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June 29, 2003

Hire Ron Pacheco

Brad Choate is offering a generous reward to anyone who can help his friend Ron Pacheco find a fulltime job in the southwest Connecticut/New York City area. Ron's eight-year old son Thomas had cancer so it's important they are back on health insurance soon. Here are the stipulations that Brad described on his website:

Brad has been an immeasurable help to me adding functionality to Exploit Boston! and he's just a really nice guy so if you know anyone who is hiring in Ron's area or can pass this on, please help. Here's his resume in PDF format which describe's Ron's experience as a senior-level software engineer.

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June 28, 2003

The wireless-g network is alive

After several hours of coercing Zippy to play nice with the wireless-g notebook adapter driver, I finally got my wireless network set up at home. I decided to go to Panera Bread to take in the free Wi-Fi, do some work and eat lunch. That's where I'm at as I type this little blathering tidbit of an entry. Good thing I brought my headphones since it is extremely noisy here today.

Lisa Germano played a short but excellent set at the Paradise last night working her way through her Lullaby for Liquid Pig album. It's quite good in that dark, moody with stunning vocals sort of way. I'd really like to see her collaborate with Jane Siberry sometime. They'd make a great combination.

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June 27, 2003

Wireless-g is in the house, yo ... almost

Michael picked up the Linksys Wireless-G Broadband Router on sale today for $129 at Radio Shack. Yes, Radio Shack. One geek pal has already given me a hard time about this. But it was the best deal in our immediate area. Best Buy and CompUSA outlets have it available for the same price; but their listings indicate it is $129 after a rebate. Radio Shack offered it for that price upfront. I called a local computer store a few weeks ago to check on their pricing. I'd be happy to give my money to an Arlington business. But they had two problems: the guy who answered the phone was rude and the price was a lot higher.

I had already purchased the wireless-g notebook adapter for Zippy (my Dell notebook) a few weeks ago thinking I could use it at Panera Bread with their free wireless Internet access and then just use my regular ethernet card at home. It didn't work. But this weekend I'm going to try to set up the new wireless network. It will probably help that this time I'll have both the router/access point and the card so everything can be on the same setup. The two desktop machines will stay wired for now. If I have trouble following directions (it has been known to happen) I'll have to call in a geek pal to resue me. But I'm hoping that the instructions are clear and the equipment (and my patience) cooperates. It would be nice to accomplish this myself. I'm also hopeful that maybe the network will reach out into the courtyard of our apartment complex. I have a feeling it probably won't but my fingers are crossed anyway.

Tonight Susan and I are going to see Lisa Germano at the Paradise Rock Club on Comm Ave in Boston. Doors open at 7 and Lisa goes on at 8 with Clem Snide headlining later on.

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June 25, 2003

Song lyrics of the day

Today, Ani Difranco sums it up like this:

We got egos like hairdos
They're different every day
Depending on how we slept the night before
Depending on the demons that are at our door

I got my kitchen stocked
I got my door unlocked
There're no demons here
And I don't really care
Whose name is printed in bigger type
You know I live in a world full of hope
Not a world full of hype
I ain't no saint
I help myself to what I need
But I help other people too
Y'know I sleep soundly

-- "Egos Like Hairdos" : Ani Difranco

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Sondre Lerche on Last Call with Carson Daly tonight

Mike seems to think that my apartment is turning into HQ for the U.S. division of the Sondre Lerche fan club. Almost, but not quite. Sondre will be performing a song from his Faces Down album tonight on Carson Daly's show. I'm rarely awake during the work week to watch the show but tonight's a good reason to stay up. Last Call with Carson Daly airs around 1:30am on the east coast. See and hear for yourself why I seem to go on and on about this guy's music.

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June 24, 2003

Soozle, the official summer cocktail of sooz.com

I stopped by Tosconini's in Harvard Square last night on my way to ZuZu and ordered a Korean Citrusade. The drink includes club soda, orange marmalade and ice cubes. It was a tasty beverage, but something seemed to be missing. How about some of that Strawberry Stoli that's been sitting in the freezer for a long time?

So, after work today I stopped by Trader Joe's and picked up a couple bottles of San Pellegrino and Keiller Dundee Orange Marmalade. The Strawberry Stoli adds a nice touch. Now all it need is some sort of garnish (mint?) and it will be the perfect summer cocktail.

The Soozle
Put several ice cubes in a tall glass. Pour San Pellegrino mineral water into the glass. Add 1 tablespoon (more or less) of orange marmalade. Stir. Stir. Stir. And stir again. Mix in 1 shot of Stoli Strawberry Vodka. Stir. Stir. Consume!

Note: If you have real bar gear you could also use one of those shaker things and then pour everything into your glass. I could really use one of those.

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The Unhappy Hour every Monday night at ZuZu in Cambridge

Tonight Susan C. and I met up for a late dinner and a free music event at ZuZu, the restaurant with beautiful red walls between the Middle East's restaurant and corner. I've walked by it dozens of times but tonight was the first time I went in. We ordered the ZuZu PuPu Platter. It's a lot tastier than it probably sounds. Items on the platter o' pu include spinach dumplings, kebabs, meat pies, grape leaves, chicken brik, kibbeh, hummus, whipped garlic and harrissa. It was a great selection and the whipped garlic was a favorite.

