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September 27, 2003

Six Months

My mom passed away six months ago on March 20th. Earlier this week Dave Winer wrote about his uncle dieing of a heart attack and wondering if it leaves you conscious as the rest of your body dies. I wonder what my mom might have been thinking after her own heart attack.

It still seems strange to know that she won't be visiting Michael and I this Fall like she talked about doing back when we last spoke on the phone. Thursday night we attended a "Nebraska Party" that Michael's co-worker (and Nebraskan!) Kari co-hosted with her brother and other pals who moved to Boston from Nebraska. It was the first time I had been in a room full of Nebraskans in Boston. Kari even made homemade Runzas. We talked about how funny it was that certain things from "back home" weren't as interesting to us until we moved away. Such as Runzas and Cornhusker football. It was the sort of event where I would have called my mom. She would have been amused to know I was watching a football game.

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September 16, 2003

Howard Dean Rally in Boston on September 23rd at 11am in Copley Square

Two topics seem to be consuming all my time lately: music and politics. The Rock & Roll Library moved into new office space in Allston recently so I've been helping get the office set up.

I've also been trying to make the effort to get more involved as a "Mass for Dean" volunteer. I found a venue for tomorrow night's Dean Social in the Bistro du Marche room at Marche Movenpick in the Prudential Center. Over 60 people have RSVP'd. Dean Socials are informal gatherings for Howard Dean supporters and people curious about Dean to get together in an informal setting to discuss his candidacy. Everyone is welcome to join us at 7:30pm.

The big local news is that a Boston rally with Howard Dean is taking place at 11am on Tuesday, September 23rd outdoors in Copley Square. It will be great to finally see Dean speak in person!

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September 09, 2003

BloggerCon at Harvard in October

Dave Winer is hosting the upcoming BloggerCon, a conference about weblogs October 4-5 on the campus of Harvard Law School. I'll be there thanks to the random drawing for 25 scholarship passes. So far the only person I know personally who will be there is Shannon. The two-day event costs $250 for students and $500 for everyone else. The event concept and schedule look interesting but that price tag seems high. Maybe everyone who pays the $500 fee should get to be a sponsor, too. Matthew Gross of Howard Dean's campaign weblog will be participating on a panel that aspires to include blogging staff from the other campaigns, too.

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September 07, 2003

So It's Been Ten Years?

While Michael and I were driving home from his pal Mark's wedding today I remembered that it's been ten years since my college friend Stacy McHale dragged me into the computer guy's office at Doane College in Crete, Nebraska to get an email account at the start of my junior year. So far, in my first 30 years on this planet, there are probably two main chapters in my life: the year I was born (1973) through August 1993 for chapter one and then Fall 1993 and beyond for chapter two. Ten years ago I got an email account and fumbled through Doane's email and gopher tools trying to figure out what this Internet thing was all about. My first social interactions online were a mailing list for fans of the 10,000 Maniacs and a text-based BBS out of the University of Iowa called ISCABBS. Back then it was amazing to consider that while sitting in a computer lab in Nebraska I could connect with people from around the world.

I visited Boston a year earlier for Spring Break in 1992 and decided it was a place I'd like to live someday. After getting online the next year I met a lot of people from New England and one of them had plans to be in Norway for the summer of 1994. Her room in Cambridge was available for sublet so I decided to try out Boston for the summer. I guess that summer went on a bit longer than expected. It's been nine years!

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