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April 07, 2005

America We Stand as One?

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Thanks to Pete Caputa for linking (via Marc d'Avignon) to the "America We Stand As One" music video. I think 1983 called and they want this guy's hair back.

April 03, 2005

Email of the Day

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Today's email of the day came from a freelance reporter for the Boston Herald who emailed me via Exploit Boston! asking if we pay journalists for stories. I'm not sure if I should be flattered or amused. Or perhaps both? :)

April 02, 2005

Worcester = Collaboration Friendly Town?

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It looks like a friend of Pete and Duncan's might be conspiring with me to cover the upcoming "Signal/Noise 2k5" conference at Harvard for Exploit Boston!. What's interesting about this is that all three of these humans are from the Worcester area. I joked with Duncan that maybe I should just move to Worcester. After eleven years in Boston I've only found one person to consistently collaborate with on projects.

What's up Boston? I don't really want to move to Worcester! ;)

March 10, 2005

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is Lame

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I don't seek out reasons to be sassy, honest. But today's email from an SEO company working for one of my favorite websites/tools: local-i, is retarded. He sent me an email several weeks ago asking that I talk about local-i on and also include it in one of my newsletters. I didn't respond because well, it was lame. Had he spent a bit of time on my website he'd have seen that I have linked to pages at local-i several times already. He could have started out his email in a way that was less like a form letter and moreso a conversation. I'm already a fan of local-i.

Is there a cluephone that can be included with each copy of the Cluetrain Manifesto book?

March 05, 2005


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Happiness can always be found in projects that use a favorite word such as "conspire." Pete Caputa mentioned our conspirations. The people I share office space with and I have a newish website in the works for our space: The Conspiratory.

When I use the word (and variations of) conspire, I like the second definition that's noted at since (of course) none of my conspiring activities are illegal or wrongful. ;)

  1. To plan together secretly to commit an illegal or wrongful act or accomplish a legal purpose through illegal action.
  2. To join or act together; combine: “Semisweet chocolate, cocoa powder, espresso, Cognac, and vanilla all conspire to intensify [the cake's] flavor” (Sally Schneider)

March 01, 2005

Dear Where are the Links? Part III

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I received an email today from the customer service department at in response to my second email I sent to them about the lack of links in Adam Gaffin's new column about weblogs. Eventually, I hope they do the right thing. My guess is that itself might be clueful regarding the merits of linking; but they have to deal with the old school newspaper who is possibly less clueful. The response I received today makes it sound like web publishing is magic.


I am sorry for misunderstanding your comments.

Articles that appear in the Boston Globe are automatically published online. The web address was not copied and pasted onto the online version of the article; it was in the printed version as well.

Your request to have the Universal Hub link active has been forwarded to our editorial team for consideration.

Kind regards,
Customer Support

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February 28, 2005

Dear Where Are the Links? Part II

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As I mentioned in my previous entry about Adam Gaffin's new "Blog Log" column in The Boston Globe and published at, I emailed to ask them about their linking policy and why they do not link to websites other than the third-party stock info website. This is the response they sent to me in email.

Dear Susan:

Thank you for writing to At the bottom of the article you're referring to is a link to Universal Hub, This link list all the blog mentioned. Due to time constraint, we cannot add any additional links.

You saw links in some business articles because it is automatically generated in our publishing tool when there is a publicly traded company. We hope this clears up the confusion.

If you any additional questions, please let us know.

Kind regards,

Customer Support

This is what I sent to them in response to that.

Hey there:

Thanks very much for your reply.

You noted in your reply that the bottom of the article includes a link. Almost ... but not quite. The link is listed, but it's not a link that you can click on -- it's just regular text ... meaning you have to copy and paste it into your browser to get to it.

Would it be possible to at least make the link to Universal Hub's site active?

Also, I wasn't confused. I'm not sure what gave you that idea. I asked for insight into your linking (or lack thereof) policy. I don't see how my lack of insight into your policy could be considered confusion.


In 1999 I worked for a television show and website called Wild, Wild Web. We used an oh-my-god-we-paid-you-how-much-money-for-this craptastic content management system (Vignette) to publish website articles that were the online companions to features on the television show. Somehow, way back then, we managed to make that awful Vignette system work so that links could be easily inserted into the web articles. I can't imagine it would be all that difficult for to do this in 2005.

Is it really a time constraint issue for or do they only want to link to a site that they may (?) get a kickback from such as that stock portfolio website?

Dear Where Are the Links?

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Adam Gaffin has a new column in The Boston Globe called Blog Log. It seems like an excellent column to start using links at -- something they have yet to do unless it's a link to a company's stock profile on a third-party website. Unfortunately, there are no links in Adam's column. A URL at the end points you to a location at Adam's Universal Hub website where you can pick up the links.

I sent a note to asking for clarification about their linking policy. Hopefully they'll write back and offer some sort of explanation.

February 24, 2005

RSS Advertising: Just Say No?

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I really wish Alan Herrell (The Head Lemur) would tell us what he really thinks when he writes on his weblog about topics such as advertising in RSS feeds. He's always so vague.

Really If I want to spend my fucking life reading or being exposed to advertisements, I will shove a shopping channel TV Up my ASS. I will swallow a transistor radio.

RSS advertising is every bit as filthy a practice as spyware, viruses, trojan horses, pop ups, and rich media Insertion.

It's a Big World Wide Web

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Michael has had a personal website and weblog longer than most people; but he's pretty low key about it. Which is probably why most people don't know about him. He wrote something about this last night after reading something on Ezra Klein's weblog about the perception that there aren't many female political bloggers. Add his RSS feed to your news reader. He's got a way with words. The guy makes sports sound interesting for one thing.

The title of Ezra Klein's entry is "Girls with Keyboards." Maybe it's just me but I always feel a little annoyed when I see the word "girls" used like that.

February 23, 2005

Getting Paid to Do What You Love

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Long time web guy Jason Kottke's announcement that he quit his web design job to work on his personal website fulltime seemed curious. Of course, a (big) part of me is jealous because I have long wished I could focus entirely on my web projects and not work for other people, so to speak. Getting paid by Marqui to link/mention them the past three months has certainly helped.

It's interesting that he's calling donors "micro patrons." Micro? What's so micro about contribting the (suggested) $30? A few years ago when people were sending each other fifty cents through PayPal -- that seemed to be about micro payments. If I give someone $30 to help them out, I'd rather just be called a patron -- leave out micro.

I wonder how taxes factor into this. Does he have a corporation or is he self-employed? If it's the latter, he'll have to say goodbye to about 37% of the donations. Unless there's some sort of loophole I'm not familiar with.

I'm curious who else is testing out new ways to make a living without a typical 9-5 job. A few I know about include:

Update: These people aren't necessarily doing their creative projects fulltime. That's what I get for writing an entry while still half asleep.

Who else?

February 05, 2005

What's your Blogger number?

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I had to log in to my ancient Blogger account to post a comment on Zephyr Teachout's blog and I noticed that they use a numbering system for accounts. I first used Blogger in November 1999 so my number is pretty low: 2805. This reminds me of a BBS I used (ISCABBS) when I first got online in 1993. A lot of my online pals wouldn't change their username/handles because they didn't want to lose their low number. Nostalgia!

January 27, 2005


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MIThenge is happening this afternoon at MIT's Infinite Corridor.

As viewed from a stationary point on the earth, the path of the sun through the sky is roughly a circle which moves north and south as the seasons go by. In mid-November and in late January every year, the circular path crosses the axis of MIT's Infinite Corridor, which runs a distance of 825 feet (251 meters) from the main entrance on Massachusetts Avenue through Buildings 7, 3, 10, 4 and 8. When this happens, the setting sun can be seen from the far end of the corridor. By analogy with Stonehenge, this phenomenon is sometimes called "MIThenge". (The same cannot be seen at sunrise because the other end of the infinite corridor is blocked by Building 18.)

Additional taggy goodness: , ,

January 14, 2005

The Not-So-Mysterious Z

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About a day after I found Zephyr Teachout's new Zonkette weblog other websites started to link to her. I was checking in on my refer stats earlier and noticed my website has been visited by the State Department, NBC, the FDA and others searching for Zonkette.

Zephyr's "Financially Interested Blogging" blog entry has been linked up all over the web the past couple of days. She changed her name from "Z" to her real name on her blog recently, too.

