Sooz Photography

I am a Boston event photographer inspired by the documentary style of photography. What started as a hobby taking concert photos, has turned into work as an event photographer for nightlife, social, networking and corporate events. View my Boston event photography portfolio and say hello to discuss enlisting my help as your Boston event photographer.

Boston Event Photographer Testimonials

“Sooz has a keen eye and a good sense of people, making her a good event photographer. Her compositions are well-balanced, bringing together the right balance between the subject and their surroundings. Her work speaks for itself, and especially given that a photograph is worth a thousand words, but if you are looking for words connected to her work, here they are.”

“Excellent photographer who always manages to capture surprising moments while never seeming to get in the way. Very creative and great to work with.”

“Sooz asked the important questions beforehand, arrived early and stayed late, and got us everything we asked for right away. She listened to what we wanted, took care to meet our needs, took the effort to get some good shots that we hadn’t requested, and was expedient in doing so. I can also be a bit of a worrier – I need to confirm things several times – and she was always willing to say, “Yes, I’ll be there at X time, I have everything arranged, etc.” even though some other people may have found my need for reassurance irritating!”

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