Most Out Of The SXSW 2002 Interactive Festival." If you have questions about attending, let me know.

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January 12, 2002

In the Fall of 1998

In the Fall of 1998 I worked at Apple Computer's Boston education sales office. During my first week, my boss gave me a black denim "Think Different" jacket. It's actually rather nice as far as company apparel goes. It's been in a closet ever since I received it so Michael put it up for sale under his eBay account. I was rather surprised to see it retails for $195 on an Apple merchandise website. Amusingly enough, as I am typing this, the highest bid is $13.50. Curious? Interested? Check out my "Think Different" jacket at eBay.

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Chris Pirillo took time out

Chris Pirillo took time out of his busy, caffeinated evening to record a bunch of promos/station IDs for soozradio. One might say they are fabulous. Thanks, Chris! Want to hear what Chris recorded for soozradio? Listen! (Requires a speedyfast Internet connection such as T1, DSL or cable modem.)

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January 10, 2002

To celebrate the 8th anniversary

To celebrate the 8th anniversary of links.net, Justin Hall is giving away his frequent flyer miles: "Win a trip for the web: links.net mileage giveaway." 500-1500 word essays are due on or before February 15, 2002. The winner will be announced on March 15th.

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January 08, 2002

Nice! Rose Polenzani and her

Nice! Rose Polenzani and her Voices on the Verge cohorts will be making their television debut on the CBS Saturday Early Show (the weekend version of the Today Show.) The ladies will play two songs as part of a weekly feature of the show called "Second Cup Cafe" plus some extra tidbits of songs will play here and there during the show. According to TVGuide.com, the show airs at 8am EST in my part of the world (Arlington, MA). Check your local listings to confirm when it is on in your part of the world.

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January 06, 2002

I moved the soozradio news

I moved the soozradio news over to its own blog at /radio/blog. I'm not sure how well this will work seperating out two different blog pages. I asked friends, bands and soozradio listeners to create station IDs including a little promo for their website. If you'd like to participate, create an MP3 or WAV file that is up to 20 seconds. Include your name, website and "you're listening to soozradio" somewhere in the recording. And then get in touch so we can conspire.

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While checking out Jen Muehlbauer's

While checking out Jen Muehlbauer's site at EnglishMajor.com, I discovered that the Media Grok team is back! They are working on a new project, publishing the Media Unspun newsletter. The original Media Grok crew remains the same: Jimmy Guterman, Deborah Asbrand, Michaela Cavallaro, Keith Dawson, Jen Muehlbauer, and David Sims. Learn more and register for the newsletter.

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January 05, 2002

Chris Pirillo has a fun

Chris Pirillo has a fun and interesting blog over at chris.pirillo.com. There are a bunch of links on the left to his interesting projects, endeavors and work including Lockergnome and his show on TechTV. The blog entries include his witty and humorous commentary.

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The SXSW Interactive Festival's next

The SXSW Interactive Festival's next registration deadline is coming up. If you register by January 11th, you'll save up to $150 off the walk-up rate. The festival includes all sorts of interesting panels, evening parties, Fray cafe, and new programs including the Iron Webmaster competition featuring small teams redoing a website in 90 minutes. Learn more and register at sxsw.com/interactive. Let me know if you'll be there. :)

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January 01, 2002

Jason Shellen has released

Jason Shellen has released v1.1 of the Cheatsheet Creator. It's a nifty little tool to collect all the URLs for your regular web travels on one page. [found by way of evhead] The next monthly Freelance Hub lunch is coming up on Thursday, January 17th. Learn more about the lunch and RSVP if you'd like to join us.

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