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March 10, 2005

Getting Stuff Done

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Yesterday Pete Caputa and I went on an appointment tour to various venues in Boston to talk about his company's (WhizSpark) event planning platform and promotion tools plus my event planning services. I watched him handle a cold-call situation immensely well. I was interested in sticking to the places I had spoken to in advance but Pete is a braver human than I will ever be. He reminded me that it's good to step out of our usual routines now and again. Very true! The highlight of our appointment tour was meeting with a corporate event coordinator at an upscale restaurant in Back Bay. I've known her for a couple years so that certainly helped make it more of a conversation and less a sales meeting. But also, she just seemed to get it -- that WhizSpark provides a platform and tools that can make her job easier. And make her look good, too. Who wants to take oodles of RSVPs over the phone? That is so 2004!

A big client/project needs to hook up with WhizSpark so they can spend some money on design: customization of the layout and colors is key.

For a humorous interpretation of yesterday, read what Pete has to say on his blog.

March 04, 2005

Dear Basecamp: Will You Marry Me?

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Thinking about life before Basecamp is a lot like trying to think about life before the internet itself. I use my Basecamp site for my clients, project planning for my own projects/websites, etc. I recently set up a project area for business collaborations with Peter Caputa at WhizSpark and to also offer feedback about their premium event planning platform and tools that are under development. It seems to be working out really well. I set up a category that I drop ideas and questions into that come up when I'm using WhizSparks' tools. It's easy to lose track of things in email. Since everything is on the web, there's an excellent archive to look back on.


February 23, 2005

Getting Paid to Do What You Love

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Long time web guy Jason Kottke's announcement that he quit his web design job to work on his personal website fulltime seemed curious. Of course, a (big) part of me is jealous because I have long wished I could focus entirely on my web projects and not work for other people, so to speak. Getting paid by Marqui to link/mention them the past three months has certainly helped.

It's interesting that he's calling donors "micro patrons." Micro? What's so micro about contribting the (suggested) $30? A few years ago when people were sending each other fifty cents through PayPal -- that seemed to be about micro payments. If I give someone $30 to help them out, I'd rather just be called a patron -- leave out micro.

I wonder how taxes factor into this. Does he have a corporation or is he self-employed? If it's the latter, he'll have to say goodbye to about 37% of the donations. Unless there's some sort of loophole I'm not familiar with.

I'm curious who else is testing out new ways to make a living without a typical 9-5 job. A few I know about include:

Update: These people aren't necessarily doing their creative projects fulltime. That's what I get for writing an entry while still half asleep.

Who else?

February 22, 2005

New home for my event mailing list at WhizSpark

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I mentioned the other day that I was moving my event mailing list from over to WhizSpark. Mission accomplished! If you were on my list before and you did not receive an email via the WhizSpark system alerting you of the new list, you can sign up via my profile page at WhizSpark. It looks like 50 or so people were not added which was probably a copy/pasting oversight on my part and then a few unsubscriptions, too. If you've never been on my list before and you'd like to be alerted when I've got new events on the horizon, please sign up.

I've been going through old event photos and plan to move them over to my flickr account. Here's one of my favorite sushi fest photos of Mark Bernstein. It was taken with an instant camera that we passed around the table at the sushi fest dinner party in 1999 at Guyuhama on Boylston Street.

February 21, 2005

Bowling Posse on Thursday, 3 March at Sacco's Bowl Haven

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While growing up in Nebraska, I participated in a youth bowling league at Hilltop Lanes in Dodge, Nebraska. It's unfortunate that I no longer have the patches from my various winnings. I haven't gone tenpin bowling in over a decade and I'd probably not be all that good at it these days. Fortunately, New England has candle pin bowling which is a lot easier. Partly because the balls are not as heavy and you get three turns instead of two.

The next bowling posse outing is on Thursday, March 3rd at Sacco's Bowl Haven in Davis Square at 8:00 PM. If you'd like to join us, you can RSVP at the Bowling Posse event page at WhizSpark. The cost is $10 and that covers two hours of bowling and the shoe rental.