It looks like Zephyr didn't want her blogspot blog to be found. Oops! The best way to not let something get out to the world wide web masses is to keep the words on our computers or behind a password protected directory. I found the Zonkette blog because it was linked on the "Z" name Zephyr used on the participants discussion thread on the "Blogging, Journalism and Credibility" event website.

I certainly didn't expect it to be picked up by anyone (this is a temporary blog I was using (at the time) for links for the conference), and I'm mad that its been misused, but I think talking openly about this stuff is important.

Henry Copeland of Blog Ads wrote on his blog about the Wall Street Journal's article covering this "story" about the Dean campaign paying bloggers/consultants.

Newsflash: there's a world of difference between people like Williams who hide payments that have an contracted goal of sweetening his public statements, and people like Moulitsas Zuniga and Armstrong who go out of their way to publicize financial relatonships that might impact their opinions.

Update 15 January: So, this is weird. I mentioned yesterday that I found Zephyr's new blog because she used it as the link for her initial "Z" in a comment she wrote on the participants list discussion thread for the "Blogging, Journalism and Credibility" conference. The comment doesn't seem to be there anymore.

Update 15 January Part II: Rebecca MacKinnon pointed out in a comment to this entry that there's one Zephyr comment on the conference blog but it's noted with her full name. That's not what I remembered seeing. Either I'm misremembering where I saw it or it was removed. That's what I get for not making note of specifically where I saw it.

January 11, 2005


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It looks like Zephyr Teachout, the former online organizer for the Howard Dean campaign may have a new weblog called Zonkette hosted at Blogspot.

January 09, 2005

Harvard's Upcoming Conference: Blogging, Journalism and Credibility

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Harvard's Shorenstein Center and Berkman Center are hosting an invite-only conference about blogging, journalism and credibility. Here's the list of invited participants (aka the usual suspects). The comment thread on that page is particularly interesting. Several people have pointed out there don't seem to be many independent/hobbyist/amateur webloggers on the list.

From The Head Lemur:

Blogging is a tool, Journalism is an occupation, and Credibility is a goal. They are strange bedfellows.

January 06, 2005

A bitter-girl 30

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Happy Birthday, Shannon.

You might want to turn the sound down on your computer before clicking on the birthday link.

October 25, 2004


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I'm evaluating Basecamp, online project management software, for a client and my own projects. I sent them (Basecamp HQ) an email about a feature request/curiosity. It seemed worthwhile to be able to associate due dates with tasks. They do provide deadlines with milestones and you can also cross-reference a to do list with a particular milestone. But I thought it would be useful to also have dates associated with a to do list, too.

I received a very speedy response. When responding to my inquiry, Jason said:

We do not plan on adding dates to to-do items. Milestones have dates, but to-do items are simply to-do items. We're really working on keeping things simple and focused.

I would have to disagree with my request being a complicated and unfocused feature! But it was good to get a fast response nonetheless. Overall, Basecamp is a very interesting piece of web software. I've always wondered why there haven't been better tools out there (especially webby ones) so that we're not stuck with awful tools like Microsoft Project. Basecamp to the rescue? They have a weblog, too, called Everything Basecamp.

September 26, 2004


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What is Sooz Music? SOOZ draws on her jazz background and penchant for world music in the creation and performance of upbeat, interactive original songs. An earthy alto vocalist who plays tenor and soprano saxophones and flute as well, SOOZ has a sound all her own.

September 09, 2004

Unplanned Hibernation, Weblog Writer's Meeting and Pop!

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Time flies when you're busy ignoring your websites. I didn't quite intend to stop posting here for nearly two weeks. Oops! I'm thinking about reviving my Live Journal account that I stopped using last winter so I have somewhere to post more journalish, blathering tidbits and keep free from those sorts of things. If i haven't posted here in a while it's mostly because the things I want to write about are probably more personal than interesting weblog/music/event tidbits. I'm trying to revive some projects but it's taken a lot longer than I had hoped.

Tonight there's a Berkman Weblog Writer's Meeting/Dinner at Bombay Club at 7:15 in Harvard Square. And then Andrea Kremer's Boston Pop Underground returns to the Lizard Lounge at 9:30 with The So & So's, Stargazer Lily and Patti Rothburg. Mmmmm pop!

August 14, 2004

The Apologetic Burglar

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A friend's apartment was broken into Friday afternoon while he was home. He heard someone at the door and figured it was one of his roommates coming home. A few minutes later he left his room to go out to say hi and ran into someone else who he figured was a friend of one of the roommates. The guy said "Oh, sorry" and then walked out. Turns out the guy was not a friend but had broken into the apartment.

August 09, 2004

Support Literacy, Win Books

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Write an essay about your most memorable reading experience in the last ten years and Powell's Books might give you $1,000 to spend on books at their website. With every essay submission they'll also donate one dollar to Reading Is Fundamental, the nation's largest nonprofit children's literacy organization. The contest runs through August 31, 2004.

June 25, 2004

Now that's customer service, VisiBone!

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A long time ago (September 17, 2001) I exchanged email with Bob Stein about accepting PayPal payments for his VisiBone products. He just sent me an email to let me know that they are now able to accept orders via PayPal. I'm impressed he saved my email. I have a few of their HTML and CSS foldouts that are quite nifty and useful.

June 24, 2004

Transcriptionists of the world, unite and take over

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(OK, maybe The Smiths' tune didn't go quite like that.)

As I was about to log in to my account, I noticed the link on their homepage announcing "Transcriptionists, Hyderabad, India meeting now!" I guess everyone needs a meetup. There are 228 transcriptionists around the world who have signed up to meet through Hyderabad has the largest group with 50 members. I wonder what they talk about.

In my senior year of high school in 1991 (Scribner, Nebraska) I was in most every activity club, including FBLA -- Future Business Leaders of America. Each Spring we attended the state convention and participated in various "competitions" including transcription. Somehow I managed to get signed up for that one. So, I took the test and placed number two. The winner of each competition advanced to the national convention/competition that was taking place in Anaheim, California that summer. Apparently the person who came in ahead of me had also won another competition and chose that one over transcription for the national competition. So, there I was with an opportunity to travel West for the first time. I don't remember all the details but I think the FBLA group helped raise some money to send me. My advisor wasn't able to go so another group adopted me. I basically spent the entire week hanging out by myself in Anaheim and Disneyworld except when I had to participate in group events and the test itself. I bought my first Smith's CD, "Louder Than Bombs", at a local used CD store. It was an amusing way to get to California.

June 21, 2004

Want a Gmail account?

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UPDATE: I have no more Gmail invites.

I have twelve spare Gmail invites available. It seems like most of my friends have one by now. If you want one, let me know. And in case you have been living under a rock the last month or so, Gmail is Google's new webmail service. It's got a nifty interface and uses Google's search technology. I especially like how it groups related emails into a conversation. And the 1000 megabytes of storage is nice, too. I've moved all my mailing list subscriptions to it, etc. They do a good job of addressing privacy concerns, too.

June 16, 2004

What can't you find online?

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I've been wanting to have some sort of Nebraska-themed BBQ/picnic with East Coast pals for a while. Thanks to the Internet, you can not only have Runza ship you their sandwiches but you can also (!!!) order Dorothy Lynch salad dressing (made in Columbus, NE), too. Excellent!

June 12, 2004

24 Hour Dotcom

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The clock is ticking for the 24 Hour Dotcom. [via Gregor]

Four letter words on Gmail

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A friend sent me an invite to create a Gmail account and I was hoping I would be able to grab the username "sooz." Unfortunately it needs to be at least six letters so I had to add a few zeros. You can send me notes, iBook naming suggestions, etcetera to (That's four lowercase o's in the middle.)

June 10, 2004

Benjamin Franklin's Goals of Virtue

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Jay McCarthy posted a list of Ben Franklin's "Goals of Virtue" the other day. Good tips, overall!

In other news, I got a new computer and the new computer died after 12 days. I'm not all that amused and hopeful that when I return it on Saturday that they'll exchange it for a new one and not expect me to wait for it to be sent in for a checkup. Twelve days! I suppose it's better it happened now and not the day after its warranty is up. At least not having a computer around at home means I'm getting all my stuff unpacked in the new place. I've been reminded of what life was like before I got online.

