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October 25, 2004


I'm evaluating Basecamp, online project management software, for a client and my own projects. I sent them (Basecamp HQ) an email about a feature request/curiosity. It seemed worthwhile to be able to associate due dates with tasks. They do provide deadlines with milestones and you can also cross-reference a to do list with a particular milestone. But I thought it would be useful to also have dates associated with a to do list, too.

I received a very speedy response. When responding to my inquiry, Jason said:

We do not plan on adding dates to to-do items. Milestones have dates, but to-do items are simply to-do items. We're really working on keeping things simple and focused.

I would have to disagree with my request being a complicated and unfocused feature! But it was good to get a fast response nonetheless. Overall, Basecamp is a very interesting piece of web software. I've always wondered why there haven't been better tools out there (especially webby ones) so that we're not stuck with awful tools like Microsoft Project. Basecamp to the rescue? They have a weblog, too, called Everything Basecamp.

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