Farewell, Boston — Oh, Hello, San Francisco

The San Francisco Bay Trail near Jack London Square in Oakland
Next to The San Francisco Bay Trail near Jack London Square in Oakland

In June I traveled across the country from Boston to San Francisco via Amtrak. It was an adventure. My plan was to interview for jobs, reconnect with friends and have a new job by August 1st.

On July 3rd I accepted an offer from HelloSign. On August 4th I start my new job as Content Marketing Manager. I’m excited about what comes next.  I’ve used their eSignature solution for my event photography work so I already knew about the product’s usefulness and awesomeness. And now I’ll be joining HelloSign’s team as the second marketing hire. Good times seem imminent.

I arrived in Oakland on July 30th and I’m staying at a place via Airbnb for the next 33 nights while I look for an apartment. Before I moved, there were a sea of goodbyes, cocktails and hugs. I arrived in Boston from Nebraska in 1994 “for the summer” when I was twenty-one and it remained my home for the next twenty years. I always thought I might want to move to the Bay Area and now it is apparently the time.

One thing I will certainly miss about Boston is the music community that I’ve been a part of as a fan and concert photographer.  Here’s a Spotify playlist featuring many of my favorite Boston bands I’ve gone out to see and photograph over the years throughout 1994-2014.

The list below does not show additions after I published this post. You’ll need to look at the playlist on Spotify to see the latest updates.

To be continued!

On the Train from Boston to San Francisco

Sooz train trip Boston to San Francisco

On Monday I left for my first cross-country train expedition from Boston to San Francisco. It’s day three today and we’ve just left McCook, Nebraska headed to Colorado. And of course my trip has a hashtag for Twitter and Instgram: #SoozAmtrak2014. I’m using Seen’s social snapshot wrangler to collect all the posts with that hashtag.

When I arrive in San Francisco, I’m spending a week in the Bay Area exploring work opportunities in my worlds of content, digital marketing and community engagement. If you know someone I should connect with while I’m out there, I’d love to hear from you. Here’s my resume on LinkedIn.  Campaigns to keep me in Boston and help me find an awesome job there, too, are certainly welcome.

Amtrak’s California Zephyr train from Chicago, IL to Emeryville, CA has an awesome observation car filled with windows. I’m spending a lot of time there capturing photos and Instgram videos and working on some video projects. Unfortunately there’s no wifi. I might set up the GoPro camera when the train makes its way through the Rockies for a quick-lapse video.

Michael made hand-drawn maps of my train expedition from Boston to San Francisco and then back to Boston. He added some fun extra tidbits, of course.

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