June 05, 2004

Adventures in New York City

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Happiness is leaving work two hours early, catching the Fung Wah Bus from China Town to New York City, eating a fabulous meal with Josh and Jesse at Good World (mmm Swedish food -- spectacular Swedish meatballs and a perfect chocolate martini) and then wandering a bunch of blocks to The Living Room to see Rose Polenzani and her band perform. And hey, it's only Friday. That means 1.5 more days of curious adventures.

June 01, 2004

Good advice and a good move

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When I was packing up everything for my move this weekend, I found this fortune on the floor. Usually fortune cookies are lame but this was a good one that was worth keeping.

Happiness begins with facing life with a smile and a wink.

Yesterday's move from Medford to Somerville went very well. Many thanks to Josh, Michael, Craig and Shimon for all of their help. And thanks to Pimm's for making a tasty beverage that made packing a more enjoyable experience. It may go down as one of the shortest moves ever.

May 28, 2004

New niece, new home, new computer

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Lots of new! My sister Amy's baby arrived last night. My new (first!) niece is reported to be fabulous with lots of black hair, blue eyes and a smaller version of my sister's (small) nose. Can't wait to see the photos and get back to Nebraska sometime soon. On Monday I'm moving to Ball Square in Somerville. It will be so very nice to be within walking distance of Davis Square. True Grounds opened up a few months ago in my new neighborhood and they've got free wifi, too! On Sunday I'm buying a new computer. Zippy, my trusty Dell notebook has served me well for almost four years. The case itself has been a disaster. It cracked near the mousepad area and on/near the hinges for the cover/monitor at least once a year. This last time it was out of warranty and the cracks ended up breaking the hinges off the monitor. A notebook computer that you can't put in your bag and take with you doesn't make for much of a portable computer. So, I'm visiting the Apple store in Cambridge on Sunday and picking up an iBook. It'll be the first time I've owned a Macintosh computer since I worked at Apple in 1998.

May 04, 2004


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Peonies (my favorite flower) will be in season soon. These look spectacular. Much like the peonies I bought from Flowerbud a few years ago.

May 01, 2004

One of those days?

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Today was one of those days. No, not one of those days; but one of those days. Good times, new work, adventure, and a fabulous sunset in Lincoln, MA.

April 30, 2004

Something to Say

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you can bend my ear / we can talk all day / just make sure that i'm near / when you've really got something to say. - "Something to Say" by Toad the Wet Sprocket

This entry is in honor of my mom, Mary Kay Kaup. She passed away March 2003. Her 58th birthday would have been today.

After posting that entirely unoriginal audio post the other day I figured I better come up with something to say today so it has a better chance of drifting off the page sometime soon. There is a lot of interesting things going on this weekend around Boston but I'll be working throughout most of it. Tonight's plan, however, is to meet up with a friend or two for dinner at ZuZu (home of the tasty Sour Mash Smash and middle eastern-themed "Pu Pu Platter" - yum!) and then check out the So & So's concert downstairs at the Middle East next door. The Boston Independent Film Festival is also in town at The Coolidge, Brattle and Somerville Theaters. Over 600 artists in Somerville open up their studios on Saturday and Sunday for the Somerville Open Studios weekend. I hope to wander around with a friend on Sunday.

April 27, 2004

The 8-track web

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There are plenty of websites devoted to someone's cat, oddly documented yet uneventful life, moist towellete collection, etc. But how many websites are devoted to 8-tracks? Hilary has a massive 8-track tape collection and she chronicles her eBay purchases and 8-track adventures on her weblog. Hopefully VH-1 will have the sense to put her on their new "Totally Obsessed" show about people with curious obsessions. One of these days maybe I'll get to see her 8-track museum: a room in her apartment entirely covered wall-to-wall with 8-tracks. Check her April 27th entry (I'd link to it but her archives aren't working) on her website to learn about her plans to get married on May 17th when gay marriage becomes legal in the state of Massachusetts. The photo is one I took of Hilary and her girlfriend Cathy at a Harvard Bookstore holiday party a few years ago.

April 26, 2004

Note to self: don't send late night emails

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I just sent out an email to a bunch of people ... intended the little list I created to be bcc'd. Alas, it went out as a regular email with everyone's email address showing. Oops! That's what I get for sending out an email well past my bedtime.

My first 10 years in Boston are coming up. If you're in the area, join us for dinner and then Sondre Lerche's concert on May 12th at 7pm. There's an evite page if you want to RSVP!

This "note to self" is also similiar to another bit of advice: don't make phone calls after spending three hours at Sligo with Shannon (and pals) at her going away party. It's too bad cell phones can't detect alcohol consumption and shut themselves off accordingly. ;)

April 19, 2004


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I forgot to renew in a timely manner so it's going to be down for a day or two. If you are wondering what happened to my BloggerCon photos, they will return when things are back to normal.

April 11, 2004

A Swiss weblogger tradition continues

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If it happens twice does that make it a tradition? Sure, why not. At the first BloggerCon last Fall, Gregor Rothfuss was in attendance from Switzerland. So, it seemed appropriate that a representative from his homeland would be in Boston this week for BloggerCon II. Bernhard Seefeld put up with my Cambridge tour guide/wanderings today. He runs, "The Swiss Search Engine" and is always on the lookout for a salsa dancing event. I managed to navigate him to the April On 2 event at Ryles in Inman Square tonight only after walking in the wrong direction for about 10 minutes down Hampshire Street.

April 10, 2004

Nokia's new 6225 camera phone for Sprint

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Nokia finally has a new camera phone that works with my SprintPCS service. The Nokia 6225 is supposed to be out any day. I'd been thinking of switching carriers since my contract is up this week but I think I'll stay put thanks to this new phone. My service works great but I really wanted a camera with a phone. I can't get a decent deal on the phone until August when I can trade in my Sanyo 4900.

March 31, 2004

Noam Chomsky's weblog: Turning the Tide

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Political activist and MIT linguistics professor Noah Chomsky started up a personal weblog a few days ago called Turning the Tide. I found it by way of a Dutch weblog that recently linked to one of my entries.

March 29, 2004

Another Nebraskan lands in Boston ... soon!

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My favorite human from my days at Scribner-Snyder High School in Scribner, Nebraska, emailed me yesterday to say she and her husband will be moving to Boston for a year. She got an internship at the Museum of Fine Arts via her grad program. This is really good news. This is better than if Sondre Lerche showed up at my house to perform a private concert for me and a few pals. (If Sondre would like to do this, he is certainly more than welcome. How about once Sandy and Dave get to town?)

March 24, 2004

CVB Space : Awesome NYC artist loft and event space

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CVB Space, Cynthia von Buhler's huge artist loft at 407 West 13th Street in the meat packing district of New York City is available for private party rentals. Anyone who has a spare $1000-$3500 burning a hole in their pocket should let me know. I'd love to help throw a party there!

Throughout April, CVB Space is home to "Growing", a group show of artists mostly from Europe. The opening reception is April 1, 6pm-8pm. Check out the CVB Space website for the event calendar.

March 22, 2004

What do you love?

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Combine this with this [via Wendy] and you have the perfect "about" page.

March 20, 2004

The world we live in

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I'm doing a little computer housecleaning and found this bit of good advice. It doesn't have a source on it. I'm not sure where I found it.

The World We Live In

People are illogical, unreasonable and self-centered;
Love them anyway.

If you do good, people will accuse you of selfish, ulterior motives;
Do good anyway.

If you are successful, you win false friends and true enemies;
Succeed anyway.

The good you do today, will be forgotten tomorrow;
Do good anyway.

Honesty and frankness make you vulnerable;
Be honest and frank anyway.

Give the world the best you have to give and you get kicked in the teeth;
Give the world the best you have anyway.

March 11, 2004

A simple test: no email

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It's probably not the end of the world. But then again, logic doesn't always feel relevant. Dreamhost seems to be having some problems today so my email has been down for a while. I've read mixed reviews about their web hosting service but until today I can't even remember the last time I was without email since moving my websites back to them in 1998. But that doesn't mean they shouldn't hurry up and fix it!

Update: It's working again. Yipppeee.

Halcyon's tidbits on the big deal with blogging

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John "Halcyon" Styn wrote a mini-essay today about blogging and what it means to him. Whenever I hear/read someone talk about weblogs and blogging, the first thing that comes to mind is "blah blah blah"; but this one is good! I can relate to what he's saying.

Being a blogger doesn’t mean you use a certain type of content management software…it means you embrace the web as the greatest communication tool in the history of our species. A true evolution. It means you understand that your words and ideas can be GLOBAL.

