SoozMix: An iTunes Genius mix based on “Born” by Over The Rhine

SoozMix: iTunes Genius mix based on Born by Over The Rhine

[tweetmeme] iTunes’ Genius is an awesome way to rediscover music you already have but may not have listened to in a while. Yesterday I told it to make a mix based on “Born” by Over The Rhine. The result was a perfect mix for a moody, chilly Sunday afternoon. It includes songs by Over The Rhine, Patty Griffin, Great Northern, Gillian Welch, Calexico & Iron Wine, Nickel Creek, Dar Williams, Ray LaMontagne and Sarah Harmer.

View the mix on iTunes.

MP3s from last summer’s Nickel Creek and Glen Phillips outdoor concert in Lowell

Last summer I recorded the Nickel Creek and Glen Philips concert at the Lowell Summer Music Series. It’s a fun outdoor spot to see music. Better late than never — here are a bunch of the MP3s. They turned out pretty good considering I was sitting towards the back.

This is one of the last concerts that Nickel Creek performed. They’re focusing on other projects including Chris Thile’s band Punch Brothers and Sara and Sean Watkins’ Watkin Family Hour.

Glen Phillips will be in Boston on Thursday October 16th with Jonatha Brooke. They’ll be performing at The Wilbur Theater that started hosting music concerts not too long ago. That is definitely not a show to miss!

Glen Phillips, July 2007, Lowell Summer Music Series

Nickel Creek, July 2007, Lowell Summer Music Series