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January 22, 2005

Peter Wood's Tag Glue Plugin for Movable Type and Technorati Tags

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I mentioned to Peter Wood that I was trying to figure out how to get plus signs to show up when I combined the Movable Type category tag to automatically create a query and link to the Technorati tag for each category on the footer of my entries here and at Exploit Boston!. He made a nifty plugin called Tag Glue that does just that. Thanks, Peter! He said that it has only been tested with MT 3.14 so it may or may not work for older versions.

Here's what the code looks like

< a rel="tag" href="<$MTCategoryLabel tag_glue="+"$>" title="check out the latest photos, weblog entries and links related to <$MTCategoryLabel$>">(t)< /a >

Unfortunately I haven't seen many of my entries here or at Exploit Boston! showing up on the Technorati tags pages. I'm not sure what's up with that. It doesn't have anything to do with Peter's plugin since it wasn't working before either.

December 16, 2003

Useful and Cool : Jewelboxing Super Jewel Box Packaging System

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Jewelboxing is the brainchild of Coudal Partners, a Chicago design firm. For $49 you get a jewel box kit to package twenty CDs/DVDs including the plastic cases, paper inserts and labels. And of course they have a weblog called "Start Me Up" chronically Jewelboxing's startup biz adventures. They're also beta testing PayPal's new system which lets customers make a credit card purchase without creating/using a PayPal account.

Why Jewelboxing?
We are professional designers who were unsatisfied with cheap-looking jewel cases and we looked everywhere for materials that will put the best face on our presentations. We selected Super Jewel Boxes™ based on quality and design. There are a million places to buy jewel cases but this is the only place you can buy the Jewelboxing System, which pairs the best materials with easy-to-use, professional, software-specific templates. Nothing else compares to it. The Jewelboxing System is simple and affordable for designers and other creative people.

How about a CD Swap?

Useful web tool : 4096 Color Wheel

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Oooh! The 4096 Color Wheel is a very useful web tool that includes three columns for the web-safe, web-smart and "unsafe" versions of one of the 4,096 colors you select. [Via What's New at Digital Web Magazine.]