And that with a voice that can be heard around the world, you could never be powerless.

You could never be truly alone.

March 10, 2004

ee cummings

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A favorite poem by a favorite poet.

"if strangers meet" - ee cummings

if strangers meet
life begins-
not poor not rich
(only aware)
kind neither
nor cruel
(only complete)
i not not you
not possible;
only truthful
if strangers(who
deep our most are

(and so to dark)

March 09, 2004

The Lost Girls

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(I found this poem on a friend's Live Journal.)

Linda Hogan, "The Lost Girls"

I don't remember when the girl of myself turned her back and walked away, that girl whose thin arms once held this body and refused to work too hard or listen in school, said the hell then and turned, that dark child, that laugher and weeper without shame, who turned and skipped away.

And that other one
gone from me
and me
not even starting to knot
in vein or joint,
that curving girl
I loved to love with,
who danced away
the leather of red high heels
and thin legs, dancing like stopping
would mean the end of the world
and it does.

Continue reading "The Lost Girls"

February 22, 2004

Slinging the Lime

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Josh and a friend are in town visiting this weekend. It's been a fun, low key sort of weekend. Last night I made my not-quite-world-famous-unless-you-just-count-people-I-know enchiladas. Vodka gimlets were also consumed. Josh made the most spectacular peach shortcake. Good times.

January 28, 2004


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Something is a bit off with Movable Type's trackback feature or I'm doing something wrong. Whenever I update an entry that I've pinged someone else on already, it re-pings that person's website and lists my entry a second (and beyond) time on their trackback listing. Oops?

January 17, 2004

Beyond The Usual Suspects

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Joe Jenett noted that only four of the 126 RSS feeds/websites that he reads appear in the Top 100 list. I would be interested in seeing who falls between numbers 300-500 since we already know about the usual suspects at the top of the list.

January 13, 2004

Best spam?

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I wasn't entirely paying attention when I got this piece of spam but the content amused me so it's not a complete waste that I opened it.

Subject: Haven't we met somewhere before? :))) Sooz! New sooft shopcenter!

SoozHi there!!
A mask of gold hides all deformities.
A sad: Ill be back!. TERMINATOR prices for all!
Would Wrlod the in Sfotware Retail Bset and Nesewt have to like you?
Below the sfot of hunedrds many examepls few a are titles we have available to you,

Continue reading "Best spam?"

January 08, 2004

The importance of social networks and relating as humans

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Doug Dalton shared his thoughts about the importance of social networks.

Admittedly, this is nothing really new. No (wo)man is an island. Interdependency is at the root of humanity. We all know this. So often though, we forget it.

I've been a connector and matchmaker for friends and colleagues for a long time. It's just what I do. I resisted websites like Ryze at first because they seemed so unnecessary. But I've come around since then mostly because I figure it can't hurt to be open to new ways of making new connections. (Thanks to Shannon for inspiring me to check out Ryze again and sign up Summer 2002). I think most of us need to be reminded that it's important not to worry so much about how useful someone can be for you. I'd rather concern myself with just getting to know someone as a human and not worrying about the person's usefulness in my life whether personally or professionally.

December 18, 2003

High-flying hack

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MIT News 11/17/2003: "A replica of the Wright brother's biplane "Flyer" was erected on top of the Great Dome at MIT by student hackers, in honor of the 100th anniversary of human, powered flight."

The best part?

"The model will be dismantled Thursday morning by Barber and Cunha, the Institute’s hack evaluation and removal team, if the surface is dry and the weather is calm."

Also: The MIT Gallery of Hacks

December 12, 2003

Hello Medford, Goodbye Arlington

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After spending the past seven years in Arlington and five years in my current apartment, I am moving to Medford in a few weeks to a big one-family house with two housemates. 2004 seems to be a new chapter in life as I embark on turning 31 a few weeks after the move. PK has been a great landlord but I probably won't miss living in an apartment building. A real kitchen! Dinner parties! A garden! When they wrote "amazing bathrooms" in the Craig's List ad, they were not kidding. It features a very snazzy whirlpool tub. Click on the thumbnails to see larger photos of the new place. Photo credit: Gregor.

December 08, 2003

Life is never easy but it's almost fair

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The title above is from another Glen Phillips song called "Everything Matters." He seems to be providing the last quarter of 2003's soundtrack. He has such a skill with writing lyrics that are almost falling over the edge into trite but maintain their credibility nonetheless.

December 04, 2003

The web screenplay staring Catherine Zeta-Jones and Leonardo Dicaprio

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If the contents of were ever used for a screenplay, this is how it might look. Thanks to Shannon for the amusing link.

November 28, 2003

What she said

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Lisa Williams: "I think it's wonderful when people are able to change their minds about each other and not be constrained by history, but to take a bigger, more expansive view, one with more possibilities; one with a future. Forgiveness is a wonderful trait to have; it makes all things new."

November 27, 2003

Mad About Digits

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A while ago I started to read a book about math, which is funny since I was never all that great in math classes growing up. My short attention span always kicked in. But this book is so great. And one day I might even finish it. "The Parrot's Theorem", a novel by Denis Guedj, tells the story of a Parisian bookstore owner and his blind parrot who befriend the shop owner's assistant and her young children. Along the way the book provides a short history of mathematics mixed within a great story. Jason Goldman linked to a page at Mathworld that is equally entertaining: a page on special numbers and number theory. A few of my favorites include the Unhappy Number, Narcissistic Number and the Almost Perfect Number.

November 25, 2003

This is how you write a bio

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I think I've been inspired to rewrite my "about me" page. So should everyone else for that matter.

November 14, 2003

Language as Art

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I'm such a sucker for a well crafted collection of words. Gregor's pal Tobias wrote an excellent entry recently that makes it impossible to know his native language isn't even English. And the same is true for Sondre Lerche's latest journal entry on his website. Speaking of my favorite singer/songwriter from Norway, Mr. Lerche is in Cambridge tonight at TT The Bear's Place to kick-off his U.S. headlining tour. I've noticed the show has received lots of press this week so he'll probably have a full house. Festivities start at 9:30pm with local rocker Thalia Zedek and Chicago songstress Rachel Yamagata.

November 05, 2003


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Sometimes it is good to be easily amused and entirely behind the curve on meme adoption.

October 27, 2003

Weekend in New York City

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I spent Saturday and Sunday in New York City with friends so we could go to Cynthia Von Buhler's party Saturday night. Cynthia has an enormous (4,500 square feet) loft in the meat packing district that she has transformed into CVB Space, a gallery featuring her artwork and the work of others, too. By the time we got back to Josh's apartment in Brooklyn it was 5am and we had to be up a few hours later to meet Carrie, Jeffrey and Miranda for brunch. Who needs sleep?

October 23, 2003

Good advice

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Today's advice: Relax and enjoy yourself

After the Berkman weblog writers meeting tonight we relocated to Changsho for dinner. I got pretty good advice at the end, as seen above. Matt May from the W3C's Accessibility Group attended the meeting in town from Seattle for a few weeks. We knew each other online a long time ago and hadn't seen each other in person since Web99 in San Francisco. It was a very cool surprise to see him at the meeting. It's been that kind of month.

Lush Lands in Boston

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Lush, a handmade cosmetics store, finally landed in Boston a few weeks ago at 166 Newbury Street. I'm not really a perfume-y kind of person but their products are exceptional and everything is made of organic, fresh stuff. And their products have very amusing names including my favorites Rock Star Soap (it smells like candy), Ceridwen's Cauldron (A fizzy bath concoction), and Wiccy Magic Muscles (a massage bar that includes cinnamon leaf, spice oils and aduki beans). I've been ordering from their Vancouver, Canada store for years. It's about time they arrived in Boston. Last night I had two hours to occupy before the Mass for Dean canvassing meeting at Marche so I wandered down Newbury Street to find Lush. You can smell the store at least ten feet away. I picked up some "Demon in the Dark" soap and a few other things. Thanks to Shannon for alerting me about the store's arrival to Boston. Yum.

October 15, 2003


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ser·en·dip·i·ty ( P )
n. pl. ser·en·dip·i·ties
The faculty of making fortunate discoveries by accident.
The fact or occurrence of such discoveries.
An instance of making such a discovery.

