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April 26, 2003

Rain On Days

If today had a theme song it would be "Rain On Days", a song that Rose Polenzani recorded for/with Zoe Ardito. I'm not sure how old Zoe was when they recorded the songs (with lyrics created on the fly by Zoe) -- maybe five or six years old. Rose has a section of her website dedicated to the songs they collaborated on. I don't mind rain and I usually prefer a slightly cloudy day over lots of sun; but today I was hoping to go out and take some photos. Maybe tomorrow.

Rose has a show coming up on Thursday, May 1st at the Kendall Cafe. Also performing that night is eastmountainsouth, a band I've never heard of. I downloaded MP3s on their website and they sound great -- a mixture of pop and folk. This looks like it will be a great show not to be missed.

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