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December 28, 2003

The late night "I wonder whatever happened to ..." adventure

Thursday night when I was supposed to be doing non-stop packing for my move to Medford I also sprinkled in a little web travel checking in/looking for people I haven't talked to in a while. This seems to happen with reasonable consistency anytime I'm online past 2am. I stopped by Maggy Donea's MIMOand noticed she's publishing tidbits at her personal site again. Excellent! And she's even working on putting Moments into some sort of ebook. Published by Eastgate, perhaps?

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December 27, 2003

New Year for America House Parties

I survived my all-night-of-packing and even managed to pick up the pace and get more than one box per hour packed. It looks like I may have most everything moved in time to go to Halley's New Year for America House Party on December 30th. She's hosting one of the hundreds of similiar house parties hosted by Howard Dean supporters around the country.

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December 26, 2003

The Packing Up Your Apartment Webcam

It's too bad my webcam died. If it were alive I would turn it on so that anyone else hanging out at home tonight (who happens upon this website) could partake in the excitement that is slowmotionsoozpacking. I think I need to increase my packing speed. One box per hour is probably not going to cut it.

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Firsts and Lasts and the Moments In Between

The last Christmas with Michael and his family.

The first Christmas without my mom who passed away suddenly in March a few weeks before her 56th birthday.

The first time packing and moving in five years.

The last weekend in this apartment.

The first page of a new chapter.

But it's not the first and probably won't be the last time I wait until the absolute very last moment to pack. Anyone who sees me online tonight is hereby encouraged to remind me to get back to work.

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December 24, 2003

Photos from Sushi Fest #6 at Osushi in Boston

Sushi Fest #6Sushi Fest #6Sushi Fest #6

I'm belatedly posting Sushi Fest #6 photos (thanks in no small part to my upcoming move!). Osushi made a cool printed menu for us, too. I'll try to get that scanned once I'm settled into my new place. We had two sets of tables with twenty people in attendance. I had never been to Osushi but it seemed like a cool place to try out. I was very impressed with the excellent selection and quality of the sushi and appetizers.

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December 20, 2003

New tunes added to Exploit Boston! Radio

My Exploit Boston! website has been a neglected stepchild the past six weeks but I'm working on some updates this weekend to make it easier to keep up-to-date. First up: Exploit Boston! Radio. I added a bunch of new Boston rock / pop / alternative / indie tunes to the stream including new songs from Sparkola, Loveless, Wheat and Aaron Perino's new band Dear Leader. The stream is hosted by Live365. To listen you just need to create a free Live365 account. I usually use their browser-based player but you can also tune in with an MP3 player such as Winamp or iTunes. Of course, they have a business to run, so there are ads for users with free accounts but you can also upgrade to a preferred membership account and pay a few dollars to remove the ads (and support an Internet company that has managed to stay alive over the years!). The "now playing" popup will let you know what's currently playing plus the previous two songs.

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December 19, 2003


Even IRC bots can have a weblog. [Via Gregor.]

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December 18, 2003

High-flying hack

MIT News 11/17/2003: "A replica of the Wright brother's biplane "Flyer" was erected on top of the Great Dome at MIT by student hackers, in honor of the 100th anniversary of human, powered flight."

The best part?

"The model will be dismantled Thursday morning by Barber and Cunha, the Institute’s hack evaluation and removal team, if the surface is dry and the weather is calm."

Also: The MIT Gallery of Hacks

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December 16, 2003

Useful and Cool : Jewelboxing Super Jewel Box Packaging System

Jewelboxing is the brainchild of Coudal Partners, a Chicago design firm. For $49 you get a jewel box kit to package twenty CDs/DVDs including the plastic cases, paper inserts and labels. And of course they have a weblog called "Start Me Up" chronically Jewelboxing's startup biz adventures. They're also beta testing PayPal's new system which lets customers make a credit card purchase without creating/using a PayPal account.