We settled into the last available table, consumed our array of appetizers and then the music started around 10:30. Each Monday night is the Unhappy Hour at ZuZu hosted by Lili. Tonight featured the threesome of Bill Janovitz (Buffalo Tom), Tanya Donelly (Throwing Muses, Belly) and Chris Toppin (Fuzzy).

It was a magical night! The only thing missing was my digital camera which appears to be broken.

Next up for ZuZu's Unhappy Hour is Blake Hazard on Monday, June 30th. The music starts around 10:30pm.

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June 20, 2003

BunkoSquad.com five year anniversary shindig

Michael announced plans for a party to celebrate five years of BunkoSquad.com, his home on the web. It seems just like yesterday I was pestering him to get a website. Apparently we're going to party like it's 1998. Hopefully that doesn't involve listening to The Titanic Soundtrack which was #1 (well, not on my list) that year. Schtick.org has a few articles about 1998 including fashion, music, news, movies, television, death and books. CNN's year in review includes the top 10 news stories of 1998.

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June 19, 2003

Bleu is trapped in my CD player

I'm doin' fine my friends all say so I'm doin' all right but that don't mean dick unless you know, I know, you know -- "You Know, I Know, You Know" ~ Bleu

I picked up the re-release of Bleu's Redhead album at Newbury Comics yesterday. They've got it on sale for $7.99. What a great album. He's on The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn tonight. Boston hasn't had a pop star in a long time. Maybe it's about time.

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June 15, 2003

Exploit Boston! and Sondre Lerche

I have told you this before
and my transparent mind
won't cover see-through hearts
I'll be straight with you now
Now I'm not what you want
just like the rest
and you feel like you're subject to a test
But if there's one thing I know it's this
When I lose my sleep it's you I miss - "You Know So Well" - Sondre Lerche

I've been tinkering with Exploit Boston's temporary design this weekend. The temporariness has endured a bit longer term than I originally intended. But that's OK. Working on EB! seems to be very good luck for unemployed designers. Looking for work but have free time on your hands for the time being? Start conspiring with me on the EB! website and job offers will start falling out of the sky. I guess that's not all that bad but hopefully this time around we'll be able to make more progress.

My favorite young pop gem from Norway (oh, he has a name ... Sondre Lerche) is performing at TT The Bear's on Wednesday, June 18th. I haven't seen him live yet but everything on his debut Faces Down album is nothing less than spectacular. I posted a few tidbits on Exploit Boston! about the show and plan to get there around 9:30pm in time for Sondre's performance. It's the best $12 you'll spend in June.

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June 13, 2003

Smokefree in Cambridge ... soon!

On behalf of my eyeballs, thanks to Cambridge for finally passing the smoking ban in all workplaces, including restaurants and bars. It doesn't go into effect until October but at least it's happening this year. Last night Michael and I went to the Rising Tide Concert Series debut at the Paradise in Boston to see Annette Farrington perform. It was wonderful not having to deal with smoke inside the club. I am sure that this smoking ban will definately help inspire me to get out to see live music more often.

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June 11, 2003

Nokia 6800 available in the U.S. ... but where?


The Nokia 6800 is apparently available in the U.S. with service from Cingular; but I haven't found a zip code via the website that actually says it's available in that area. I tried a few Boston area zipcodes and none of them seemed to have the phone. It appears to be a great phone to type on thanks to the flip-out keyboard. I've got web and email access on my Sanyo 4900 but I rarely use it to send messages or emails since typing on it is similiar to Chinese water torture. The camera headset attachment looks rather cool, too. I hope Nokia offers a super snazzy phone like this that works with SprintPCS someday.

As I've mentioned before, I'm contracting at another division (not the phone people) at Nokia. Seems like I need to find someone who works for the phone group so I can see one of the 6800's in action.

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I'm not hiring (Tips for job seekers)

Every couple weeks I get at least one random email from someone who would like me to hire them for an event planning job. They started landing in my inbox about a year ago. Originally they would come in through sooz.com but they've started to come my way through my not-quite-launched-but-someday-soon-event-planner-for-hire website at susankaup.com. The site says that it is launching in March. Yup, it's June. I don't really mind getting the emails. Some of them provide good tidbits for cover letter ideas. But I've been thinking about compiling a list of tips and linking to it on my freelance website.

Tip #1 is: Do not send attachments to someone you do not know soliciting work without so much as a note in the body of the email.

Tip #2: Read the website. Find out if it's really a company or a freelancer. Do not send a freelancer an email with the line "I would really like to work for your company." Unless of course you want to work part-time out of my apartment and you enjoy mopping floors and doing dishes.

If you have any tips to share, drop them in comments or send me an email.

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June 06, 2003

Boston Blogs gathering at Caveau Monday June 9

Shannon Okey and her Boston Blogs.com project are hosting a social gathering at 7pm on (this coming) Monday, June 9th at Caveau at 7pm. The shindig takes place after the first day of the ClickZ Weblog Business Strategies conference. See ya there!

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