I use to log into all my various IM accounts. It’s a handy web-based IM client. They recently unveiled that lets you place a Flash widget on your website to have private instant message conversations with your website visitors. If you’d like to say hello while I’m logged into Meebo, enter your tidbits in the SoozIM widget on the right sidebar area. (If you’re reading this in your RSS reader you will have to actually visit my website. Crazy!)

Send me a voice message

This seems like a fun thing that Odeo has set up. You can send me a voice message by clicking on the button below. It’s also at the top of the sidebar over there on the right. I think that everyone who gets super cranky towards people they barely know online should be required to record those rants via an audio message. ;)

Send Me A Message

Whenever I see Odeo’s name, I want to sing that (slightly modified for the purpose of this joke) tidbit from The Wizard of Oz … oooooooooodeeeeeoooooo ooooooooooooodeo!

Boston Rocks at Squidoo

I finally had a chance to spend some time at this week. One of the lenses I set up is called “” featuring Boston area bands, weblogs, podcasts, etcetera. Photos that are tagged Boston Rocks at flickr will appear on the lens, too.

About Squidoo:

Squidoo is a run on behalf of its members, the Lensmasters.

We have built an online platform that makes it easy for anyone to build lenses on topics they are passionate about. These lenses help you find a unique, human perspective on things that interest you… fast. Not only can Lensmasters spread their ideas, get recognized for their expertise, and send more traffic to their Web sites and blogs—they could also earn royalties.

Right now, in the earliest days of our public beta, our payment systems are turned OFF. Soon lensmaster royalties will go to the lensmaster directly, or to organizations or charities chosen by the lensmaster, or to our charity pool.


I am curious about the history of networking. OK, perhaps that sounds ridiculous. It seems like the more people started to get online, the more that word networking was used. I was twenty years old when I got online in 1993 so I don’t have a lot of historical perspective. Maybe I’m wrong? Or maybe it’s where I grew up. Living in a rural area in Nebraska, no one used the word “networking.” People helped each other out — it was just what you did. I’ve given up on most of the online networking websites because the interactions seemed so artificial. For a while I organized Ryze’s networking events in Boston but again, it always seemed like a lot of the interactions I observed were formulaic and contrived.

It seems straightforwad to me: be a decent human and help people out because it’s the right thing to do not because you can get a favor in return some day. Obviously you can’t spend your entire day helping other people so there needs to be balance. Before networking websites were around, I hosted a lot of gatherings and helped make connections: jobs, dates, friendships, etc. I would hear from a lot of people about how amazed they were that I could help people out so effortlessly and could remember someone at the right time/opportunity. Maybe I’m being so judgemental of the word “networking” because I don’t see how it’s a big deal. Is it really not that easy to think beyond yourself?

UPDATE: I’m not confused. This was more of a rant if anything. :)