Why Jewelboxing?
We are professional designers who were unsatisfied with cheap-looking jewel cases and we looked everywhere for materials that will put the best face on our presentations. We selected Super Jewel Boxes™ based on quality and design. There are a million places to buy jewel cases but this is the only place you can buy the Jewelboxing System, which pairs the best materials with easy-to-use, professional, software-specific templates. Nothing else compares to it. The Jewelboxing System is simple and affordable for designers and other creative people.

How about a CD Swap?

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Useful web tool : 4096 Color Wheel

Oooh! The 4096 Color Wheel is a very useful web tool that includes three columns for the web-safe, web-smart and "unsafe" versions of one of the 4,096 colors you select. [Via What's New at Digital Web Magazine.]

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A new tool for RSS junkies : My Feedster

The cool humans at Feedster have launched my Feedster, a web-based news (RSS) aggregator. Very nice! It's free to create an account which allows you to save posts and searches, import OPML Urls, etc. It's so nice to be able to access the feeds/websites I read without having to be at my own computer.

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December 15, 2003

Life's Soundtrack, Continued

"Goodbye (This is Not Goodbye)" - Over the Rhine

help me tell the truth you see
that's all i'm trying to do is
tell the truth
i'm not that shy
this is not goodbye
and later on i won't know how
i don't know who else to be
more and more i'm secretly just me
open your eyes

help me tell the truth you see
that's all i'm trying to do is
tell the truth
it's just in my head
all i've left unsaid
and later on it won't come out

i have seen the final curtain fall
If i have to i'll surrender all

i'm always coming around too late
too late

it's not too late

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December 12, 2003

Hello Medford, Goodbye Arlington

After spending the past seven years in Arlington and five years in my current apartment, I am moving to Medford in a few weeks to a big one-family house with two housemates. 2004 seems to be a new chapter in life as I embark on turning 31 a few weeks after the move. PK has been a great landlord but I probably won't miss living in an apartment building. A real kitchen! Dinner parties! A garden! When they wrote "amazing bathrooms" in the Craig's List ad, they were not kidding. It features a very snazzy whirlpool tub. Click on the thumbnails to see larger photos of the new place. Photo credit: Gregor.

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December 08, 2003

Pass it on: Gregor's going away (for now) party Sunday night at The Redline in Harvard Square 7pm until whenever

Gregor is heading back to Zurich with plans to return to Boston eventually, possibly. So, there will be a "Goodbye (for now) Party" held in his honor in the back room at The Redline Restaurant/Bar in Harvard Square at 59 JFK Street this coming Sunday, December 14th at 7pm. It's down a small flight of stairs just up the street from The Bombay Club (same side of the street) and Shay's (across the street).

Join us!

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Life is never easy but it's almost fair

The title above is from another Glen Phillips song called "Everything Matters." He seems to be providing the last quarter of 2003's soundtrack. He has such a skill with writing lyrics that are almost falling over the edge into trite but maintain their credibility nonetheless.

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New (old) photo gallery

I set up Gallery during the Great Noreaster Hibernation 2003 yesterday and brought capricious.org back to life in the process as my new (old) photo gallery.

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December 04, 2003

The sooz.com web screenplay staring Catherine Zeta-Jones and Leonardo Dicaprio

If the contents of sooz.com were ever used for a screenplay, this is how it might look. Thanks to Shannon for the amusing link.

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December 02, 2003

Rock City Crimewave, Suspect Device and Stray Bullets at the Rock & Roll Library Benefit Concert

Three bands put on a great set of shows last night at the Rock & Roll Library's benefit concert upstairs at Charlie's Kitchen in Harvard Square. Jason Bennett from Suspect Device performed solo and did the best Billy Bragg cover (whose title I have unfortunately forgotten). I'd like to see Stray Bullets in a bigger room sometime. I've never really been much of a punk fan but they definitely won me over. And then later on I finally had a chance to see Rock City Crimewave. I've known Gard (on the right in the first two photos), the band's guitarist for a while but the world always conspired against me whenever I had plans to see them. Unfortunately Gregor's camera arrived after the first two bands finished up so I didn't get any photographs of Jason or Stray Bullets. (And yes, Gregor had a very good reason for being stuck at work so late.) Good times, indeed! You can click on the small thumbnails to see larger photos.

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