I'm starting to dabble more with WhizSpark's hosted DIY event planning tools -- in particular the ad-free, customizable tools that are under development. Overall, I like what I see. Hopefully the ability to adjust the layout (perhaps similar to how TypePad lets you move content around on the page) and link colors (I had no choice but to use the red links if I wanted a black background) will be a possibility someday. Peter Caputa, the president of WhizSpark, has been generally responsive to my ideas, feedback, nagging and criticisms.

I'm in the process of moving several hundred event newsletter subscribers over to WhizSpark. It will be interesting to see what sort of feedback I receive once I start to send out event invites through the WhizSpark system. One thing that is new is that if someone wants to register/reply/RSVP for an event, the person first needs to create a free account. WhizSpark has an anti-spam policy as far as how users can and cannot use data in the system; but the policy does not address how WhizSpark itself will not use contact information in their system. Hopefully that's something they can directly address in their policy soon.

February 17, 2005

Contributing For Access Not Payment -- Can it Work?

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Today Peter Caputa and I were talking on IM about my frustration with finding contributors for my Exploit Boston! event guide/calendar website. People are generally very psyched to learn about the website and indicate that they'd like to get involved; but enthusiasm doesn't seem to last long enough to get to the point of contributing actual content. I'm not in a position to pay writers and photographers. Not at this time anyway. I've thought about sharing Google AdSense proceeds from the pages that a contributor's content appears on and might try to see how that can be set up sometime soon. Of course, the site needs to be updated much more frequently so it's making cash from the AdSense program again. I'm going to give the project as much of my spare time as possible. It's 2005 or bust! A nice motivator is the #2 spot on that big search engine for "Boston events."

In the meantime, I'm trying to frame the opportunity better and reach out to more people. Especially people who are not paid, professional writers.

My fellow Boston bloggers, I can help you get into events for free. Did a concert you wanted to go to sell out? How about a review ticket from the event's press person? Or maybe a photo pass? What about a pre or post-event interview?

You don't need to work for The Boston Globe, The Boston Phoenix or The Improper Bostonian to get into these events. However, if bloggers were to individually contact press people for access, it would be a disaster. If the requests come through a central location such as Exploit Boston!, it's a more effective approach.

Peter pointed out that people want money for their contributions. I understand that if you are a professional writer or photographer -- you wouldn't waste your time with Exploit Boston!. But what about the rest of us "amateurs"? We'd go to these events and blog about them anyway, why not join forces?

I sent out the following email earlier to the mailing list for the site that I run. If any blogger in the Boston area would like to sign up for the list and participate in this contributor experiment, that would be awesome. Let me know?

Continue reading "Contributing For Access Not Payment -- Can it Work?"

Photos From Last Night's Genius Workshop

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Shimon Rura took a few photos at the Genius Workshop dinner that we hosted last night at Henrietta's Table in Harvard Square. We've been talking about doing this event for a couple months so it was exciting to see the first event actually take place. A few people asked us why the word "genius" is used in the event name. The idea is not to suggest that there is some sort of ego involved. And it is not a MENSA meeting. Our goal is to gather together a small group of smart (or so we think) people who are developing new tech/software/web ideas and the smart people who like to offer feedback. Shimon and I need to work out the ground rules and blog policy. If people are going to feel comfortable talking about new tech projects, they need to know the conversations won't be transcribed for the web and at the same time, we should all feel comfortable writing about it in general on our weblogs.

Peter Caputa wrote a recap of last night's dinner, including this tidbit:

We talked about a lot of stuff with a special emphasis on not talking about blogging. Content management systems, online fake cries for help and deception, each of our projects, how we each got where we are, what we are looking to do next, getting comp'd at big tech events, microsoft's love affair with usenet.

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February 14, 2005

New Project: Genius Workshop

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Shimon Rura and I are conspiring on a new project called Genius Workshop. Our first event is a dinner on February 16th.

