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February 28, 2002

As the first anniversary of

As the first anniversary of sooz.com (at least under my ownership) draws near, it seemed like a good idea to resolve the website's identity crisis. Can a website have multiple personalities? Is sooz.com a personal site? A personality site? An independent website production? A business? A circus act? So many choices! I think my amateur photo adventure (AKA capricious.org) is going to move into sooz.com and some of the event organizing "stuff" will be finding a new home. I might say that this will be happening soon; but soon is sometimes a figment or generalization. So, instead, I think I'll just say it's a work-in-progress.

Only a few more days until the South by Southwest Interactive Festival!

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February 27, 2002

Tomorrow's (Thursday) freelance lunch at

Tomorrow's (Thursday) freelance lunch at Bertucci's has been cancelled due to a small mix-up with the restaurant. They don't have our reservation and are booked solid. Oops! We'll resume the "Third Thursday of the month" schedule in March.

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February 16, 2002

I have been busy

I have been busy the past couple weeks with my new part-time job managing a non-profit computer cafe in Malden. The "Cyber Cafe @ Malden Square" is a community technology center with 11 computers, DSL and coffee. Members include professionals stopping in to check email on their lunch break, homeless people, job-seekers, etc. Claire Murray, one of the advisory team members, maintains the cafe's webpage at http://maldensquare.com. If you're ever in the Malden area, stop by! The cafe is open Monday-Friday 9AM-5PM. In a few weeks the cafe will be open until 8PM Monday-Thursday.

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February 11, 2002

Due to scheduled maintenance at

Due to scheduled maintenance at Live365.com (they provide the stream/bandwidth for soozradio), soozradio will be off the air for a few hours tonight beginning at 10pm EST.

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February 07, 2002

Michael told me to read

Michael told me to read this article a few days ago and I finally got around to reading it. Hilarious. Truly.

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February 06, 2002

Thursday's (tomorrow, February 7th) freelance

Thursday's (tomorrow, February 7th) freelance lunch is full! If you'd like to join us on the 14th, 21st or 28th, learn more and RSVP.

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February 03, 2002

soozradio is a bit overdue

soozradio is a bit overdue for a playlist update -- maybe tomorrow. There are a few seats available for next week's Freelance Hub lunch. I haven't been online much the past two days so it looks like I need to do a little excavating in my email inbox. I forgot to post something the other day about Stacy Glen's performance at the Starbucks in Central Square last night/Friday. Oops. Sorry you missed it. Stacy is a freelance writer (we met at a freelance lunch a couple months ago) and a musician. You can check out his folk tunes at http://www.stacyglen.com. In other unrelated news, I finally updated capricious.org with a few new photographs.

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