Elvis and Baden Württemberg

Elvis and Baden Württemberg

This morning I received an email from someone at the Berlin office of Scholz   Friends, an advertising agency. She found a photo I took of an Elvis impersonator at The South by Southwest Interactive Festival March 2001 and wanted to use the photograph for a campaign they are working on for Baden Württemberg, a state in Germany. In particular, her email said it would be used for “220 Citylight Posters in Berlin for 7 days.” Unfortunately I didn’t keep the original, high resolution digital photograph so they won’t be able to use my photo. I’m highly amused that Elvis is a component to their campaign for a state in Germany. It’s really not a high quality photo so I’m surprised they even wanted to use it. Baden Württemberg has a great website. Here are a few tidbits that I discovered:

  • Baden-Württemberg has more institutes of higher education than any other German State.
  • Baden-Württemberg is the third largest of the 16 German Federal States.
  • There are more women than men: 5.2 million male inhabitants are outnumbered by 5.4 million women.

But no sign of Elvis anywhere on theiir website.

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