Oh, hello

In July 2014 I relocated to Oakland, CA after spending twenty years in Boston. I grew up in Nebraska. Here’s eleven random things about me:

My favorite hashtag is #GoddamnDelightful.
Rock and roll is my religion.
I’m older than I look (or so I’ve been told).
I work with clients and collaborators who use their powers for good.
I don’t like straws.
I can summarize most moments with an animated GIF and a song.
I haven’t driven a car since 1995.
I created a whiskey cocktail and named it after myself: The Soozle.
I enjoy taking photos of things around me and concert photography.
When that “three fictional characters” meme made its way around Facebook, I chose: William from my favorite movie Almost Famous, Professor McGonagall from Harry Potter and Mrs. Landingham from The West Wing.

Read my blog and say hello.