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April 30, 2005

Better and Better: Rose Polenzani

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"Donít worry cuz Iíve got it / Got the car door / Got the front gate and I / Got my own back / Through the shadows / In my Friday clothes / Through the wardrobe / Through the snow / I have seen a light / I have seen a light / I have seen a light / I have seen a light"

Boston singer-songwriter Rose Polenzani has a new tune available for (free) MP3 download. Grab it now in Rose's music shoppe. It will be replaced with another tune sooner or later. It's called "I Have Seen a Light." Rose describes it best:

It's a really simple song, kind of repetitive. It just gets bigger and bigger. That's my thing. Anyway, the 'light' isn't the one you might be thinking of, it's something kind of hard and real like a medicine ball.

So.Very.Good. Grab your headphones and turn up the volume. If you like that song, buy her album October that came out last Fall.


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As I've mentioned before, on Thursday I share my 32nd birthday with another Bush inauguration. Hopefully, this will be the last time I share it with a member of that family. If you're in the area, friends and conspirators will be getting together for food and drinks at ZuZu at 9:30 PM that night and then a new favorite band, Tom Thumb, plays a free show at 11:00 PM. They've got a couple tunes for download on their website. I particularly recommend "Gracie's Mine." We'll grab tables for however many people are there at 9:30; but if you want to let me know you will be joining us, send me an email.