October 09, 2003

What She Said

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I've had some sort of mix of a cold, allergies and the martian death flu for the past month. I'm not feeling all that eloquent today; but fortunately Wendy is.

The photos I took at the Bloggercon Pre-Conference Party Friday night did not turn out so well. It might be the cheap film or the photo processing at Walgreen's. The photos I got back were missing several that I know I took. The photo of Michael Feldman and Adam Curry turned out OK so I'll post that tonight after Dave Winer's Thursday Weblog Writer's Meeting.

October 02, 2003

Dinner at ZuZu and Sondre Lerche at TT's on November 14th

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Sondre Lerche is embarking on a headlining tour around the U.S. next month. He'll be at TT the Bear's on Friday, November 14th. Anyone interested in meeting up the street on Mass Ave at ZuZu, home of the oddly named yet excellent Middle Eastern version of the Pu Pu Platter and tasty bourbon-infused Sour Mash Smash, is invited to join us at 8:30pm. Send me an email if you will be joining us. We'll walk around the corner to TT's at 10pm for the music.

I picked up Sondre's new Don't Be Shallow EP last week when it came out. At 21, he's already got a gift for crafting truly excellent songs. Then again, he wrote the songs on his first album Faces Down when he was a teenager. The EP includes four new studio tunes and four live solo recordings from his Spring 2003 tour around the United States. I was happy to see it included a live version of Sleep on Needles which completely overwhelmed the TT's crowd when he performed it a few months ago. Newbury Comics has Don't Be Shallow on sale for $8.99 so go grab it!

September 07, 2003

So It's Been Ten Years?

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While Michael and I were driving home from his pal Mark's wedding today I remembered that it's been ten years since my college friend Stacy McHale dragged me into the computer guy's office at Doane College in Crete, Nebraska to get an email account at the start of my junior year. So far, in my first 30 years on this planet, there are probably two main chapters in my life: the year I was born (1973) through August 1993 for chapter one and then Fall 1993 and beyond for chapter two. Ten years ago I got an email account and fumbled through Doane's email and gopher tools trying to figure out what this Internet thing was all about. My first social interactions online were a mailing list for fans of the 10,000 Maniacs and a text-based BBS out of the University of Iowa called ISCABBS. Back then it was amazing to consider that while sitting in a computer lab in Nebraska I could connect with people from around the world.

I visited Boston a year earlier for Spring Break in 1992 and decided it was a place I'd like to live someday. After getting online the next year I met a lot of people from New England and one of them had plans to be in Norway for the summer of 1994. Her room in Cambridge was available for sublet so I decided to try out Boston for the summer. I guess that summer went on a bit longer than expected. It's been nine years!

August 29, 2003

Good Intentions

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It's hard to rely on my good intentions
When my head's full of things that I can't mention
Seems I usually get things right
But I can't understand what I did last night
"Good Intentions" - Toad the Wet Sprocket

I aspire to update the homepage of on a mostly daily basis. I either need to try harder or find some more free time or ... both! Wednesday night we met up with two of Michael's coworkers and a few of my pals on the roof of the Museum of Science's parking garage to check out Mars. There were tons of people there which was cool to see. We decided that the event could have been a slow motion flash mob.

August 22, 2003

Cynthia Von Buhler's New Gallery and Loft in New York City

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Visual artist and performer Cynthia Von Buhler escaped Boston for New York City last year. Tonight she's hosting a reception at CVB, her new gallery and loft space. Based on photos on the website, the space looks very interesting and includes a large gallery, darkroom, theater and more.

Is there anything like this in Boston?

August 15, 2003

Asking For It

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Kristen Fischer, a senior editor at wrote an article a couple weeks ago about the Kobe Bryant case that is actually worth reading compared to the bizarro coverage most of the press has given it. One news program shortly after the story broke went on and on about how Kobe's product deals might be affected. Regardless of what is or isn't the truth, it's sad to see people more concerned about selling shoes than human beings.

But she's a woman, you say -- no, she's a girl, but we'll get to that later -- and most likely an attractive one, so she should have known better. She should delve into the male psyche and know that he only wants one thing.

He's a 24-year-old married man with a child, but this 19-year-old girl should be smarter. She should know the score. How convenient for him, that she holds the key to all accountability. (full article)

August 12, 2003

Late Night Trips to CVS

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Late last night Michael and I realized we were out of two important things: toothpaste and contact lens solution. Most everything in Arlington closes by 10pm so we hopped in the car and drove to the CVS in Porter Square. Who knew it would be such a happening place at 1:45am? We were fourth in line. The woman who was second in line told the clerk that she had an emergency and needed to pay for the children's cough medicine she was holding in her hand. But the guy in front of her was trying to redeem a coupon for a drug test kit and the clerk was having problems with it. Becoming more and more impatient the woman took the bottle out of the box and left the empty box on the counter with a twenty dollar bill. Apparently this didn't really phase the security guard standing nearby. Two more clerks finally came up to the front to help out. So while the clerk in line one was still trying to figure out the drug test coupon situation, the customer in line three was buying a gallon of bleach and the woman who walked out with the cough medicine came back in to pay for it.

I guess this is the sort of excitement we usually miss out on. Maybe that's not such a bad thing.

August 10, 2003

Somerville's Urban Hot Zone ... Coming Soon?

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Oooh! D. C. Denison reports in yesterday's Boston Globe that the city of Somerville is considering setting up an urban hot zone in Davis Square to provide free wi-fi to customers of participating businesses and three parks. The cost to merchants is expected to be approximately $30 per month with no charge to the city for access in the parks.

This is a great idea conceived by Wi-Fi activist Michael Oh of Tech Superpowers (who first setup the hot zone prototype along Newbury Street) and Patrick J. McCormick, the chief information officer for the City of Somerville.

[by way of Wi-Fi Networking News]

August 02, 2003

Who Are The People In Your Neighborhood?

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Last night Christine and Mike hosted a gathering at Redline in Harvard Square. It's always fun when it takes two people from Houston to get a bunch of Boston people together! Lorissa was a familiar face in the crowd and I had the opportunity to meet Robert whose truck808 website became a daily visit a few months ago. Marshall and I talked about his work with Collaborative For Development Action and our quest to see more live music.

Anyone who is around on Tuesday is welcome to join Shannon and I for Shakespeare on the Common. The Commonwealth Shakespeare Company is performing Macbeth at a free 8pm performance. We're meeting up at 7:30pm near the fountain on the Boston Common. More info on the invite!

July 27, 2003


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Mistle Thrush's 10th anniversary show was a lot of fun on Friday night and so was the Rock & Roll Library's benefit at 33 Restaurant Saturday night.

Other interesting things:

WashPo embarasses itself with hysterical WiFi FUD article

A sip from the cup of paradise

Dean Team vs. Bush-Cheney Update

Boston World Explorers Foundation

July 16, 2003

Movable Type : More Than Just a Weblog Tool

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Last Fall when I started to tinker with the sometime-soon-it-will-officially-launch Exploit Boston! website, I wanted to try to use Movable Type for more of a content management system than just a weblog publishing tool. Brad Choate was a big help whipping up Perl code to make things like the five-day calendar work. Brad wrote an article about how he uses MT to publish both his weblog entries and static content on his website (which I implemented a few minutes ago) and Matt Haughey has shared an essay on the subject, too.

July 14, 2003

Titanium Perfection in the 12" Apple PowerBook

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Shannon stopped by for a visit last night to see if her new PowerBook computer and my new Wi-Fi network could play nice together. A few seconds later and she was zooming online with no problems.

Prior to last night I had not seen the oh-so-cute-stylish-and-yet-so-functional 12" PowerBook in person. I would happily trade in Zippy (a Dell Inspiron 5000e purchased around September 2000) for one of these. Too bad there's a rather significant price difference. The thing that impressed me the most was the speaker quality. Music didn't sound like it was being played from a notebook computer at all.

June 29, 2003

Hire Ron Pacheco

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Brad Choate is offering a generous reward to anyone who can help his friend Ron Pacheco find a fulltime job in the southwest Connecticut/New York City area. Ron's eight-year old son Thomas had cancer so it's important they are back on health insurance soon. Here are the stipulations that Brad described on his website:

  • Technology position, preferably within software development or Internet-related.
  • Location within Southwest Connecticut (and New York City) is preferred. He lives in Brookfield which is just outside of Danbury, Connecticut. He would prefer to not relocate.
  • Health insurance benefits and full-time employment are a must.

