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March 21, 2005

Razor Blades and WiFi: Seth Godin's WiFi Hotspot Rant

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Seth Godin wants to know why so many WiFi networks are closed. His rant was inspired by a recent (not very clueful) article in the New York Times. Seth wrote a followup entry to some criticism he received.

There were no razor blades in apples on Halloween when we were growing up. Did you know that? Really. They made it up. Someone should tell the Times and its readers that if you want to be anonymous on the Net, you can go to Kinko's or go to Bryant Park or the library. It's certainly not necessary to scare the nation into closing their wifi hot spots.

MicroRant #3849439: Not Everything Is Bloggable/Sharable

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One of the things that bugs me that seems to have come about with the pervasiveness of weblogs is the notion that everything is bloggable or shareable. A lot of conversations I have with people require a disclaimer that our conversations are or are not bloggable. I joked with Pete Caputa that it might just be easier if I made a shirt that says "I am not blogging this." Transparency and openness are both awesome things but sometimes, every word we speak is not intended to be transcribed, shared or documented.