Aloud’s ‘Falling Out of Love’ VR Music Video Experience

Aloud made their way from Boston to the West Coast in May to promote their virtual reality music video project. And one of those stops included The Unicorn Estate in San Leandro. Check out my photos from the festivities and learn more about Aloud’s ‘Falling Out of Love’ VR Eperience campaign on Indiegogo.

Here’s what Aloud has to say about the VR music video project

Music means a lot to us. As more and more people discover the power of Virtual Reality (VR), we want everyone — from fellow musicians and enthusiasts to tech pioneers who enjoy a good tune — to see that the things they love are well-represented in this brand new medium.

This is a message to the dreamers, the innovators, the lovers of all things indie, and those of you who are always humming a catchy rock and roll tune: join us on our journey! We’re going to learn a lot as we go. Nobody said being a pioneer was easy, but with your help and — and the help of others like you who believe in the future of Virtual Reality and want it to be a haven for music lovers — we’ll make something amazing.

Further evidence of just how goddamn delightful this band is…


Event Photography for 2.Oakland Spring Mixer

2.Oakland hosted a spring mixer at The Port Workspaces on April 21st bringing together individuals who are excited to create a thriving tech and innovation community for Oakland and the East Bay. Their events and programs support existing tech companies as well as organizations who would like to relocate to the area.

I contributed my event photography services for the event. Click on a photo to see a larger image. The album is also available to view on Flickr.


Coworking in the Bay Area at The Port Workspaces in Oakland

After leaving Boston in 2014, I spent my first year in California working at two office jobs in San Francisco. And then last Fall, I returned to the world of freelance and consulting work. I set out to find an awesome coworking space near where I live in the East Bay – hoping to uncover something like Workbar Cambridge. I loved that place.

While exploring coworking in the East Bay, I spent a couples weeks at NextSpace Berkeley and three months at WeWork Berkeley. Then I found my current coworking home: The Port Workspaces. I became a member on January 1st of this year. The Port has four locations around Oakland – each with its own character, personality and vibe. Most of the time I’m at the 101 Broadway location in Jack London Square. It’s the closest thing to what I became accustomed to in Boston. And unlike WeWork Berkeley, if you’re doing open coworking (not a dedicated desk or office) there are desk surfaces to work at – not just a lounge. Added bonus: there’s a country bar downstairs with good whiskey. And Jack London Square is a great area to go for a walk along the water.  If I decide to stay in the Bay Area beyond year two (July 2016) The Port Workspaces is a big reason to inspire me to stick around and not return to New England.

The photo in the header is Zoe, one of the community managers at The Port Workspaces, standing in front of the giant mural at their new Kaiser Mall location. It might be the only coworking space with escalators. To get a peak of what they’re working on here’s a preview of photos I took a couple weeks ago.

And thanks to The Port Workspaces, I’ve also started to dig back into event photography – something I did a lot in Boston. Here are some of the event photos I took at the Port member lunch hosted by Real Food Oakland and an evening networking event hosted by The Golden Gate Business Association (GGBA). Booth events took place at The Port’s 101 Broadway location.


Photos of the Roman Chariot Mural in Temescal Oakland

I stopped by the large mural of awesome street art at 43rd and Telegraph in Oakland to take some photos. Thanks to the Internet, I found out that the mural is called “Roman Chariot” and it was created by Temescal artists in 2011. The Temescal News & Views newsletter had this to say about the project:

The mural is enormous, extending 156 lineal feet down 43rd St. and 75 lineal feet down Telegraph, and covering more than 4,000 square feet of surface.

Marcela and Ronn Simpson, owners of the building since 1978, were inspired to have a mural gracing the building’s walls by their son Michael Linton Simpson and his close friend Derek Weisberg. Both graduates of CCA, the California College of the Arts, Michael and Derek started the now-closed Boontling Gallery and were instrumental in founding the monthly Art Murmur events with other Oakland galleries and artists.

Derek curated the mural, and local artists F. Purth, Kara Joslyn, Jeremy Ehling, Jake Watling, Billy Sprague, Rich Jacobs, Nick Mann, Daniel Jesse Lewis and Michael Linton Simpson partici- pated. Work began on July 9th, and each artist was free to do his or her own work. Financial support for the mural came from the Temescal Telegraph BID, Kelly-Moore Paints and Mark’s Paint Spot. The name of the mural is “Roman Chariot.”

Scroll through my photo album of the Roman Chariot mural below or view each photo on Flickr.

Roman Chariot: Mural at 43rd & Telegraph, Oakland