Genius Workshop is an informal group of internet technologists, entrepreneurs, thinkers and afficionados. Our goal is to bring together smarties for the purpose of mutual enlightenment. Participants include people who are working on technologies ranging from established and successful to innovative and borderline crazy.
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January 30, 2005

Today's Boston Globe Article about the WiFi Meetup I Organize

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Today's (front page) print and online editions of The Boston Globe includes an article about by Robert Weisman. The article features two Boston Meetups he attended on January 12th: The WiFi Meetup that I organize and then later that night he checked out the Belly Dance Meetup.

I wish the Globe would use links throughout online articles or include a "related links" section at the end.

January 25, 2005

My First Word Press Blog

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I finally set up a Word Press blog. It's a site that Michael and I are using for a 15-day road trip we're taking in mid-to-late April. I'm thinking about moving some of my other sites to Word Press, too. Though right now, I'm a little overwhelmed since I'm not all that savvy with PHP. Some things that seem so basic, like listing the category name at the top of each category page, are a huge challenge. At least for now. I can't seem to figure out where the template is to add this little tidbit.

January 17, 2005

Curious problem adding the auto-tagging nugget to entries

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I combined Movable Type code with the new Technorati tag functionality so that each category on an entry had it's own link to that category's tag at Technorati. It works great on single words; but when it's a combination of two or more words, it's not working. Technorati's tag needs a ("+") plus sign between each word. I have no idea how to make this happen within the Movable Type code. Maybe I'll just use the Technorati Tags Bookmarklet that Matt at created. I was just really hoping to be able to integrate it with the footer of each entry.

If you know how to make it work the way I was hoping it might, I'd love to hear what you'd suggest!

Here's the code I was originally using that breaks when there's more than a single word in the query.

href="<$MTCategoryLabel$>" title="check out what other people are saying around the web about <$MTCategoryLabel$>">t

Update: OK, apparently it IS working afterall. Nevermind! ;)

November 23, 2004

New additions to Exploit Boston! Radio

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On Sunday I added a bunch of tunes to Exploit Boston! Radio, my internet radio station on's network. Thanks to The Charms, Count Zero, Soltero, The Dresden Dolls, Vic Firecracker, Mittens, Anti-Love Project (and more) for providing the rock, pop and/or alternative sounds to the 11+ hours of streaming music. If only the mystery listeners in China would email and let me know what they think of the tunes.

November 15, 2004

What's Old is New Again

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Exploit Boston! is alive. Oh, I know. You've heard that before. I started to write a long, personal, blathering entry about the past three years (I first registered the domain about three years ago) but decided to keep the personal tidbits out of this little alert.

Needless to say, I'm thrilled this project is back. My favorite writer is co-publishing it with me and Exploit Boston! Radio is returning in a few days with a super cool sponsor.

May 10, 2004

Getting organized

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I put up a basic little page over at for my freelance event planning work. I'll have a web design pal fix it up sometime this summer. I couldn't design my way out of a paperbag. But it's up and it works! The plan is to get back to freelancing during the day (plus keep a part-time/steady job) beginning in July. Goodbye temping! I thought about going back to corporate/fulltime work but in the end, I know that's not the best place for me. So, a few more months of what I've been doing the past two years and I think I'll finally be at a point where I can do what I really should be doing. What a treat that will be.

March 26, 2004

To do

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I have been working on lately and I want to finish up some work on it this weekend. Spring is a good time for some website house keeping and catching up on projects that have been lingering and collecting dust. So, in the spirit of "if I write it down maybe I'll actually do it", here's what I'd like to accomplish this weekend:

  • Work on/clean up the garden.
  • Add 20 events to Exploit Boston!
  • Talk to potential conspirators about contributing 5 events each week to Exploit Boston! on a particular topic such as art/museums, food, music, etc. Michael is contributing book/literary events.
  • Revive Free Agent Boston's website so the files are back where they should be and there's a roster of events for the next six months.
  • Create a page on Exploit Boston! about the Boston Book Crawl, talk to potential Boston area webloggers about contributing and send a proposal to a local independent bookstore about their involvement.
  • Help organize BloggerCon parties.
  • Create a mini-site for my event planning/freelance services.
  • Create a page on Exploit Boston! about citizen journalism and ways to contribute to EB! on related projects. Followup with people who already expressed an interest.


