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October 16, 2004

Photos from October Trip to Nebraska

Nebraska Sky taken while zooming along in a car on Highway 275

During my trip to Nebraska last week I took oodles of photographs when I was back for my grandmother's funeral. The above photo was taken while my sister Amy and I were zooming along Highway 275 from Fremont on our way to the airport in Omaha for my flight home to Boston. I finally had a chance to meet my new (first!) baby niece who was born in late May. I also scanned a few old photos that Amy found while cleaning out our mom's house to get it ready to sell. I especially like this photo of my grandparents, mom and uncle taken for a holiday card sometime in the early or mid 1960s. There's also a photo of my family taken at Easter 1978. Hopefully someone saved the photo of my sister and I at Easter the year before where we both had pigtails and bright red hair.

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