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February 18, 2005

What's in Store for the Marqui Pay Bloggers Program

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J. D. Lassica wrote an article about Marqui's "Pay Bloggers" program for the Online Journalism Review. Stephen King, Marqui's CEO and President, had this to say in the article:

King said that in the next round of blogging for dollars, some of the current bloggers will be dropped and others added. “One of the things we’re learning is that for bloggers to write regularly about us, they need to be closer to our market,” he said. “We’d like them to look at the product. They can interview customers, they can interview people around the subject – it just has to remain interesting, and in that sense they’re acting as amateur journalists.”

February 17, 2005

Thanks, Marqui

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Check number two of three arrived in the mail yesterday from Marqui, the company that pays me to include them in my blog until the end of February. I am curious to learn how the program has worked for Marqui. Will they be hiring a new batch of bloggers? Will the format, requirements and payment arrangements change?

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February 08, 2005

Pinging Marqui

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I've been unable to ping entries on Marqui's blog and I'm not sure what's up. I posted a comment on their blog but haven't heard back. I have never seen this error until trying to ping a Marqui entry last week. Maybe trackbacks are not configured properly in their Movable Type "weblog config" area?

This is the error I get when I try to ping them:

Ping '' failed: HTTP error: 404 Object Not Found

Here's a rant about trackbacks or crapbacks.

Conversation Coordinators

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Marqui has been talking about "conversastion coordinators" on their blog. I haven't had any direct interaction with their conversation coordinator. It seems like an interesting idea. Maybe this could be a task for PR departments instead of sending out press releases?

Speaking of conversation coordinators, I could really use one myself. I haven't had a chance to catch up with all the websites/RSS feeds I read. I'm about three days behind. I feel so out of touch!

February 02, 2005

Dabbling with Marqui, Part 2

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I received an email from Alex at Marqui about my new "dabble mode" account. I haven't had a chance to use it; but I hope to dive in and dabble sometime soon.

I'm still wondering if they're letting anyone in who asks for an account or if there is a second step to qualify people. Is anyone at Marqui reading my weblog?

January 30, 2005

Dabbling with Marqui

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Marqui has opened up their communications management system to outsiders with 100 dabble mode accounts. I sent them an email requesting a test account since I thought it would be interesting to try it out on a system that doesn't get wiped out every night. From the way the below application process is described, they don't seem to be qualifying the requests. Will the first 100 people who ask for a test account receive one, no questions asked? More information is available on Marqui's website on a page described at the top as an interactive brochure. On the right side of the page (err, brochure), Janet Johnson's information is included but it looks like she forgot to indicate her phone number. It says "Click here to email me or give me a call at ". It also seems a little strange to put the link to her email on "click here" instead of just taking out those two words and putting the email link on "Email me." There's no title tag on the email link either.

I checked out the dabble mode website and now they are referring to CMS as "communications management suite" instead of "communications management system" that is used on their main website. It looks like they are also dabbling with what they want to refer to themselves as.

  1. Prospect sends e-mail to and requests one.
  2. Alex captures their information and responds with userID and password(s)
  3. There are roles-based versions of the password so they can access Admin, Maestro, Composer and Writer levels
  4. Prospect goes to to access their dabblemode site.

January 25, 2005

Those Wacky Professional Journalists

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I have no idea how I missed this but I just stumbled across The Gobe and Mail article about Marqui's program to pay bloggers (including me) to write about the company. The article is dated 7 December 2004 on their website and includes a few tidbits about me in the opening paragraph. Marqui has the article archived on their website but without any links. (What's up with that, Marqui?) The odd thing is that no one from The Globe and Mail contacted me to verify details such as my full name. It's true that my name is listed on Marqui's website; but it seems odd that they wouldn't contact me directly.

Their description of this website is funny:

On her personal blog -- "The Life & Times of Sooz" -- Susan Kaup writes regularly about her friends, her Internet radio station and Boston's indie rock scene.

I think they confused the dinner parties and networking events I host as a "friends" thing. Which isn't really all that accurate.

On a somewhat related note, I set up a separate domain for my event planning and consulting work a while ago; but I haven't really done much with it yet. I'm thinking of just keeping everything at and setting up a subdomain for the work related stuff. I like how Molly Holzschlag and Nick Finck have integrated all of their public-facing endeavors on each of their websites: weblog, consulting, etcetera.