March 12, 2004

I approve this message

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My pal Sarah endorses this idea; but maybe she's just being nice. Since Zippy (my notebook computer) is not feeling well enough to attend SXSW, I thought I'd do some audio blogging with my mostly-as-yet-unused audblog account. So, I was thinking of asking people to blather on for up to 2 minutes with the only requirement being to say "My name is (insert name here) and I approve this message." It's the phrase that all the presidential campaign television ads need to include. Sarah suggested I bring a stopwatch with me so I can let people know when they have 15 seconds left to talk. She's always thinking. I figured if nothing else, it's an excuse to go up to someone if I'm feeling otherwise shy.

In my little dreamworld, it would be great to somehow get a minute or two with Joe Trippi and the guys from MoveOn.

I recorded two (1, 2) audio blog posts on January 20th at the 2am Howard Dean Rally at an airport in Portsmouth, New Hampshire when he got back to New England after the Iowa cacus. The recordings are from the crowd about 20 feet away from Dean.

February 27, 2004

Conspiring Session about Citizen Journalism Projects

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I've been talking to a few friends and also people who go to the Berkman weblog writers meeting about doing citizen journalism projects for Exploit Boston! (and particpants own weblogs). We're having a conspiring session tomorrow, Saturday, February 28th at Carberry's Bakery in Davis Square at 1pm. Carberry's is located at187 Elm Street. Free wifi is available, too. Anyone interested in contributing ideas and/or some of their time on specific projects (writing, video, photographs) is welcome to join us. See you there?

February 13, 2004

Gabriel Ben-Yosef, Citizen Journalist?

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Gabe has been taking his video camera around Boston filming his own news stories and vignettes. On Monday, February 10th he interviewed people at the "Massachusetts State House Rally Against Amending the Constitution."

January 07, 2004

Curious ways to extend social circles and meet new humans

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For the past couple weeks I've been participating in an online exchange-of-sorts with someone I met online. Instead of the usual (boring) "Who are you, What are you all about" sort of initial blather, we are collaborating on a weblog-style exchange of music tidbits, art/images (he's an artist), words and some haiku tossed in, too. It's been a fun experiment chronically an exchange between two strangers. Maybe it will be something to make public in the future.

November 29, 2003

Independents Day Rebirth: Project 1210

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Independents Day Project 1210

Independents Day, a project I helped incubate in 2001, has launched the ID3 rebirth by way of its curators Carole Guevin and Jean-François Simard.

Wednesday, December 10 is International Day of Human Rights a day set aside to increase awareness about human rights abuses around the world and the 57th Anniversary of United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
Our objective is to gather and lend an independent voice to commemorate the International Day of Human Rights. You are invited to join us through your own voice on the web.

November 12, 2003

Rock & Roll Library has a new weblog

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I set up the Rock & Roll Library weblog a few days ago at TypePad. I'm searching for artist/musician/band websites so if you have any suggestions, let me know. Contributions are welcome, too!

August 09, 2003

Free Agent Boston

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Lorissa was a big help with the design of my Free Agent Boston project's website. I've been hosting a lunch for freelancers in the Boston area since December of 1999. I'm working on doing more with the project so it seemed like a good idea to set it up with its own website beyond where it called home for the first few years. I'm going through West Civ's CSS Level 2 self-paced course this weekend. I highly recommend it!

This morning a few people joined me for free wi-fi and brunch at Panera Bread in my neighborhood of Arlington Heights. It would be fun to make that a monthly gathering.

July 10, 2003

On the Road: Virtual Book Tour Stop #4 : Media Diet

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Kevin Smokler's Virtual Book Tour is in Boston today at Media Diet, the website of Heath Row. Mary Roach (author of the tour's featured book: Stiff) is contributing to Media Diet today: sharing links, tidbits and commentary about websites that relate to her book about the lives our bodies lead postmortem. As of 4pm she's shared two interesting posts including websites she collected while writing Stiff.

