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January 21, 2003

Thanks, Dreamhost!

February 21st marks the third year in a row I've had my websites hosted at Dreamhost. Apparently they appreciate my business. I received an email last night with a $30 gift certificate to mark the occassion. Technically they've hosted my websites since late 1997 but I moved my sites briefly in 1999 and again in 2000. I had more of a love/hate relationship with them at the beginning (which is why I switched twice); but the past three years have been great. It's interesting to see how much they've grown, too. I remember when they were just starting out and hosting Swanky.org, a project I was part of at the time in 1997-1998. Five years ago really doesn't feel like five years ago. Or something like that.

I still haven't figured out the problem I'm having with Movable Type. Though I don't think it's really a problem with Movable Type necessarily, moreso a permissions problem with files. I can publish all files through Movable Type just fine except when it gets to the index files. I get this error message: Writing to '/home/susank/sooz.com/index.html.new' failed: Opening local file '/home/susank/sooz.com/index.html.new' failed: Permission denied.

I've tried making adjustments to the existing index.html file's permissions but that didn't help. Weird.

Update Jan. 21st @ 11:50pm: The problem is fixed! I had the wrong CGI user associated with sooz.com.

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