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January 27, 2005

Current Work Related Projects: Progress!

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I'm working on taking my 2005 aspirations seriously so towards the end of each month I'm going to post a summary of where I'm at and related thoughts. I'm not really expecting anyone else to find this particular fascinating. ;) (My RSS reader isn't showing up the "continue reading" link for some reason so if you're looking at this from your reader, too, you'll have to visit my site to see the rest of the entry.)

This month I moved into an office/studio in Somerville that I share with two other women: Wendy Constantine (art director and designer) and Jessica Finch (fine art and design). We sublease our space from Wooden Kiwi Productions. They are an entertainment production company. They build things like theater sets and dance floors. I found the space on Craig's List. I don't know what I'd do without that website.

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January 05, 2005

Photos of my new shared studio space

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My new desk and workspace

I posted a few photos on flickr of my new shared studio space. One thing I was looking forward to this Winter was not having to commute to an office job when the weather's bad. The added bonus of my new studio space (beyond the fact that I'm doing only freelance work - no temping!) is that it's a five minute bus ride away. Thank you, #80 bus!

January 02, 2005

Office Space!

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One of my 2005 aspirations included finding shared office space so I could work somewhere other than my apartment or local cafes at least a few days a week. I'll be sharing a studio on Medford Street in Somerville with Wendy Constantine and Jessica Finch. So far my New Year aspirations are going well! As long as we don't count not getting something posted to yesterday.