July 08, 2003

On the Road: Virtual Book Tour Stop #2 :

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Stiff: The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers

The Virtual Book Tour for Stiff: The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers stopped in Mountain View, California today at the website of Kristin Garrity. Tomorrow's destination is The Rogue Librarian in New York City.

I'd like to finish the book this week. I've been a little hesitant to really get into it since my mom's death wasn't long ago and I'm still dealing with all of that. I think I really understimated what that would be like to go through. I guess you can't really know until it happens.

I brought home my mom and grandmother's recipe boxes when I was back in Nebraska for the funeral in March. Sometime this summer I'd like to invite a few pals over for a Nebraska Dinner Party. My grandmother's recipe box is at least 50 years old. Spam casserole anyone? Yeah, I think I'll pass on that, too. I noticed a couple months ago that Runza will even ship you their frozen sandwiches.

July 07, 2003

Kevin Smokler's Virtual Book Tour

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Kevin Smokler's virtual book tour kicked off at Mike Carvalho's barking moose today. The inaugural tour features Mary Roach's novel Stiff: The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers. The tour wanders around the United States making stops at ten websites/weblogs. For related tidbits visit the tour's homepage and map.

The participants of tour numero uno include Mike Carvalho: Philadelphia, Jason Kottke: New York City, Carrie Bickner Zeldman: New York City, Heath Row: Boston, Geoffrey Long: Washington D. C., Kathrine Parrish: Toronto, James McNally: Toronto, Josh Benton: Dallas, Kristin Garrity: San Francisco, Erik Benson: Seattle, and founder Kevin Smokler: San Francisco.

June 15, 2003

Exploit Boston! and Sondre Lerche

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I have told you this before
and my transparent mind
won't cover see-through hearts
I'll be straight with you now
Now I'm not what you want
just like the rest
and you feel like you're subject to a test
But if there's one thing I know it's this
When I lose my sleep it's you I miss - "You Know So Well" - Sondre Lerche

I've been tinkering with Exploit Boston's temporary design this weekend. The temporariness has endured a bit longer term than I originally intended. But that's OK. Working on EB! seems to be very good luck for unemployed designers. Looking for work but have free time on your hands for the time being? Start conspiring with me on the EB! website and job offers will start falling out of the sky. I guess that's not all that bad but hopefully this time around we'll be able to make more progress.

My favorite young pop gem from Norway (oh, he has a name ... Sondre Lerche) is performing at TT The Bear's on Wednesday, June 18th. I haven't seen him live yet but everything on his debut Faces Down album is nothing less than spectacular. I posted a few tidbits on Exploit Boston! about the show and plan to get there around 9:30pm in time for Sondre's performance. It's the best $12 you'll spend in June.

May 10, 2003

Rock & Roll Library needs a web team!

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The Rock & Roll Library is looking for a team of people to take on the roles of (1) webmaster/project manager, (2) web editor/writers and (3) web developers. RRL is a very fun, worthwhile organization. They need help from talented people who can offer a few hours each week for a 3+ month committment. The web team works directly with Anne Fitzpatrick, the executive director. She's a great person to work with and has a lot of passion and dedication for the Rock & Roll Library. To learn more about the opportunities, visit RRL's profile page at VolunteerMatch. Another way you can help is to share this information with your friends and colleagues. The web positions prefer people in the Boston area but there are other positions that are virtual, too. I think the web team positions would be a great match with a web design/development agency who would like to give back to the web through a donation of its employees time.

In other Rock & Roll Library news, they've moved into temporary office space donated by Arlington Regent Theater and have a national public relations firm, Blanc & Otus!

