Concert Photos: Hey Mama and Girls Guns & Glory at the Middle East Downstairs

Before officially moving on to new projects, Hey Mama reunited for two “Bring It Back Home” shows in Burlington, VT and Boston.

After calling it quits several months ago to move on to new music projects, Hey Mama┬áreunited for a couple “Bring It Back Home” shows in Burlington, VT and Boston in early October 2011. See the concert photos I shot of Hey Mama and their old-school country rock and roll friends Girls Guns & Glory on Exploit Boston!

Photos! The Lights Out at The Middle East Upstairs

Rishava Green / The Lights Out

The awesomeness that is Boston rock band The Lights Out returned to the Middle East Upstairs last night (9/5/08) for a great show. Check out their website and download the latest EP for free. If you’d like the real thing with album artwork it’s only five bucks. The band also needs your vote to win Harpoon Brewery’s “Best Unfiltered Band” competition. The winner gets a year of good beer and a cool gig.

Here’s the Flickr slideshow of photos I took of The Lights Out last night.