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April 19, 2003

Springtime in Harvard Square

play the chessmaster

Harvard Square has changed a lot since I moved to the Boston area in 1994. Unfortunately, a lot of these changes have not been for the good. Abercrombie & Fitch moved into the former home of The Tasty and (already closed) Wursthaus German restaurant. The music played on street corners and in the pit area has changed, too. Flathead and Potato moved away. These days you'll hear two or more untalented bands performing too close to each other.

But one thing that hasn't left is the perennial outdoor chess players. The chessmaster (not included in the above photo) sets up at the outermost table in front of Au Bon Pain, providing $18 classes and $2 matches. The kid in the photo was offered a class by the chessmaster but the offer was declined: he handed the chessmaster $2 and was ready to play. A crowd of people gathered to watch and the game went on for quite a while.

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