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May 12, 2005

Boston Wi-Fi Summit at the Museum of Science on May 19th

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On May 19th the City of Boston is hosting the Boston Wi-Fi Summit, beginning with remarks from Mayor Menino and culminating in two panel discussions on the ways that the city, businesses, local institutions, and community groups can help to bring high-speed Internet to people throughout the city.

They've sent out an open invitation to anyone interested in this discussion to RSVP and come to the Summit, which is next Thursday at 8:45AM at the Museum of Science. It's open to the public and you do not have to be a Boston resident to attend. There is no fee.

More information and RSVP here:

(BostonWAG is an organization for Wireless Advocacy in Boston that I've co-founded.)

April 15, 2005

Citywide WiFi Forum on Tuesday at the Boston Public Library's Copley Branch

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The city of Boston is hosting a WiFi Summmit in May that a group I'm involved in, BostonWAG (wireless advocacy group), is helping organize along with City Councillor John Tobin's office and the WiFi Task Force he's assembled. In advance of the summit, there's a community forum coming up on Tuesday, April 19th at The Boston Public Library's Copley Branch at 7pm in the Johnson Building.

The purpose of the forum is to get community input on the possibility of wireless initiatives in the City of Boston. This includes opinions on how such a network would benefit the residents and what are the populations that would gain the most from a low-cost or free wireless network in parts of the city.

There's a press release about the event if you're curious. BostonWAG is also preparing a "WiFi 101" info sheet that will be online soon and available at the forum.

March 21, 2005

Razor Blades and WiFi: Seth Godin's WiFi Hotspot Rant

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Seth Godin wants to know why so many WiFi networks are closed. His rant was inspired by a recent (not very clueful) article in the New York Times. Seth wrote a followup entry to some criticism he received.

There were no razor blades in apples on Halloween when we were growing up. Did you know that? Really. They made it up. Someone should tell the Times and its readers that if you want to be anonymous on the Net, you can go to Kinko's or go to Bryant Park or the library. It's certainly not necessary to scare the nation into closing their wifi hot spots.

March 04, 2005

WiFi Task Force at City Hall

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A few months ago Patrick McCormick (former CIO of Somerville), Michael Oh and I helped start up BostonWAG, a wireless advocacy group for Boston.

The group's mission:

  • Advocate for public access to the Internet via open wireless networks. BostonWAG believes that open wireless networks can strengthen communities, foster economic development, minimize the digital divide, and improve the quality of life in today’s information age.
  • To educate the public, policy makers, and the media about the value of Internet access via open wireless. BostonWAG provides practical, detailed information on the best practices of open wireless networks in order to inform community conversations, media coverage, planning, and project development.
  • To inspire people to embrace open wireless networks to benefit individuals and communities. BostonWAG leverages creative communication, lively discourse, and fun events to spark interest in wireless computing with the premise that only widespread adoption and useful applications will maximize the value of open wireless networks and make them ubiquitous.
Patrick McCormick, Boston City Councillor John Tobin Jr., Michael Oh

We've been using the WiFi Meetups to get the group organized and bring a bit of life to the WiFi Meetup that wasn't really used much before August 2004. We attended a "Wifi Taskforce" at Boston City Hall this afternoon hosted by Councillor John Tobin Jr. His plan if all continues to go well is to host a series of of taskforce meetings, conduct a study about community WiFi in Boston (funded by the Boston Foundation) and then host a WiFi Summit in Boston with Mayor Menino's office. I'm optimistic. It's nice to see an open dialogue and planning instead of jumping on the "WiFi City" hype bandwagon.

Steve Garfield is doing some great work with Tobin on the councillor's website.

Photo: Patrick McCormick, City Councillor John Tobin Jr., Michael Oh

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February 09, 2005

WiFi is Coming to The Middle East Restaurant in Central Square!

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A very reliable source mentioned to me today that The Middle East Restaurant and Nightclub is getting WiFi. This is great news for Central Square where there is also complimentary/free WiFi at Harvest Co-Op and Toscanini's. Hopefully there will be more info soon.