10 People Who Could Disappear Off the Face of Boston

Michael is at it again with .

9. Whoever made the 66 Bus schedule. It should be nominated for a National Book Award in the Fiction category. Though I guess it’s honest, after a fashion; they promise four buses an hour, and that’s what you get. Unfortunately, they come by at :03, :04, :04 and :07 past the hour. When I lived in Arlington, I assumed the 77 bus was the worst in the system. When I lived in Central Square, I thought it was the 1. Now it’s the 66. Either the T hates me, or they’re remarkably consistent.

First day of NEMO concert photos … almost

Last night I went to five clubs around Boston and Cambridge to see and take photos of bands performing at NEMO Music Festival showcases. I saw at the Paradise Lounge for a very early 6:30 show and then went to Cambridge to see bands in Central Square at the Middle East Upstairs, Middle East Downstairs and TT The Bear’s. Then I headed back home to see bands at Harper’s Ferry in Allston. I really (really!) wanted to get photos online before I went to sleep; but I ran out of steam. I’ll have lots of photos added to Exploit Boston’s event photo pool at Flickr when I get home later today.

If you’re looking for something to do tonight and Saturday, I highly recommend getting a for twenty five bucks and wandering around the 30+ venues to see an assortment of mostly rock and pop bands. The best show of the bunch will be and (from Seattle) at Harper’s Ferry on Saturday night.

2006 NEMO Music Festival in Boston this week

I’ll be running around town the next three nights taking photos (and maybe some podcasting tidbits) at a bunch of the NEMO Music Festival concert showcases. Keep an eye on Exploit Boston’s website. If you’ll be at NEMO taking photos, join us at the event photo group at Flickr. Bostonist will be writing reviews/words about the shows they see to compliment my photos.

What’s NEMO?

The NEMO Music Festival is dedicated to giving back to the music community of New England. Our goal is to provide education and opportunities to independent musicians, helping them to advance their careers and fulfill their dreams. We are involved in a number of charitable events that take place throughout the year to support this mission:

Boston Music Awards- Proceeds from this event go to the NEMO Scholarship Fund, providing scholarships to children who want to advance their music education but might not be able to afford to do so. Some of the proceeds from this year’s event also go to support the New England Music Hall of Fame, a non-profit organization that archives the great history of music in New England.

There are a ton of bands to see around town during NEMO. If you buy a writsband for $25, you can get into all the shows for no per-event cost. Otherwise, you’ll pay $5-10 per show. I’m going to try to make it to most of the venues. I’ll add another entry here and on Exploit Boston later tonight noting a few of the shows in particular that I recommend.

Photos from the HeyLetsGo Party in Boston on Lansdowne Street

Wally at the HeyLetsGo PartyPart of the HeyLetsGo TeamRoy from HeyLetsGo and Anne from Boston Young Professionals AssociationHeyLetsGo party on Landsdowne Street

HeyLetsGo hosted a huge, free party last night at four connected clubs on Lansdowne Street. The party was originally supposed to happen at Fenway Park; but there were worries about rain so the shindig moved across the street. They kept the ballpark theme with a speed pitching contest, batting contest, popcorn, pretzels and hotdogs. Boston bands Jabe and The Rudds played on two stages throughout the evening.

I’m not sure precisely how many people were there but it seemed like at least a couple thousand. I wandered around taking photos and then at about 8:30pm Frank, Rob, Carol and I went on stage with Rebecca from HeyLetsGo who introduced us as a few of their active group organizers/moderators and then she gave away a bunch of prizes including Red Sox tickets.

If you’d like to add me as a contact at HLG, here’s my profile. The “Boston Rocks!” group I started up is percolating with new members. You should join us, too. The rest of the photos I took are on the HeyLetsGo party photo set at Flickr.

Dancing at the HeyLetsGo partyAmy and JonHeyLetsGo party on Landsdowne StreetHeyLetsGo party on Landsdowne Street

The Blizzard of 78

Nate & Pip | The Blizzard of 78

WFNX has been running a great Friday night music series at Bill’s Bar on Lansdowne Street. It’s hosted by Dave Duncan, DJ for WFNX’s weekly show that features an hour of Boston bands. They note themselves as the place to hear Boston band’s first. Of course, that isn’t quite true anymore. The night features three Boston area bands for $5 with doors at 9pm and the first band going on around 10pm. I was there this past Friday to see a new (to me) favorite: The Blizzard of 78 and to finally see awesome power popsters Anushka Pop who I’ve been playing on Exploit Boston Radio for a long time.

Boston is full of great bands. There are so many that it’s impossible to know about all of them. Which I guess is what happened with me and The Blizzard of 78. Prior to 2003 they were known as Delta Clutch. That name at least sounded familiar but I had never seen them live or had any of their music playing on Exploit Boston Radio. Four of the original DC ensemble (minus Phil Aiken) make up The Blizzard of 78: guitarist/bassist Nate Leavitt, bassist/guitarist Christopher Cugini, drummer Paul Myers and singer Pip plus new(er) guy Brian Syrjala on keyboards.

The Blizzard of 78 were so ridiculously good Friday night. They describe themselves as “supercharged soul” and that sums up their live sound perfectly. The band’s debut CD “Where All Life Hangs” came out a couple months ago and it’s worth a purchase either as a regular CD or as a download through iTunes.

I had my camera settings a little messed up at the show; but Matt saved the day and helped me tinker with them in PhotoShop. He also gave me excellent tips for the next time I take photos at a concert. I’m looking forward to doing just that on Tuesday night for the Catherine Rosenzweig benefit concert at Great Scott featuring The Campaign For Real Time, Robby Roadsteamer, Bon Savants, (acoustic) HUMANWINE and commedianne ..

PodCamp Boston

I’m looking forward to that is coming up on September 9-10, 2006. and cohorts have put together what looks to be an excellent event at Bunker Hill Community College in Charlestown. I really haven’t done much podcasting yet and I’d especially like to learn more about video blogging. There’s already a big list of session topics. If you’re going to be in the area that weekend, check out the and then register — it’s free! They need donations, too.