April 18, 2003

Exploit Boston! Part 3939302111

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I probably have more to talk about than Exploit Boston! but it's been consuming a lot of my time so that's what I'll talk about here. I put the site back up today with a new layout. There is a lot of tinkering left to do. But thanks to some help from Matt with CSS, Brad with Perl and Movable Type and Mike with Mac testing it finally has some of the new functionality in place. Hindsight of course tells me I should have probably just used a regular, plain Movable Type weblog template and then EB! would have been active several months ago. One day I will learn the lesson of not trying to do so much at once -- especially when it's a labor of love sort of project. One day! But I'm happy that EB! is back up and ready for contributions. I guess I need to re-connect with everyone who expressed interest to contribute. I did come around on whether or not it should be primarily an event calendar. At first I didn't really want it to be a "weblog" -- mostly because I am so tired of hearing that word. weblogweblogweblogblahblahblah But the idea of having a zillion events up on the site at all times would be really tough to maintain solo. So, it's a weblog on the homepage that others can post to and then there's a 3-day calendar and spotlight events. The drop-downs for browsing by week, month and category were upsetting the XHTML validation so they'll have to wait until I figure out how to fix that (or until I ask someone for help!).

In some ways, Exploit Boston! feels like a sort of re-entry onto the Web. I've felt extremely disconnected from lots of the people I used to know and/or conspire with. Being able to bounce ideas off of new pals has been a lot of fun and reminds me of what my web life used to be like a long time ago.

Now if the sun would cooperate this weekend I might even crawl out of my cave!

April 09, 2003

City and neighborhood weblogs

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While working on Exploit Boston! I've received several emails from people interested in tips regarding how to use Movable Type as an event calendar. Brad and I have talked about writing some sort of document that describes how Exploit Boston! is set up. Since EB! is still a work in progress, that's probably a few weeks away. I've stumbled across a few websites that are already up and running that focus on a particular city or neighborhood and are also using a weblog publishing tool to produce city-based content. There are probably a lot more out there than I'm aware of so I'm interested in hearing from people who either run a site like Exploit Boston! for their city or neighborhood or know someone else who has such a site. Posting the info in the comments of this entry or in an email would be great! The websites I'm searching for ideally mix weblog style publishing of original content and event listings focused on a particular city or neighborhood. I will share the list both here and on Exploit Boston!.

Exploit Boston!

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Exploit Boston! was on slow percolation for a while waiting for the new design. That didn't all quite go down like we had expected so this week I decided to work on updating the site myself and not worry about having the entire look be perfect all at once. So, for the next few weeks the website ( is going to be undergoing various tweaks and enhancements on a very regular basis. I usually work on it in the mid to very, very late evening. So, if you check out the site after 8pm EST you'll probably want to refresh your browser a few times. Brad, Nicholas and Mike have been an enormous help contributing new functionality and HTML/CSS tips.

March 17, 2003

Help Send the Rock  amp; Roll Library to Memphis!

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Rock  amp; Roll Library

I've been doing events, marketing and volunteer recruiting related (volunteer) work for the Rock  amp; Roll Library since January. They're a non-profit based in Boston working to build the world's largest music information archive while promoting the use of popular music in education. It's a very ambitious organization and they've already accomplished quite a lot including a national song lesson contest with Melissa Etheridge.

Early 2003 has been focused on finishing the business plan and expanding the sponsorship program. And right now the Rock   Roll Library needs your help to raise funds to attend the Music Museum Association's annual meeting March 28-30, 2003. The 3-day event is the gathering place for music museums and archives across the United States to share best practices and development ideas. Members of the association include the Rock 'N Roll Hall of Fame, The Grateful Dead Museum and the Experience Music Project.

So, if you're wondering how you can help, visit the Rock  amp; Roll Library's website and learn more about the event! You can become a charter member, make a donation and shop the new giftshop. While you're there, take a sneak peak at the Music Archive Database, a very ambitious project that is shaping up to be the definative source for music information on the Internet.

January 04, 2003

Free Agent Boston has a new home!

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I'm working on reorganizing my web projects. I've moved the Free Agent Boston content over to its own home at If you're a free agent (freelancer, consultant, independent) in the Boston area, we're meeting for the monthly free agent lunch on Thursday, January 16th. See you there? The design for Free Agent is temporary until the first week or two in February. Next up ... moving photos over here.