January 16, 2005

It's a Good Thing

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[I get paid to mention Marqui and link to their online demo once a week through the end of February.]

Saturday was an excellent mail day. My sister Amy sent me several new photos of my niece who is now eight months old and I also received my first payment from Marqui.

January 09, 2005

Content Management System Spam

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I usually ignore spam or don't see it at all if my filters pick it up. The other day I was organizing my inbox and came across an email with the subject line: "Content management comes to life in new demo." At first I thought it was an email from Marqui, the communications management system I'm being paid to write about until the end of February. Nope! It was spam from what appears to be one of their competitors: EMC²'s Documentum. Then I thought perhaps they sent this piece of spam to the bloggers writing for Marqui. Unlikely, but possible. Upon further inspection of the email header, I noticed that the spam was sent to an email address at that I stopped using over a year ago. Looks like it was just some sort of random coincidence that I'm currently checking out a content management system.

The email tries to lure me over to the Documentum website to view a Flash demo of the product. I clicked the "See it now!" link and landed on a page that asked me to provide my first name, last name and email address to view the demo. First they spam me, and now they want my contact information just to view a demo? Marqui does not try to use their Flash demo as a lame lead generation tool. Since EMC² has already messed up their attempt to build some sort of relationship with me with spam, the least they could do is let me view the Flash demo without collecting additional contact information.

Here's a PDF of the spam I received. Similar to Marqui's "The Marketer’s Guide to Optimizing Your Web Content for Search Engines", EMC² wants my contact information for a whitepaper linked in the spam about their content management "15-minute guide". Which is unfortunate on both of their parts. But I guess the consolation for Marqui is whether or not they spam to get this information. Either way, they should let the information speak for itself. If it's useful and relevant then they'll hear from the potential customer.

December 30, 2004

2005 Aspirations

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Peter Caputa compiled a list of things he'd like to accomplish with his WhizSpark business in 2005. A similar "aspirations list" has been percolating inside my brain, too.

Here's a list of things I'd like to accomplish during the first half of 2005.

  • Update daily.
  • Update Exploit Boston! daily
  • Publish my Marqui entries on Wednesdays until my involvement with the program wraps up at the end of February.
  • Acquire interns for Free Agent Boston and Exploit Boston!.
  • Hire a web designer to give Exploit Boston! a proper makeover.
  • Host at least one social event each month.
  • Organize additional Free Agent Boston events including an annual conference and seminar series.
  • Find shared office space to use 3+ days a week. I found an interesting space near South Boston that a designer is sharing with 5-6 other people and another shared studio space in Somerville. There's also the Cambridge Innovation Center in Kendall Square.

December 08, 2004

Which "C" word is it? Content, Communications or Campaign?

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I'm being paid by Marqui to share my opinions about the company once a week for three months on Here's my first entry about the project.

I've been poking around the Marqui demo so that I can write something at least reasonably intelligent (we can always hope) about their communications management system. Unfortunately I can't use Firefox so I have to dust off IE. Just when I was hoping I could delete that application from my computer once and for all.

They've got a Jetson's style Flash demo linked off their homepage that illustrates what they claim the product can do to help organizations manage their marketing campaigns. On the main page for the demo, I noticed that "campaign management systems" is in the title of the demo; but everywhere else, Marqui is referred to as "communications management systems." And as The Head Lemer pointed out, the "c" in CMS usually refers to "content." Maybe they need a new acronym.

November 27, 2004

The Fuss About Marqui Paying Bloggers to Write About The Company

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On a whim last week I sent an email to Marqui, curious about their new program in the works to pay a couple dozen webloggers to write about them as a new way of finding clients and generating press. Looking through the information on their website, it seemed interesting. They'd pay $800/month for a weekly writeup about their product with everything being upfront and transparent and no limits on what each weblogger writes about (the good and the bad about the product). The approach sounded interesting, so why not look into it?

I wasn't really expecting to hear back from them. But the next day I received an email from Marc Canter, one of their advisors who encouraged Marqui to set up the blogger program. He said we should talk over the weekend but then he got busy and I had a funeral to go to. So, fast forward to earlier this week and I get a couple emails sent out to everyone who has been invited to participate. I didn't really know what was going on since Marc and I hadn't even talked yet. I sent him a followup and then he called me last night.

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