Brad has been an immeasurable help to me adding functionality to Exploit Boston! and he's just a really nice guy so if you know anyone who is hiring in Ron's area or can pass this on, please help. Here's his resume in PDF format which describe's Ron's experience as a senior-level software engineer.

June 28, 2003

The wireless-g network is alive

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After several hours of coercing Zippy to play nice with the wireless-g notebook adapter driver, I finally got my wireless network set up at home. I decided to go to Panera Bread to take in the free Wi-Fi, do some work and eat lunch. That's where I'm at as I type this little blathering tidbit of an entry. Good thing I brought my headphones since it is extremely noisy here today.

Lisa Germano played a short but excellent set at the Paradise last night working her way through her Lullaby for Liquid Pig album. It's quite good in that dark, moody with stunning vocals sort of way. I'd really like to see her collaborate with Jane Siberry sometime. They'd make a great combination.

June 27, 2003

Wireless-g is in the house, yo ... almost

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Michael picked up the Linksys Wireless-G Broadband Router on sale today for $129 at Radio Shack. Yes, Radio Shack. One geek pal has already given me a hard time about this. But it was the best deal in our immediate area. Best Buy and CompUSA outlets have it available for the same price; but their listings indicate it is $129 after a rebate. Radio Shack offered it for that price upfront. I called a local computer store a few weeks ago to check on their pricing. I'd be happy to give my money to an Arlington business. But they had two problems: the guy who answered the phone was rude and the price was a lot higher.

I had already purchased the wireless-g notebook adapter for Zippy (my Dell notebook) a few weeks ago thinking I could use it at Panera Bread with their free wireless Internet access and then just use my regular ethernet card at home. It didn't work. But this weekend I'm going to try to set up the new wireless network. It will probably help that this time I'll have both the router/access point and the card so everything can be on the same setup. The two desktop machines will stay wired for now. If I have trouble following directions (it has been known to happen) I'll have to call in a geek pal to resue me. But I'm hoping that the instructions are clear and the equipment (and my patience) cooperates. It would be nice to accomplish this myself. I'm also hopeful that maybe the network will reach out into the courtyard of our apartment complex. I have a feeling it probably won't but my fingers are crossed anyway.

Tonight Susan and I are going to see Lisa Germano at the Paradise Rock Club on Comm Ave in Boston. Doors open at 7 and Lisa goes on at 8 with Clem Snide headlining later on.

June 24, 2003

Soozle, the official summer cocktail of

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I stopped by Tosconini's in Harvard Square last night on my way to ZuZu and ordered a Korean Citrusade. The drink includes club soda, orange marmalade and ice cubes. It was a tasty beverage, but something seemed to be missing. How about some of that Strawberry Stoli that's been sitting in the freezer for a long time?

So, after work today I stopped by Trader Joe's and picked up a couple bottles of San Pellegrino and Keiller Dundee Orange Marmalade. The Strawberry Stoli adds a nice touch. Now all it need is some sort of garnish (mint?) and it will be the perfect summer cocktail.

The Soozle
Put several ice cubes in a tall glass. Pour San Pellegrino mineral water into the glass. Add 1 tablespoon (more or less) of orange marmalade. Stir. Stir. Stir. And stir again. Mix in 1 shot of Stoli Strawberry Vodka. Stir. Stir. Consume!

Note: If you have real bar gear you could also use one of those shaker things and then pour everything into your glass. I could really use one of those.

June 11, 2003

Nokia 6800 available in the U.S. ... but where?

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The Nokia 6800 is apparently available in the U.S. with service from Cingular; but I haven't found a zip code via the website that actually says it's available in that area. I tried a few Boston area zipcodes and none of them seemed to have the phone. It appears to be a great phone to type on thanks to the flip-out keyboard. I've got web and email access on my Sanyo 4900 but I rarely use it to send messages or emails since typing on it is similiar to Chinese water torture. The camera headset attachment looks rather cool, too. I hope Nokia offers a super snazzy phone like this that works with SprintPCS someday.

As I've mentioned before, I'm contracting at another division (not the phone people) at Nokia. Seems like I need to find someone who works for the phone group so I can see one of the 6800's in action.

I'm not hiring (Tips for job seekers)

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Every couple weeks I get at least one random email from someone who would like me to hire them for an event planning job. They started landing in my inbox about a year ago. Originally they would come in through but they've started to come my way through my not-quite-launched-but-someday-soon-event-planner-for-hire website at The site says that it is launching in March. Yup, it's June. I don't really mind getting the emails. Some of them provide good tidbits for cover letter ideas. But I've been thinking about compiling a list of tips and linking to it on my freelance website.

Tip #1 is: Do not send attachments to someone you do not know soliciting work without so much as a note in the body of the email.

Tip #2: Read the website. Find out if it's really a company or a freelancer. Do not send a freelancer an email with the line "I would really like to work for your company." Unless of course you want to work part-time out of my apartment and you enjoy mopping floors and doing dishes.

If you have any tips to share, drop them in comments or send me an email.

May 17, 2003

Going wireless

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P.K. wrote a helpful entry on his website about setting up a wireless ethernet bridge for his new Boston loft. I've been wanting to go wireless for a while and yesterday he also wrote that Panera Bread has Wi-Fi! The local Starbucks has it, too, but you have to be a T-Mobile customer which I hope to never be.

May 02, 2003

250 cattle poisoned in Nebraska

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The other day Michael showed me a CNN article with the above title, 250 cattle poisoned in Nebraska. Anytime Nebraska comes up on the news, in a newspaper, etc. he points it out to me. Since I grew up there perhaps there is a chance I know every Nebraskan mentioned in the news, right? (It's not that small!) He mentioned that this incident took place in Richland, a town in Nebraska I had never heard of. Yesterday I got an email from my youngest sister Amy. The cattle belonged to her boss and he asked Amy to help put together a campaign to lobby the government to have tougher restrictions on the pesticides that the cattle were poisoned with. Apparently a website is in the works which I'll link to whenever it is published. She wanted to know if I have any contacts with environmental organizations who might be interested in their campaign/efforts. Unfortunately I haven't been all that plugged into environmental causes since college.

April 30, 2003

Margie and Vin's new website

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Michael and I gave his parents, Margie and Vin Femia, Margie and for their 30th wedding anniversary this year. Vin started to post to their weblog last week. He's been a frequent commenter on Michael's website and now he has his own site to post his witty comments, sports commentary, etc. Fun!

April 28, 2003

Rare books for sale

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I'm selling three books on eBay that Michael acquired in the past six months. He definately has book finding superpowers.

"The Big U" by Neil Stephenson :: This is the first book he wrote. It is presumably a parody of Boston University. From what I've read, he is not all that fond of this book and is not pleased it is still in circulation. Other books he's written include Snow Crash and Cryptonomicon. We found it priced for quite a few pennies at but decided to go with the bargain "buy it now" price of $300. ;)

"M/W" (Men/Women) by Herb Ritts:: Rare, out of print, 4th printing.

"Eight Mortal Ladies Possessed" by Tennessee Williams :: This book is signed by the author. It's the first paperbook printing from 1974.

April 26, 2003

The grand opening of Mikhaela's Cartoon Depot

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Boston cartoonist Mikhaela Reid has opened up an online shop at to sell her cartoons and other merchandise. For a mere $5.99 you can own your own Wartime ABC's Mini Poster Print!

I think that Jen (writer) and Mikhaela (cartoonist) should conspire on a project. They've got a similiar style: lots of wit, intelligence and sarcasm.

April 25, 2003

My mom and the Rock & Roll Library

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My mom (Mary Kay Kaup) died of a heart attack on March 20, 2003. I haven't gone into a lot of the personal details of what I've been going through because I guess I didn't know what sort of line I might cross with oversharing personal details on this website. So, despite how quiet I have been about her death, I do appreciate hearing from people. Since my mom wasn't sick and I hadn't talked to her in a few weeks (she was in Nebraska where I grew up and I'm in Boston), the news really came as quite a shock. Her 56th birthday would have been coming up soon on April 30th.

Growing up, my mom took 10+ years of piano and voice lessons. For whatever reason, I did not get the actual singing talent she had; but I did get my mom's appreciation and passion for music. Local and online pals have asked if there is anything they could do. So, I sent an email to the elist last week asking everyone to contribute to the Rock & Roll Library as a memorial to my mom. I think this idea would make her happy. So, now I'm inviting anyone who reads my website to also participate.

