Lunch for Boston freelancers returns on November 19th

[tweetmeme] My Free Agent Jungle project took a little break over the summer plus an extra month or two. The monthly Boston networking lunch for freelancers is back with the next event on Thursday, November 19th at Tavern In The Square (Porter Square, Cambridge.) If you work on your own as a freelancer, free agent or consultant in the Boston area, you’re invited to join us. It’s not just for people working in web, tech or social media worlds. People from diverse backgrounds attend the lunch: writers, publicists, architects, technologists, attorneys, graphic designers, marketers, engineers, etc.

Learn more about the lunch on the Free Agent Jungle website. Let me know if you have any questions.

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Free Agent Jungle In Today’s Boston Globe: Alone Together

The print version of Rob Weisman’s story about Free Agent Jungle is missing the first bunch of paragraphs. When I saw the story online last night it seemed a little disconnected but now makes a lot more sense after they’ve added those missing paragraphs back. The article includes Nicholas Peterson who is collaborating with me to bring Free Agent Jungle to life plus Free Agent Jungle participants Daniel Batterman, Kathleen Sheridan and Al Willis.

Read the story at

New Project: Free Agent Jungle – Boston events for people working solo

Throughout 1999-2004 I hosted a popular monthly networking lunch called Free Agent Boston. It was an interesting group of free agents, freelancers and consultants from all sorts of backgrounds. One of the things I liked the most about it was that it wasn’t just a tech / web / internet industry event.

I’ve been thinking about ideas to bring the project back to life but I wanted it to have the potential for something more than just a Boston event series. Thanks to inspiration from Jeff Pulver, I came up with the name Free Agent Jungle. Jeff organizes and hosts an event called Social Media Jungle and was nice enough to let me “borrow” part of his event’s name for my new project.

Free Agent Jungle’s first event is a lunch on Thursday, February 19th at Tavern in the Square (Porter Square, Cambridge). To register and learn more, visit the website. I’m also interested in hearing from people in other cities who would like to host Free Agent Jungle events in their part of the world. Send me an email if you’d like to discuss the possibilities.

The tagline for Free Agent Jungle is “solo but not alone” — inspired by a Toad the Wet Sprocket song from 1993, “I Will Not Take These Things For Granted.” (Yes, I’m a music geek. There’s always a song for everything!) Listen to the song at

To crawl inside the wire and feel something near me
To feel this accepting
That it is lonely here, but not alone