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January 31, 2003

Bruce Springsteen at the Somerville Theater II

Interesting! Bruce Springsteen won't be performing at a benefit show for Doubletake Magazine afterall. Heath Row wrote about the latest developments with details from The Boston Herald today.

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Elvis and Baden Württemberg

Elvis and Baden Württemberg

This morning I received an email from someone at the Berlin office of Scholz   Friends, an advertising agency. She found a photo I took of an Elvis impersonator at The South by Southwest Interactive Festival March 2001 and wanted to use the photograph for a campaign they are working on for Baden Württemberg, a state in Germany. In particular, her email said it would be used for "220 Citylight Posters in Berlin for 7 days." Unfortunately I didn't keep the original, high resolution digital photograph so they won't be able to use my photo. I'm highly amused that Elvis is a component to their campaign for a state in Germany. It's really not a high quality photo so I'm surprised they even wanted to use it. Baden Württemberg has a great website. Here are a few tidbits that I discovered:

But no sign of Elvis anywhere on theiir website.

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January 29, 2003

State of the Union Review

Steve Yost set up a review of last night's State of the Union Address using his super cool Document Review web-based application. You can comment on each paragraph of the address. Check out the review.

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Looking for an extra set of eyeballs

I'm looking for someone who can proofread my email newsletter every week or two the day before I send it out. I'll link to you on sooz.com and also in the newsletter. Last night I sent out the latest email to my favorite 640 people (AKA the number of people subscribed to the newsletter) and noticed that I put 2002 for the year. Ooops! So, if you're interested in conspiring, let me know!

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January 28, 2003

Lady in Red and The State of the Union

First thing I noticed in the House of Representatives chamber tonight for the State of the Union Address: lots of women in red. The color blue was a close second. Did red have some sort of significance other than they wanted to stand out? Did I really want Chris DeBurgh's song running through my head tonight? (Regarding the second question: no, not really. But Michael did inform me we have an MP3 of that song. Yikes!)

I would be immensely grateful to anyone who could explain to the President that it's new-clee-urr, not new-kyew-lur.

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January 26, 2003

Cary Pierce is the real thing

Nini Camps and Cary Pierce backstage at Club Passim -- click to see a larger image via popup Club Passim and Cary Pierce in the background Help Club Passim buy new chairs!

Last week someone posted a message to the Glen Phillips email discussion list looking for help at Cary Pierce's solo acoustic show at Club Passim. I had never heard of Cary's music before but figured it was as good excuse as any to see new music. So, for a few hours last night I ran the merchandise table for Cary and the opener, Nini Camps. It's truly amazing how much good music is out there that you might never hear. And yet there's so much crap that you are forced to be exposed to if you listen to commercial radio. (Hey, that's another fabulous reason to listen to stations at Live365 instead!) By a random set of circumstances I've now discovered a musician who will no doubt become one of my favorites. I've never been great at categorizing music; but I guess you could squeeze Cary into the categories of singer/songwriter/pop/rock. He's a superb songwriter with an excellent stage presence.

Cary's been around for a while and had a lot of success with his old band Jackopierce (1997-1998) who is now getting back together for some shows. They'll be at the Paradise at some point this year. Stay tuned!

Click on the little photos above for large photographs via popup.

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January 25, 2003

Soozradio has a new home

A couple weeks ago I stopped broadcasting Soozradio and moved most of the music to a new Internet radio station for Exploit Boston!. It features a mix of mostly rock and pop tunes from Boston bands past and present including Sparkola, Rose Polenzani, Annette Farrington, The Sheila Divine, Mistle Thrush, Ad Frank, Kingsize, Mishima, The So and So's, Loveless, Bleu, etc. I'm working on adding more songs; but for now it's up to about seven hours of music. If you have any recommendations or are in a Boston band with music to share, let me know. The station is broadcast through Live365. You can check it out at Exploit Boston! Radio.

If you're in the Harvard Square (Cambridge, MA) area tonight, come check out Cary Pierce's show at Club Passim. I'm going to be helping out and selling stuff at his merchandise table. The show starts at 7pm and also includes Nini Camps.

