Bang Camaro

Bang Camaro A couple weeks ago Michael and I went to the Paradise, my favorite mid-sized club in Boston to see live music. Bleu was the headliner and was using the show as a farewell to Boston as he prepares to pack his bags for a move to Los Angeles after ten years in Boston. A band I had never heard of called Bang Camaro opened the night o’ music. They started out as a four or five piece band, playing what seemed to be heavy metal instrumentals. Michael and I both looked at each other five seconds into the first song: Oh, no, please, not 40 minutes of heavy metal instrumentals. A few seconds later, 15-20 guys swarmed the stage and took spots around numermous microphones (that I guess we hadn’t noticed earlier were already on the stage).

I have never been so thoroughly amused (in a good way) at a concert. The premise behind the band is that they do mostly guitar solos and choruses. There is no “lead singer.” It sounds ridiculous; but these guys are pros and they sound great.

You can listen to their music on the Bang Camaro website. They’ve got four songs for sale at 99 cents each. My favorites of the four are Lady Lightning and Bang Camaro. But you might as well buy them all. Their music is also playing on my internet radio station at Exploit Boston Radio.


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