The Rock & Roll Library is a non-profit Boston-based organization that I've been volunteering for during 2003. I've mentioned them here before and I can't say enough fabulous things about RRL. Anne Fitzpatrick, the executive director, is one of the nicest humans on the planet -- no doubt about it! She has turned a childhood dream into an internationally recognized organization. RRL needs monetary support from individuals and companies to move the organization into the next phase. All contributions directly impact RRL programs and projects including the development of the Music Archive Database, lesson plan and song contests, maintenance and design of the website, etc.

It would mean a lot if you would consider participating in this memorial and inviting your family and friends to participate, too. To learn more about the Rock & Roll Library visit their website. Click on "membership" to contribute through their ecommerce system or PayPal. Any contribution is welcome and membership is included with $25+.


Note: Consider writing "Mary Kay Kaup Memorial" in the "additional instructions" field if you are using PayPal for your donation.

April 23, 2003

I'm not the only one in love with the Nokia 6800

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When I was poking around my web stats this morning I noticed that Eric Snowdeal linked to my entry about the too cool for school Nokia 6800 phone. He's a fan, too. Eric mentioned that I work for Nokia yet I have a Sanyo phone. That's true. But I also have a Nokia phone. It's something they gave me for "work use only." If they would kindly give me a 6800 I would happily stomp on my Sanyo 4900 and toss it out the window. I don't work for the phone division nor do I have any super deluxe connections so the chances of me getting a free 6800 are next to nothing. But it's a nice thought! Presumably the AT&T Wireless store near the office gives decent discounts to Nokia employees; but since I'm a contractor I'm not sure if I've made that list. I probably wouldn't want to leave the Sprint PCS + Vision service anyway. Which means I'm still hoping that Nokia will make the 6800 or something like it available with Sprint PCS. A girl can dream.

Website ping public service announcement

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More (*) people (*) should ping so their site has a little asterisk next to their name on my "daily visits" list over on the right. I do a much better job of keeping up with the people who ping. So, that's today's PSA.

April 20, 2003

How to turn bad traffic and delays into something fun. Almost.

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We spent the afternoon in Meriden, CT with Michael's family. The ride from Arlington was relatively painfree and took the usual 1.75 hours. The ride back was a slow crawl home and lasted closer to 3.5 hours. So, what do you do to make the trip home more enjoyable? 80's music on the radio and web surfing with your Internet-enabled mobile phone, of course! About halfway into the return trip I saw the URL posted outside The Bunk House in Charlton, MA so I thought I'd check it out on my phone. This happened a few more times and provided two easily amused humans with entertainment. Another website we spotted included the Hebert Candy Mansion in Shrewsbury. Founded in 1917, Hebert's is the oldest roadside candy store. Well, who knew! I'm definately taking my phone along for the ride the next time we take a random "hey, let's get in the car and just drive" mini roadtrip!

April 18, 2003

CSS follies and mobile phone dreams

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In a previous entry I mentioned how I was going to wander through West Civ's free CSS Level 2 course. A fabulous idea, for sure. Of course, I never actually got to do it. But I figured I'd go ahead and try to set up the latest Exploit Boston! layout myself. No problem, right? I can read. I can type. Occassionally I can slap a few brain cells together. I'm a lucky fool. Matt is completely rescuing the CSS design. He deserves a raise! ;)

Today at work I disclosed to the guy in the cubicle next to me that I have a Sanyo mobile phone. I think he's the second person at work (Nokia) who I've told since starting this contract job a month ago. It's ironic that I'd get a job at Nokia a few weeks after I bought my cell phone but there wasn't a Nokia color-screen phone comparable to the Sanyo CP-4900 available with the Sprint PCS + Vision service. I got the same response from him: "You better hide that!" I have dreams of Nokia making the 6800 available with the Sprint PCS service. That would be quite excellent. It is such a sexy phone and it looks useful, too.

April 15, 2003

To Do: West Civ's free online CSS Level 2 course

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West Civ is currently offering weekly installments of their CSS Level 2 course. I forgot to go through last week's lesson so now I have to catch up tonight. It's an excellent learning adventure and hey, it's free. The catch with the free course is that the previous week's installment disappears eventually so you have to keep up! Last week's installment is still up but it will probably disappear soon. If you want to go at your own pace you can buy the course for $24.99. I'm just a hobby HTML and CSS tinkerer so it's nice to know there are great resources like this available to expand my tinkering knowledge.

April 08, 2003

Who are the female technology leaders?

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I sent Chris Pirillo a few speaker ideas for his Gnomedex 3.0 conference/geekfest but the only "big names" I could think of were all guys except one (Molly Holzschlag). It's 2003. There has to be at least a handful of women (or more!) who have significant name recognition that should be invited to speak at this event. Who are they?

April 06, 2003

Catching up with work and life

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Today has been a reasonably productive sort of day. I got a lot of work done for the Rock   Roll Library including posting a new job on RRL's page. Do you live in the Boston area with three hours per week to contribute as the membership coordinator? This person will be responsible for sending out membership packets to new members and will also respond to membership related emails that come through the website. And on a related note, the Rock   Roll Library has a charter membership program running right now for rock and roll fans who want to become an integral part of an internationally recognized music force. I've been conspiring with RRL since around January and it's been a lot of fun.

There's a new photo album up with photos from my trip home to Nebraska few weeks ago. Now is probably a good time to get outside for the first time today while the sun is still out.

April 04, 2003

This is news?

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Michael posted tidbits about a story on regarding several Pearl Jam fans leaving the concert early during the encore because the band was voicing opposition to George Bush and the war in Iraq. Have these people been living under a rock even bigger than mine? Eddie Vedder (Pearl Jam's lead singer) has not been shy about his political views over the years. And as Michael points out, he campaigned extensively for Nader's presidential campaign.

I can't decide what's worse: that people so unaware would attend a Pearl Jam concert and leave upset or that CNN would report this story as newsworthy from a very small minority. I'd like to know how CNN knew that everyone leaving early was actually doing so because they were annoyed with Eddie's comments or because they wanted to beat the traffic home. Using a word like "several" doesn't seem to make it all that newsworthy. Wow! Out of thousands of people at a concert, "several" left.

The world is a curious place but I plan to keep my own opinions. What that CNN story needs is a good supply of Chris Farley quotes.

April 02, 2003

What do your words mean?

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Chris Pirillo announced on his website today that he was no longer at TechTV hosting the Call for Help show. He seemed to really enjoy his work there so it certainly came as a surprise. I waded through the oodles of comments people were posting on his website sharing their thoughts regarding the news. Chris has a lot of fans and friends online which isn't all that surprising since he's a genuinely nice guy. Apparently Leo Laporte who used to host Call For Help is now once again the host. Leo made the following statement on his website: "Chris has decided to return his full focus to Lockergnome (I'm sure he'll have more to say about it on his blog) and TechTV has agreed to allow me to return as host of Call for Help starting tomorrow." Maybe I'm weird. (Nevermind that question.) But it seems odd that someone would make a comment about Chris' plans before he (Chris) had a chance to make such a detailed statement himself. This is probably not an international crisis; but it does involve someone who I've been an online friend and fan of for many years (ISCABBS!) and it bugs me to see someone make such a statement. Gretchen Pirillo had a few tidbits to share but since she's closer to the source they probably carry a bit more weight. ;)

Curious Update: Leo Laporte changed the text on his website and the quote I noted above is no longer there.

March 31, 2003

Blogshares and cheap (free) amusement?

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I like to consider myself easily amused. So, when I saw a link to Blogshares on James' website, I signed up. I don't consider a real weblog but that's OK. Most of the other 130,030,555 websites out there who call themselves weblogs probably aren't either. Remember when we had websites and published on the web for the fun of it? I guess it's a pasttime not entirely long forgotten. Almost. But back to Blogshares ... I can't figure out why Michael's shares aren't available yet.

March 30, 2003

Back from Nebraska

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Michael and I returned from Nebraska late yesterday afternoon. It was nice to return to mostly warm weather. There was a little snow in Omaha last night and I was hoping it wouldn't follow us home to Boston.

I'm extremely behind in email. But at least there are a few emails from friends admist the 12,000 spam emails.

Michael picked out a bunch of old photographs of me that were gathering dust in photo albums at my mom's house. We'll probably scan them and put some of them online sometime this week.