And to keep the music theme going, last night I had a dream that I was watching MTV and Meghan Toohey's new band The So and So's video was on. I have no idea where that dream came from; but that would certainly be fun to see. Then again, it would have to require that I actually even watch MTV! I'd link to the band's website but they don't seem to have one and Meghan's website seems to have been grabbed by someone else.

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January 23, 2003

Bruce Springsteen at the Somerville Theater I

Last night while working at my computer and listening to the news in the background, I heard the words "Bruce Springsteen" and "Somerville Theater" used in the same sentence. Of course, that was later followed up by "$1,000 and $5,000 tickets." According to WBZ4 and The Boston Herald, Bruce Springsteen and his wife Patty Scialfa will perform at a benefit concert for Double Take Magazine on February 20th.

Probably worth mentioning is the fact that The Somerville Theater only holds 900 people. I'm sure it's going to be an excellent concert.

February 20th is Mark James' birthday and it is one month after my 30th birthday. Any kind, generous person who would like to give me a belated birthday gift is certainly welcome to do so! (A girl can dream if nothing else!)

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January 22, 2003

Website Refresh

I was inspired by Brad Choate's "Reboot" list to redesign/update his website. I've been wanting to make some updates to sooz.com (and learn a few things along the way) for a while so I borrowed a few things from Brad's list and added a few of my own. It's a work-in-progress.

  • Eliminate table layout.
  • Update photobar at the top of pages.
  • Restructure photo album main page
  • Move capricious.org photo albums to sooz.com
  • Implement Site Search.
  • Create "Daily Tracks" sideblog for space under newsletter signup.
  • Add blog categories and include entry's category in "posted by" footer.
  • Integrate htmlArea into comment forms.
  • Render acceptably in Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Netscape, Opera, Lynx, Links and Safari (Windows/Mac/Linux); include CSS rules for printing.
  • Validate for XHTML 1.1
  • Validate under CSS2
  • Implement Mark Pilgrim #8217;s accessibility rules:
    • Choose a DOCTYPE.
    • Identify language in  #8220;html #8221; tag.
    • Assign meaningful page titles.
    •  lt;link gt; tags for navigational aids.
    • Present main content first.
    • Skip over for nav links.
    • Use color safely.
    • Use real links.
    • Add titles to links.
    • Define keyboard shortcuts.
    • Don #8217;t open new windows.
    • Define acronyms.
    • Give calendar a real caption (N/A).
    • Using real table headers.
    • Summary for tables.
    • Ignoring spacer images (N/A).
    • Using real lists.
    • Providing text equivalents for images - make sure they #8217;re  #8216;good #8217;.
    • Providing text equivalents for image maps (N/A).
    • Using real horizontal rules (N/A).
    • Using relative font sizes.
    • Using real headers.
    • Labeling form elements.
    • Make everything searchable.
    • Create an accessibility statement.
  • More accessibility: check CSS designs against VisCheck.
  • License site using the  quot;Attribute, No Derivatives, Non-Commercial quot; Creative Commons License.

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The Rock and Roll Library Needs Office Space (Greater Boston Area)

Last night I met up with Anne Fitzpatrick, executive director of the Rock and Roll Library. When she was eight years old she had an idea that the world needed a library for popular (rock) music. Three years ago she started to put her idea into action.

The Library needs donated office space. Since they are a non-profit the donation would likely offer tax benefits to the company helping them out.

Their basic needs:

  • A room that can fit one or more tables
  • 1-2 phones
  • Internet access
  • MBTA (T or Commuter Rail) accessible

If you know of a company in the greater Boston area that has a room (large or small) that can fit a table or two and comes with Internet access and phones please contact Annefitzpatrick AT rocklibrary.com. An office that is T or commuter rail accessible is preferred.

About The Rock and Roll Library

The Rock and Roll Library is "a non-profit organization working to build the world's largest music information archive while promoting the use of popular music in education."

