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October 13, 2004

Photos from last night's Mix Tape Tuesday at the Paradise Lounge

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Mix Tape Tuesday

Another fabulous evening of music at last night's Mix Tape Tuesday at the Paradise Lounge. I borrowed a friend's digital camera but forgot to charge up the batteries so the photo quality is not so great but here they are nonetheless. At one point there were a bunch of people watching the last inning of the Red Sox/Yankees game so Mike Viola and his musical cohorts ended up doing a sort of live rock opera play-by-play alongside the game. It was amusing. They handled the interruption to a very enjoyable music evening very well. I'm not sure I'd have been so nice. A highlight of the night was a rousing cover of Prince's "Purple Rain." Next time I also need to write down what songs they sing because there were other excellent tunes but I can't remember the titles. At one point Steve (of the amazing concert going duo) shouted out a request for "Always Saturday" by Guadalcanal Diary. I don't think I've run into anyone who has heard of that band in at least ten years. Unfortunately Mike Viola, host of the night's adventure, didn't know the song. That would have been a treat to hear. I'd like to pretend that Bleu just happened to be sitting at the bar and casually wandered up on stage to join in on a few tunes. But he was probably invited. The coolest part of this monthly series is the level of spontaneity. They have a few songs planned in advance but a lot of it seems to be very spur of the moment. They do a good job balancing the banter with the actual singing and performing.

October 11, 2004

Mix Tape Tuesday tomorrow night at the Paradise Lounge

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The latest monthly installment of Boston Pop Underground's "Mix Tape Tuesday" is tomorrow night at the Paradise Lounge. Mike Viola of The Candy Butchers hosts the cabaret-style anything goes evening featuring the theme "days of the week." He's joined by a handful of musicians including They Might Be Giants' bassist Danny Weinkauf. I missed last month but made it in August and it was spectacular. Best $8 you'll ever spend. The doors open at 8pm and it's 18+. The Lounge is adjacent to the Paradise Rock Club at 969 Commonwealth Avenue on the Green Line's "B" train past BU. See you there?

Sondre Lerche returns to Boston

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Norwegian pop guy Sondre Lerche returns to Boston for a show at the Paradise Rock Club (969 Commonwealth Avenue on the MBTA Green Line "B" train) on Sunday, October 24th. Doors open at 7PM, it's an 18+ show and tickets are $12 in advance and $14 day of the show. He's got shows all over the U.S. throughout October, November and the first week in December. A favorite musician at my favorite music spot in Boston. All right! See you there?

September 25, 2004

Rose Polenzani's New Album: August

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A collection of intimate, misfit home recordings.



That's how Rose Polenzani describes her new album, "August" that she's self-releasing on October 7th. Pre-orders on her website are happily accepted for $12. I've been listening to Rose's music since 1999 and I still haven't figured out a quick, witty description. Singer/songwriter? Experimental folk? Excellent storyteller? All of the above?

Rose has a bunch of shows coming up throughout the month of October in New England and the Midwest with one of her favorite musicians, Sharon Lewis of the (now defunct) band Pooka from England.

September 24, 2004

Camper Van Beethoven's New Album: New Roman Times

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I was just listening to Camper Van Beeethoven's new album "New Roman Times" compliments of the little package that arrived in the mail today from Vanguard Records. It hits the streets on October 12th. And it's good stuff. Very good stuff. Isn't it hard to believe this is their first album in 15 years? CVB will be at the Middle East (downstairs) on October 16th. You can preview the album as they unveil a song a week on the Vanguard website.

I think they should play a show at Cynthia Von Buhler's CVB Space in New York City. CVB at CVB!