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March 01, 2005

In Search Of: Portable Recording/Podcasting Studio for my iBook

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One of these days I'd like to set up a mini recording/podcast studio so that I can record live shows of Exploit Boston! Radio, my streaming internet radio station (to offer up via podcast), conduct interviews with Boston bands, etc. I did college radio ten years ago and I've been broadcasting an internet radio station off and on since 1999; but I'm entirely clueless about what sort of equipment I need to set up a mini studio to use with my iBook. Something that's reasonably portable would be ideal. If you have tips as far as mixing boards, microphones, software, etc. -- I'd enjoy hearing from you.

I set up a tag at called macpodcast to collect helpful tidbits.

February 24, 2005

Google Calendar? Yes, Please!

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People are talking about the possibility of Google working on a calendar tool. That would (no doubt) be very cool. Is it an application or a search tool? If it's the latter, would it make my Exploit Boston! project (when it's updated more regularly) turn up in even more search results?

Several years ago (1999ish) I worked as the copywriter on a project with Boston's Razorfish office to redesign's website. AnyDay had a really cool and useful web calendar tool that made it easy to publish personal and group calendars plus restrict who could see individual tidbits of information. They were aquired by Palm in 2001 who later abandoned the service. The closest thing I've found useful since then is PHPiCalendar that interfaces with Apple's iCal application to publish ical files to the web. I found it last Fall but it doesn't seem to be under active development anymore.

The redesign was one of the weirdest freelance jobs I've ever had. They cancelled the project somewhere in the middle but I got paid anyway.


January 11, 2005

Today's Productivity Distraction: New Apple Products

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The new Mac Mini is much sexier than the old cube. And I'm pleased to see that Apple has released a smaller capacity music player called the iPod Shuffle. I bought an external hard drive a year ago when my old Dell notebook was about to die and as a place to store all my MP3s and high-res photos so I don't really have a need for another device with lots of storage space. Jeff Jarvis writes: "The entire point of the iPod is that it gives you control. Hell, the entire point of media that succeeds these days is that it gives you control." Losing control? Not really. I decide what music I put on there. It seems like it's particularly well suited for a themed playlist. Gizmodo has a reader-submitted review of the iPod Shuffle.