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April 27, 2005

Meetup's New Fees, Travels and the Mobile Media Conference

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This is old news as of a couple weeks ago but I haven't had a chance to write about it until now. Meetup is now charging a monthly fee to organizers. I currently run one Meetup group: The Boston Wi-Fi Meetup and I plan to pay the $9/month (it goes up to $19/month in 2007). Some people seem to think it's a tragedy that Meetup is asking us to pay. I have no problem with the fee. They're even setting things up so that group members can chip in. What's the big deal? Meetup has done a great job of attracting a lot of people to their site and there's no way I could ever reach out to everyone in the Boston area interested in WiFi on my own or even with the help of our newish BostonWAG organization. I appreciate the services they provide. Maybe Meetup could have done a better job of getting money out of venues and advertisers; but $9/month is really not a big deal. If you can't find $9 worth of value in what they offer then I don't really see why you'd use their service in the first place. Nine dollars! I'm sure we could find individuals or companies who might like to sponsor the Boston Wi-Fi Meetup to offset the costs, too.

The people who are whining about this remind me about the people I've encountered who don't understand (all that quickly) the value of WhizSpark's services either.

In more recent news, Michael and I concluded our 10 day road trip this morning when he dropped me off at Dulles Airport at 6AM so I could catch a 7AM flight to Los Angeles for The Media Center's (@ American Press Institute) Mobile Media Conference. I discovered earlier that I forgot the USB cord thingie to download audio files for podcasts in Michael's car. So, unless I find a Radio Shack that sells the cord relatively cheaply, audio tidbits will have to wait until Sunday. Hopefully I don't sound like a broken record but mega thanks to Susan Mernit for inviting me to speak on a panel with her at the conference about community wireless. I'm excited (albiet very sleepy) to be here! Also, it's worth noting that Susan does the best job of introducing people in the hallways between sessions, etc. I really admire her down-to-earth and approachable style.


April 21, 2005

Trip Website

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After three days and twenty-four hours of driving, Michael and I finally got to Miami Tuesday night. We haven't had as much internet access as we had hoped but you can check out our updates over on the trip website.

April 11, 2005

Roadtrip Podcasting

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Michael and I will be dabbling with podcasting during our upcoming roadtrip to Florida. We're using Word Press 1.5 for the trip website. Apparently Word Press will automatically create the proper enclosure tidbits for the RSS feed. Nifty! Unfortunately, my news reader (NewsFire) isn't showing any of the site's entries. I'm not sure what's up. If you want to hear the first (pre) trip podcast, check it out!

April 06, 2005

Upcoming Travels: A Roadtrip to Florida and a Conference in Los Angeles

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Michael and I are going on a roadtrip around the southeastern part of the U.S. April 16-27th. We're meeting up with his parents and sister who are flying down to Florida for a couple baseball games (Mets at Marlins and Red Sox at Devil Rays). And of course, we've got a roadtrip website that will document our travels with photos, words and audio. Add the RSS feed to your news reader if you'd like frequent updates. If you'd like a postcard, send me your mailing address. The travel schedule needs to be updated since I'll be flying to LA on the 27th to speak at a conference that the American Press Institute's Media Center is hosting called "Mobile Media." Many thanks to Susan Mernit for inviting me to participate on her panel about "Wireless, Spectrum and the FCC Issues and Challenges." I'll be contributing comments about community and municipal WiFi.

Other than conferences, I haven't been on a real vacation outside of New England since Michael and I went to Chicago during the Fall of 2000. I'm really looking forward to our roadtrip!

January 25, 2005

My First Word Press Blog

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I finally set up a Word Press blog. It's a site that Michael and I are using for a 15-day road trip we're taking in mid-to-late April. I'm thinking about moving some of my other sites to Word Press, too. Though right now, I'm a little overwhelmed since I'm not all that savvy with PHP. Some things that seem so basic, like listing the category name at the top of each category page, are a huge challenge. At least for now. I can't seem to figure out where the template is to add this little tidbit.

December 10, 2004

Live review of the LimoLiner from Boston to New York City

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I'm on my way (as I type this) to New York City for this month's in-person conspiring with Josh Darden. He's a long-time friend and newish client. I usually take the cheap Fung Wah Bus to and from NYC but this time I decided to try out the LimoLiner for the trip to NYC and then take the Fung Wah bus ($15) back home. The biggest perk with LimoLiner is that they have internet access (ethernet and WiFi) included with the $69 (each way) ticket price. It's $10 less than Amtrak, too. I was going to take a photo of the setup at my seat and upload it but I put the USB cable for Michael's camera in the bag that's under the bus. Oops!

They just served lunch which was actually edible: ham and cheese sandwich (other choices were turkey and veggie), pasta salad and a chocolate chip coookie. The sticker on the outside of the bag said Boston Cafe and Catering. The beverage choices were the typical juice, sodas, iced tea and coffee served in a plastic medium-sized cup.

We stopped at the Hilton in Framingham where they picked up additional passengers. A small television in front of me is playing Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. I can't remember what the second movie is going to be.

There's a small meeting room in the back where a handful of people are seated at a table and the comfy chairs we've got in the rest of the bus.

It's pretty damn amazing to be able to do work while online enroute to New York. I'm surprised that no one around me has a computer in front of them. The age range of most people on the bus seems to be 40-60. There might be one or two people closer to my age (31). I'll upload a few photos tonight.

October 16, 2004

Photos from October Trip to Nebraska

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Nebraska Sky taken while zooming along in a car on Highway 275

During my trip to Nebraska last week I took oodles of photographs when I was back for my grandmother's funeral. The above photo was taken while my sister Amy and I were zooming along Highway 275 from Fremont on our way to the airport in Omaha for my flight home to Boston. I finally had a chance to meet my new (first!) baby niece who was born in late May. I also scanned a few old photos that Amy found while cleaning out our mom's house to get it ready to sell. I especially like this photo of my grandparents, mom and uncle taken for a holiday card sometime in the early or mid 1960s. There's also a photo of my family taken at Easter 1978. Hopefully someone saved the photo of my sister and I at Easter the year before where we both had pigtails and bright red hair.

June 18, 2004

North America Rail Pass

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Sometime this Fall once lingering debt has been taken care of, I'd like to take off for a few weeks and travel around the country via Amtrak. They've got a 30-day North America Rail Pass that is $495 for 30 days of unlimited travel throughout the United States and parts of Canada. The price goes up to $699 during peak months.

April 09, 2004

Someone else's travels

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Michael is on a 7+ day road trip around the east coast and has been documenting it on his website at His latest installment last night talks about Pittsburgh and baseball.

November 03, 2003

Photographic Evidence of Good Times in New York City

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Josh took these photos of Gregor, Susan and I during our recent adventure in New York City a couple weeks ago. If he'd put his website back up he could post them himself! There was a photo shoot going on at Florent at the window behind us which provided an amusing background for photo #2. Click on each image to see a slightly larger photograph.


August 08, 2003

South Coast Day Trip Adventures Around Massachusetts and Rhode Island

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I planned to post photos from the day trip around Massachusetts and Rhode Island that Michael and I took last weekend. Unfortunately the photos didn't turn out so well. But all is not lost because Michael wrote an excellent summary of our adventures on his little website that turns five years old in a few days.

March 08, 2003

The Summer Road Trip Has a Website

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The summer road trip that Michael and I are taking at the end of July has a website. We're using it to document our preperations and then it will be updated often throughout the trip. We don't have a cute or clever name for the trip since I figured "S   M Across 1/2 America" might not be the best idea.