Past projects include a song lesson plan contest using Melissa Etheridge's song "Scarecrow." The winning teacher was awarded $1,000 and Melissa Etheridge visited the school and donated 68 tickets to the school for a nearby concert. The Library is also working on finishing up web development on the Music Archive Database. It's about 60% finished but needs the help of experienced web developers to finish it. (The database project was started by a group of Northeastern students.)

Help spread the word!

If you've got a weblog (or a website in general) and want to help spread the word about The Rock and Roll Library's quest for office space, consider posting about this on your own site. (Scott Johnson agrees.)

By the way

I'm not directly affiliated with the Rock and Roll Library -- just someone who loves music who is going to volunteer some time to their projects.

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January 21, 2003

Thanks, Dreamhost!

February 21st marks the third year in a row I've had my websites hosted at Dreamhost. Apparently they appreciate my business. I received an email last night with a $30 gift certificate to mark the occassion. Technically they've hosted my websites since late 1997 but I moved my sites briefly in 1999 and again in 2000. I had more of a love/hate relationship with them at the beginning (which is why I switched twice); but the past three years have been great. It's interesting to see how much they've grown, too. I remember when they were just starting out and hosting Swanky.org, a project I was part of at the time in 1997-1998. Five years ago really doesn't feel like five years ago. Or something like that.

I still haven't figured out the problem I'm having with Movable Type. Though I don't think it's really a problem with Movable Type necessarily, moreso a permissions problem with files. I can publish all files through Movable Type just fine except when it gets to the index files. I get this error message: Writing to '/home/susank/sooz.com/index.html.new' failed: Opening local file '/home/susank/sooz.com/index.html.new' failed: Permission denied.

I've tried making adjustments to the existing index.html file's permissions but that didn't help. Weird.

Update Jan. 21st @ 11:50pm: The problem is fixed! I had the wrong CGI user associated with sooz.com.

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January 20, 2003

Seeyabye Blogger

I've moved the sooz.com homepage from Blogger to Movable Type. There's one small technical detail which I need to figure out so for now, the main page redirects to /log. But you probably wouldn't have noticed that unless I told you.

I'm merging my photo site (capricious.org) with sooz.com since I have enough websites as it is. Four is enough. So, if you've got capricious.org bookmarked or in your blogroll, consider changing the link from capricious to sooz.com. Now it's time for a movie and then Michael and I are going to visit friends who are back in town after living in Florida the past 1.5 years. Not a bad way to spend a birthday evening!

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January 18, 2003

A birthday brunch

Sooz, Margie, Vin

A group of friends joined me to celebrate my 30th birthday a few days early at Henrietta's Table in Harvard Square. It was a very tasty meal shared with friends. Shannon gave me a knitting "starter kit" and a certificate for a complimentary lesson at Mind's Eye in Porter Square. Someday soon I will be knitting my very own socks. Assuming I can figure out how to knit. We'll see how it goes. I added birthday brunch photographs to the photo album.

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January 13, 2003

A weekend in NYC: photos!

josh and jeffrey talk about type

I spent Friday through part of Sunday in New York City, visiting friends and seeing the city for the second time (ever). One of the highlights was lunch on Sunday at Zen Palate with Josh, Carrie and Jeffrey. It turned out to be Jeffrey's birthday so we had an unplanned January birthdays lunch (Josh's birthday was a few days ago and mine is on the 20th). Josh and Jeffrey are my favorite online pals and it's always been a wish-of-sorts to be able to spend time with both of them in the same room. Of course, that was a lot easier to see happen since Josh has moved from L.A. to NYC. Check out the photo album.

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January 04, 2003

Free Agent Boston has a new home!

I'm working on reorganizing my web projects. I've moved the Free Agent Boston content over to its own home at www.FreeAgentBoston.com. If you're a free agent (freelancer, consultant, independent) in the Boston area, we're meeting for the monthly free agent lunch on Thursday, January 16th. See you there? The design for Free Agent Boston.com is temporary until the first week or two in February. Next up ... moving capricious.org photos over here.

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