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October 05, 2004

Another farewell

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My grandmother, Eileen Rose Branigan Smith, died today. I don't remember right now what year she was born but I think she was in her early 90s. She was an amazing person and I miss her immensely. Of all my family back in Nebraska, she and I were the closest. The funeral will most likely be on Friday so I'm flying out on Thursday. It's just so weird that my mom and grandmother died a year and a half apart. This is a photo I took of Grandma Smith in 2002.

March 23, 2004

What I Love

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(This is a work in progress inspired by this.)

acronyms, live music, bats, Boston every season except winter, bourbon with coke and two lime slices, candles, fountain pens, frozen grapes, iced chai NEVER hot, independent bookstores, independent music, independent web, lima beans, office supplies, peonies, people watching on the bus, musicians who don't hold back like Rose Polenzani and Sondre Lerche, sushi, tempeh, throwing fabulous parties, nostalgia, Nebraska now that I don't live there anymore, connecting people/making introductions, genuine smiles for no good reason, receiving a handwritten letter, sleeping in under a pile of blankets, learning something new, collaborating on a project, cooking brunch for friends, wifi throughout the house especially on the porch sitting on the couch with my feet up, sharing music with friends, mixed tapes, pugs, surprises, road trips with no specific destination, reconnecting with someone after a long time, bed & breakfast inns, the hope that Moxy Fruvous will tour again someday, checking most everything off today's to do list, life.

March 20, 2004

A year ago

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My mom passed away a year ago today. Photo #1 on the left is my mom in the brown shirt, her best friend (since high school) Eileen (in the blue shirt) and two other friends from Scribner, Nebraska (my hometown). Photo #2 is the street where my mom lived. Photo #3 is a sunset over a nearby soybean field. Photo #4 is a rose from one of the dozens of funeral flower arrangements. Click each image for a larger photograph.

When the Heavens Light Up by Patty Larkin

Look at your hand there in the wind
Familiar as your name
You're gonna spread your fingers like a wing
That will lift you up when you wave

You're gonna wave good-bye
And the world will sigh
When The Heavens Light Up

You're gonna hear a string of violin
Whisper soft and low
It's gonna take you where the ocean ends
To the river red and gold

You're gonna wave good-bye
And the world will sigh
When The Heavens Light Up

Look at your hand there in the wind
So far away, so near
You're gonna leave a pillow when this ends
With a feather and a tear

You're gonna wave good-bye
And the world will sigh
When The Heavens Light Up

February 26, 2004

Almost a Year

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My mom died almost a year ago, on March 20th. The past year has been a series of firsts. First it was her 56th birthday a few weeks after she passed away. Then it was Mother's Day. For years she asked for a mother's ring and my sisters and I never got around to getting it for her. There would always be next year. Times like this make you wonder about regret. Then it was Christmas, the first major holiday without my mom around to call. And then in January it was my 31st birthday and the first time she didn't call to wish me a happy birthday. Around this time last year it was a year since we last spoke on the phone. The grieving process is interesting and I always keep wondering how many more of these "firsts" will sneak up on me.