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January 22, 2003

Website Refresh

I was inspired by Brad Choate's "Reboot" list to redesign/update his website. I've been wanting to make some updates to sooz.com (and learn a few things along the way) for a while so I borrowed a few things from Brad's list and added a few of my own. It's a work-in-progress.

  • Eliminate table layout.
  • Update photobar at the top of pages.
  • Restructure photo album main page
  • Move capricious.org photo albums to sooz.com
  • Implement Site Search.
  • Create "Daily Tracks" sideblog for space under newsletter signup.
  • Add blog categories and include entry's category in "posted by" footer.
  • Integrate htmlArea into comment forms.
  • Render acceptably in Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Netscape, Opera, Lynx, Links and Safari (Windows/Mac/Linux); include CSS rules for printing.
  • Validate for XHTML 1.1
  • Validate under CSS2
  • Implement Mark Pilgrim #8217;s accessibility rules:
    • Choose a DOCTYPE.
    • Identify language in  #8220;html #8221; tag.
    • Assign meaningful page titles.
    •  lt;link gt; tags for navigational aids.
    • Present main content first.
    • Skip over for nav links.
    • Use color safely.
    • Use real links.
    • Add titles to links.
    • Define keyboard shortcuts.
    • Don #8217;t open new windows.
    • Define acronyms.
    • Give calendar a real caption (N/A).
    • Using real table headers.
    • Summary for tables.
    • Ignoring spacer images (N/A).
    • Using real lists.
    • Providing text equivalents for images - make sure they #8217;re  #8216;good #8217;.
    • Providing text equivalents for image maps (N/A).
    • Using real horizontal rules (N/A).
    • Using relative font sizes.
    • Using real headers.
    • Labeling form elements.
    • Make everything searchable.
    • Create an accessibility statement.
  • More accessibility: check CSS designs against VisCheck.
  • License site using the  quot;Attribute, No Derivatives, Non-Commercial quot; Creative Commons License.
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