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April 30, 2005

Better and Better: Rose Polenzani

"Donít worry cuz Iíve got it / Got the car door / Got the front gate and I / Got my own back / Through the shadows / In my Friday clothes / Through the wardrobe / Through the snow / I have seen a light / I have seen a light / I have seen a light / I have seen a light"

Boston singer-songwriter Rose Polenzani has a new tune available for (free) MP3 download. Grab it now in Rose's music shoppe. It will be replaced with another tune sooner or later. It's called "I Have Seen a Light." Rose describes it best:

It's a really simple song, kind of repetitive. It just gets bigger and bigger. That's my thing. Anyway, the 'light' isn't the one you might be thinking of, it's something kind of hard and real like a medicine ball.

So.Very.Good. Grab your headphones and turn up the volume. If you like that song, buy her album October that came out last Fall.


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April 27, 2005

Meetup's New Fees, Travels and the Mobile Media Conference

This is old news as of a couple weeks ago but I haven't had a chance to write about it until now. Meetup is now charging a monthly fee to organizers. I currently run one Meetup group: The Boston Wi-Fi Meetup and I plan to pay the $9/month (it goes up to $19/month in 2007). Some people seem to think it's a tragedy that Meetup is asking us to pay. I have no problem with the fee. They're even setting things up so that group members can chip in. What's the big deal? Meetup has done a great job of attracting a lot of people to their site and there's no way I could ever reach out to everyone in the Boston area interested in WiFi on my own or even with the help of our newish BostonWAG organization. I appreciate the services they provide. Maybe Meetup could have done a better job of getting money out of venues and advertisers; but $9/month is really not a big deal. If you can't find $9 worth of value in what they offer then I don't really see why you'd use their service in the first place. Nine dollars! I'm sure we could find individuals or companies who might like to sponsor the Boston Wi-Fi Meetup to offset the costs, too.

The people who are whining about this remind me about the people I've encountered who don't understand (all that quickly) the value of WhizSpark's services either.

In more recent news, Michael and I concluded our 10 day road trip this morning when he dropped me off at Dulles Airport at 6AM so I could catch a 7AM flight to Los Angeles for The Media Center's (@ American Press Institute) Mobile Media Conference. I discovered earlier that I forgot the USB cord thingie to download audio files for podcasts in Michael's car. So, unless I find a Radio Shack that sells the cord relatively cheaply, audio tidbits will have to wait until Sunday. Hopefully I don't sound like a broken record but mega thanks to Susan Mernit for inviting me to speak on a panel with her at the conference about community wireless. I'm excited (albiet very sleepy) to be here! Also, it's worth noting that Susan does the best job of introducing people in the hallways between sessions, etc. I really admire her down-to-earth and approachable style.


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April 21, 2005

Trip Website

After three days and twenty-four hours of driving, Michael and I finally got to Miami Tuesday night. We haven't had as much internet access as we had hoped but you can check out our updates over on the trip website.

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April 15, 2005

Citywide WiFi Forum on Tuesday at the Boston Public Library's Copley Branch

The city of Boston is hosting a WiFi Summmit in May that a group I'm involved in, BostonWAG (wireless advocacy group), is helping organize along with City Councillor John Tobin's office and the WiFi Task Force he's assembled. In advance of the summit, there's a community forum coming up on Tuesday, April 19th at The Boston Public Library's Copley Branch at 7pm in the Johnson Building.

The purpose of the forum is to get community input on the possibility of wireless initiatives in the City of Boston. This includes opinions on how such a network would benefit the residents and what are the populations that would gain the most from a low-cost or free wireless network in parts of the city.

There's a press release about the event if you're curious. BostonWAG is also preparing a "WiFi 101" info sheet that will be online soon and available at the forum.

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April 11, 2005

Group Event Blogging: OLLY's PRISON at A.R.T's new One Zero Performance Space, Part II

As an update to my entry the other day about organizing an Event Group Blogging outing for OLLY'S PRISON in Harvard Square, I've got tickets for tomorrow night's performance at 7:30 PM at the Zero Arrow Theater. It's a bit last minute notice but I wanted to squeeze this in before Michael and I left on our road trip this weekend. If you're a blogger and you'd like to join us tomorrow night, let me know. I have four tickets (out of six) currently available.

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Roadtrip Podcasting

Michael and I will be dabbling with podcasting during our upcoming roadtrip to Florida. We're using Word Press 1.5 for the trip website. Apparently Word Press will automatically create the proper enclosure tidbits for the RSS feed. Nifty! Unfortunately, my news reader (NewsFire) isn't showing any of the site's entries. I'm not sure what's up. If you want to hear the first (pre) trip podcast, check it out!

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April 08, 2005

Group Event Blogging: OLLY's PRISON at A.R.T's new One Zero Performance Space

I've been offering one-off review tickets and photo passes to bloggers via Exploit Boston! for a while. I thought I'd try something new (to me). I've got six tickets for a performance at this week's A.R.T. (American Repertory Theatre) production of OLLY's PRISON. It's being performed April 1-24th at A.R.T.'s new performance space Zero Arrow Theater located at the intersection of Arrow Street and Mass Ave in Harvard Square.

