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November 24, 2003

Mmmmm remix

Jump in it's only fire;
The pilot's set to broil, my nimble cook!
It's useless, flying kites
It only works if the wind is right
And I've got a question for my dragonfly
How to navigate through a perilous tide
Without a safe or sound device
Save only I?
Save only I? -- "Dragonfly", Universal Hall Pass

Symbion Project put together an excellent remix of Universal Hall Pass's "Dragonfly." Download the mp3 and savor it for yourself. Kasson, the mastermind behind Symbion Project and Melissa of Universal Hall Pass were band mates in Splashdown before they were consumed and spit out by a record label moments before Splashdown's major label debut was supposed to be released. Maybe the other guy in the band will get back to making music again sometime, too. We can always hope.

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