My mom passing away is still not feeling completely real. But I guess that will all come with time. I'm really grateful that Michael went back with me. That made a big difference. We also got in some fun stuff, too. We spent a few hours at the Henry Doorly Zoo and met up with old friends who I had not seen in eight years. And we also had our required visit(s) at The Antiquarium Bookstore in The Old Market area of downtown Omaha. I'll write more about that stuff when I post photos I took. It was nice to have a chance to see a lot (a LOT) of people I had not seen in years. I just wish the reason for the visit had not been so sad. Hopefully we'll be able to get back once or twice this summer.

March 21, 2003

It Can't Rain All The Time

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The title has turned into a soundtrack for the past 24 hours. It's a song by Jane Siberry. My mom passed away from a heart attack last night so Michael and I are flying back to my hometown of Scribner, Nebraska. It's certainly difficult being so far away. The funeral details are being taken care of today so we couldn't really help with that. But we plan to spend a week with my sisters and the extended family. So, that's that. The world is a curious place right now. Take care of the people you know and be kind to those you don't. It's pretty amazing what a little kindness can do and it rarely takes much effort.

March 19, 2003

Al Gore Joins Apple's Board of Directors. And He's an Open Source Fan?

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I think it's pretty cool that former Vice President Al Gore, Jr. has joined Apple's Board of Directors. But this quote in the press release amuses me for some reason. Most quotes in press releases are rarely written/spoken by the person being quoted. This one just seemed especially amusing. (Story found via Jeffrey Veen's website.)

"I have been particularly impressed with the new Mac OS X operating system and the company #146;s commitment to the open source movement."

March 12, 2003

Spontaneous Conspiring or "Why I Still Love the Internet"

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Yesterday I was giving Scott a hard time about his away message on IM that said "unconcious." He was spending lots of hours working on Feedster, his new RSS search engine project that took on a life of its own when the little prototype started getting bombarded with website visitors (aka Slashdotted, etc.) He pointed out the list of names that had been suggested. I thought something maybe a little less literal without the word RSS in the title might be interesting. In a matter of minutes, we came up with the name! Maybe a million dollar branding expert could come up with something better. Maybe not.

That spontaneous conspiring reminded me of why I love the Internet. Some of the best ideas come out of doing something for the fun of it and to simply prove that you can do it. The Internet really is a World of Ends.

Note: I'm not referencing the name directly since Scott doesn't seem to be doing so on his weblog just yet. But if you read his site you could figure it out all the same.

Update 3/13/03: He officially unveiled Feedster this morning. Check it out!

March 07, 2003

A Consolation Prize (new job at Nokia, road trip planning!)

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Unfortunately I won't be at the South by Southwest Interactive Festival this weekend but I did get a sort of consolation prize today when I heard back from the HR/Recruiting person at Nokia. I start a new 3-month contract job there on the 18th. It happened rather fast: they found my resume on last week, I had an interview three days later and an offer today. (Insert rejoicing tidbits here.) I'm really looking forward to it and it's a mere 10 minute drive away. I wonder if I'll have to hide my new Sanyo phone. I bought it before they called me about the job last week.

Michael and I have been conspiring about our two-week road trip across half of the United States: 23 states, 6 baseball games, Gnomedex and who knows what else. We'll have a little website up one of these days outlining the route and stuff we'd like to see and do along the way. The trip is tentatively scheduled for July 22nd through August 5th.

February 27, 2003

The first cross-country weblog?

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Mike pointed me to this Newsweek article about Dave Winer's appointment as a new fellow at the Berkman Center for Law   Society. In the interview, Dave said that he has sold his house and is driving across the country for his new gig to evangelize weblogging at Harvard. "I’m going to do the first cross-country blog." Oh, really? That's curious. I did a search at Google for "cross-country blog" and the first result that came up is TwOn on the Road, a weblog for a roadtrip that took the writer all over the country including stops in Massachusetts, New York, Tennessee, Colorado and California.

Sometimes there is no subject

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"Can you squeeze me
Into an empty page of your diary
And psychologically save me
I've got faith in you
I sense the power
Within the fingers
Within an hour the power
Could totally destroy me
(Or, it could save my life) - Hairdresser on Fire : Morrissey

I finally recovered from whatever illness zapped me for two weeks. No more coughing, sneezing or wheezing. I've been conspiring with John, Brad and Nicholas for the in-the-works-finally-launching Exploit Boston! website. It's been a lot of fun and I'm really looking forward to seeing everything come together.

Last night I called Radio Shack in Harvard Square to inquire about the Sanyo 4900 data cable that was listed on their website for $20. It connects to my cell phone and the usb slot on my notebook computer. They had three on hand so I braved the cold elements, walked to the bus stop, took the 77 bus to Harvard Square and purchased the cable. They tried to convince me to buy the software which costs $40 and includes the cable "for free." Since the PCS software is available online for free, I decided to pass on their offer. I can now get online with my notebook computer anywhere. For whatever reason, I am immensely giddy about this. It will be nice to be able to go to Diesel, Carberry's or wherever and do work. I haven't checked the official speediness of the connection but it's reported to be between 56kbps and 144kbps. Overall, it works quite well. Spring's "Vision" service is free for the first three months and $10/month after that. The best part is the unlimited usage -- there are no per-mb charges. Nice, indeed! Obligatory thanks to Terry for letting me know about the cable.

February 23, 2003

Boston Organics = Yum

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Boston Organics, home delivery of organic and natural foods

Boston Organics delivers fresh produce to your door in the Boston area on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. I first tried it out a few months ago and it looks like they have expanded their delivery area since then. Each delivery includes a few recipes using that week's produce.

February 20, 2003

New Phone = New Toy

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As noted in my latest photolog entry, I recently purchased a new cell phone and service from Sprint PCS. It's a cute little Sanyo 4900 and includes Sprint's new "Vision" service that provides unlimited web and Internet access on the phone. I'm very impressed with the service so far. Granted the speed is nowhere close to my cable modem. Presumably it zips along about as fast as a dialup connection. It comes with a USB interface -- too bad you can't plug a keyboard into it! For an extra $350 you can buy Sierra Wireless' AirCard 550 which lets you wirelessly connect your notebook computer or handheld device to the phone's web and Internet connection. That would come in handy for road trips Michael and I want to take later this year.

February 11, 2003

Please Pass the Kleenex

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Irony or instant karma? I'm not sure. Either way, I've got a cold. I had commented to Michael the other day how fabulous it was that I had not been zapped with an illness in 2003. I guess I should have kept my mouth shut. I bought a box of Gypsy Cold Care tea at Trader Joe's. But since I generally dislike hot beverages, I'm conducting an experiment and steeping the tea an extra five minutes then adding ice cubes. I think the only exception to my dislike of hot beverages would have to be hot chocolate.

I'm slowly tinkering on the photolog but haven't had a chance to take any photos lately since I've been hibernating indoors. If you're in the Boston area, the Bostonia network's gathering/mixer is happening at 7pm at Caveau inside the Marche Movenpick restaurant at The Prudential Center. It's the perfect time of the year to hang out at Caveau: a glass of wine and a big fireplace = good times. So, why not join us?

February 07, 2003

Rent this apartment in Watertown

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A simple plan:

Rent this apartment in Watertown. And then invite me over to cook in your kitchen.

January 29, 2003

State of the Union Review

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Steve Yost set up a review of last night's State of the Union Address using his super cool Document Review web-based application. You can comment on each paragraph of the address. Check out the review.

Looking for an extra set of eyeballs

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I'm looking for someone who can proofread my email newsletter every week or two the day before I send it out. I'll link to you on and also in the newsletter. Last night I sent out the latest email to my favorite 640 people (AKA the number of people subscribed to the newsletter) and noticed that I put 2002 for the year. Ooops! So, if you're interested in conspiring, let me know!

January 28, 2003

Lady in Red and The State of the Union

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First thing I noticed in the House of Representatives chamber tonight for the State of the Union Address: lots of women in red. The color blue was a close second. Did red have some sort of significance other than they wanted to stand out? Did I really want Chris DeBurgh's song running through my head tonight? (Regarding the second question: no, not really. But Michael did inform me we have an MP3 of that song. Yikes!)

I would be immensely grateful to anyone who could explain to the President that it's new-clee-urr, not new-kyew-lur.