Six of us will go to one of the performances together and then we'll blog about it on our respective sites and link up to a page at Exploit Boston! that lists links to everyone's entries. Let me know if you would like to participate at future group event blogging outings that I organize.

Kudos to Renee Farster, Director of Audience Acquisition at A.R.T., for sending me an email earlier today offering one ticket and then being cool about my request for five more tickets.

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April 07, 2005

America We Stand as One?


Thanks to Pete Caputa for linking (via Marc d'Avignon) to the "America We Stand As One" music video. I think 1983 called and they want this guy's hair back.

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April 06, 2005

Upcoming Travels: A Roadtrip to Florida and a Conference in Los Angeles

Michael and I are going on a roadtrip around the southeastern part of the U.S. April 16-27th. We're meeting up with his parents and sister who are flying down to Florida for a couple baseball games (Mets at Marlins and Red Sox at Devil Rays). And of course, we've got a roadtrip website that will document our travels with photos, words and audio. Add the RSS feed to your news reader if you'd like frequent updates. If you'd like a postcard, send me your mailing address. The travel schedule needs to be updated since I'll be flying to LA on the 27th to speak at a conference that the American Press Institute's Media Center is hosting called "Mobile Media." Many thanks to Susan Mernit for inviting me to participate on her panel about "Wireless, Spectrum and the FCC Ė Issues and Challenges." I'll be contributing comments about community and municipal WiFi.

Other than conferences, I haven't been on a real vacation outside of New England since Michael and I went to Chicago during the Fall of 2000. I'm really looking forward to our roadtrip!

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April 05, 2005

Publisher Requirements at Blogads?

When I signed Exploit Boston! up as a new publisher to sell advertising space via Blogads a few weeks ago, I don't think I had to fill out the pre-qualifer form that is on the site today. It's interesting that they now (?) only want sites that have 1,000 or more daily visitors and a "laser sharp focus." (Do they mean razor sharp focus?)

I don't think you need a site with a minimum of 1,000 daily visitors to make it appealing to advertisers. Even a site with just a couple hundred visitors could be useful as long as there is relevance between the advertiser and the blog publisher.

Update: It's not new. Nevermind. Have I mentioned yet I'm going on a much needed road trip/vacation in a few weeks.

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April 03, 2005

Email of the Day

Today's email of the day came from a freelance reporter for the Boston Herald who emailed me via Exploit Boston! asking if we pay journalists for stories. I'm not sure if I should be flattered or amused. Or perhaps both? :)

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One of my personal resolutions for 2005 is to keep negative and personal stuff off of sooz.com for the most part. It looks like last week was a banner week for not following this plan. (Afterall, I've got a Live Journal account for the personal blather.) And of course the irony is that today I've been sending out emails to a few New England bloggers who write about arts/entertainment/media related topics to try to entice them to join the New England Arts, Entertainment and Media mini-network I'm curating at Blogads. Hopefully the Blogads mini-network concept will evolve. It'd be nice if curators received some sort of incentive for the legwork of recruitment, etc.

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April 02, 2005

Worcester = Collaboration Friendly Town?

It looks like a friend of Pete and Duncan's might be conspiring with me to cover the upcoming "Signal/Noise 2k5" conference at Harvard for Exploit Boston!. What's interesting about this is that all three of these humans are from the Worcester area. I joked with Duncan that maybe I should just move to Worcester. After eleven years in Boston I've only found one person to consistently collaborate with on projects.

What's up Boston? I don't really want to move to Worcester! ;)

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April 01, 2005

Press Pass for Harvard's "Signal/Noise 2k5" Conference

I've got an extra press pass for Harvard's upcoming "Signal/Noise 2k5: creative revolution?" conference. If you'd like to use it compliments of my Exploit Boston! event calendar, let me know. Someone I had in mind will be sitting on a tropical island that day so it's up for grabs to anyone who can help do a couple short audio interviews for a podcast and/or write up a few words and/or take some photos. Let me know if you'd like to conspire. The content will be posted at exploitboston.com but contributors maintain ownership of their own content and can post it immediately to their own blogs, ourmedia.org, etc. The only "requirement" is there's a link back to the archived page at Exploit Boston!. The speakers page lists people we'll be talking to at some point during the conference or shortly afterwards. Good times!

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Exciting News: Susan Kaup Events Acquires WhizSpark

Big news! I've purchased WhizSpark, the premier event marketing platform and DIY event planning tools vendor. For several months I've been working closely with Pete Caputa, President of WhizSpark, offering feedback, helping introduce him to potential clients and bugging him on IM. Now that WhizSpark has access to my resources, we will see a lot of progress with the design and layout possibilities for WhizSpark's event site templates. It's an exciting time on the web for the event industry.

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