New photos at Ronnarong

I took another bunch of photos at Ronnarong on Monday night including some of their popular dishes: Paradise Beef, Spring Rolls, Papaya Salad and a new entree on the menu: Lad Nah (with asian broccoli). See all the photos I’ve taken for Ronnarong in their gallery at Sooz Photography.

Paradise Beef

Paradise Beef, Ronnarong

Thai Spring Rolls with Tofu

thai spring rolls with tofu, ronnarong

Photo of green curry with tofu at Ronnarong

For years I didn’t think I liked Thai food — it generally underwhelmed me and I never sought it out. But then there’s Ronnarong in Somerville’s Union Square — an explosion of tasty awesomeness. I went there for the first time when I moved to Union Square last Fall.

Now that I’m vegan, it’s especially a good spot to go to — most of the dishes can be prepared with tofu.

Here’s a photo of my favorite dish at Ronnarong: green curry with tofu.

green curry with tofu at Ronnarong

I’m doing photography and video work for Ronnarong. See the rest of the photos I’ve taken there (so far) in the photo gallery at Sooz Photography. Follow Ronnarong on Twitter.

Update: Someone commented on Facebook that the dishes at Ronnarong might not be vegan — a lot of Thai food uses fish sauce. I should probably ask. But overall, I’m not worried about being 100% vegan.