Bloggers @ A.R.T.

Several years ago I conspired with The American Repertory to invite Boston area bloggers to a performance at their new Zero Arrow Theater in Harvard Square. It was a fun excuse to get out to see something I rarely seem to do: theater!

Thanks to Nicholas Peterson at A.R.T., they’re inviting bloggers to this Sunday’s (7pm, April 6th) performance of the U.S. premier of “ELECTIONS & ERECTIONS: A Chronicle of Fear and Fun.” Tickets normally cost $39 for the Sunday performances; but bloggers get a complimentary ticket in exchange for blogging about the performance (good, bad, indifferent).

If you’re a Boston area blogger and you’d like to join us on Sunday, April 6th at 7pm, sign-up on the page. If you don’t use, send me an email with the URL of your blog. We might meet up for drinks after the performance.

A.R.T. has a blog that will probably start percolating again sometime soon with tidbits about their latest show.

Drupalcon Love (and why Kieran Lal rocks)

Drupalcon Boston 2008

Earlier I was catching up with Acquia’s blog and found this post by Kieran Lal. He rounded up a bunch of feedback about Drupalcon Boston that some of the (850+) participants posted on their blogs. After spending a solid eight weeks jam packed with work helping Kieran and the rest of the Boston organizing committee bring that event to life, it was very cool to read how much people enjoyed the conference. And it was an excellent reminder that I am really happy that I’m working with Acquia on events beyond the Drupalcon Boston event. Kieran was amazing to work with/for. He is the most organized, focused (and somehow still friendly) person I’ve ever conspired with. Not to mention he put up with me pestering him at practically all hours of the day for two weeks leading up to the conference. True awesomeness.

“Well, that week just flew by. This is the most time I’ve spent in front of my computer all week.”
“Big thanks to the following folks for hospitality, logistics, and generally making it a great week: Kieran Lal, Jeff Whatcott, Robert Douglas and Jay Batson from Acquia; Gary, Jose, Al, and Robertson from the Knight Foundation; Leslie Hawthorne — the source of all good Summer of Code things; Moshe, Jamie and the rest of the local volunteers; Matt Cheney and Neil Drumm; Tobby, Jonathan and Nik (MDW); Morten, the King of Denmark; D Mak; Christefano and Lee; Cary and the rest of the hockey posse; the Lucky’s Lounge mob; Mike Meyers; Eric Gunderson, Alex Barth and the absent Bonnie Bogle from Development Seed; Pierre from the World Bank (I don’t hate the bank); Lisa Williams and Ben Melançon; and, of course, the all-powerful Sooz.”
Ken Rickard’s blog

“I had a great time and want to offer my congrats to the organizing team for a solid event!”

“Otherwise, it was really great to see all the old faces and meet some new ones. For anyone who missed it, the Acquia party was a blast (Orbit rocks!). Looking forward to the next!”
James Walkah’s blog

Read more of Kieran’s Drupalcon Love roundup

On Broadway Opens in Theaters in Boston!

I’ve been so busy with helping plan Drupalcon Boston that I’m five days late writing about this other exciting tidbit.

One of the greatest movies ever (seriously) debuted at the 2007 Boston Independent Film Festival — On Broadway They finally have a run of dates in the Boston area. Here’s hoping it expands to the rest of the world soon.

I’d like to get a bunch of us together to see the movie on March 16th at the Somerville Theater for the 7pm showing. They’ll be doing a Q&A session with the director and some of the actors after the show. I’ll put up a link to an RSVP page soon.


WHAT: The made-in-Boston independent movie “On Broadway” has just finished a highly successful year on the film festival circuit, taking home high honors from American and European festivals. Now it is being released on five screens in Greater Boston. “On Broadway” is a true look at Boston’s Irish community with a cast and crew all with local ties to the city.

Many of the film’s stars are native Bostonians – Joey McIntyre, Eliza Dushku, Mike O’Malley, Amy Poehler, and Robert Wahlberg. Also, Writer/Director Dave McLaughlin is a West Roxbury native, cinematographer Terrence Fitzgerald Hayes is a son of Southie, and
every member of the movie’s producing team hails from Massachusetts. The icing on “On Broadway’s” Boston cred is the movie’s score, composed by Buffalo Tom front man and Lexington resident Bill Janovitz, and recorded at Somerville’s Q Division studio.

This is a truly independent approach to filmmaking.

Not only was the film financed and produced outside of the traditional studio system, it is now being distributed exclusively through independently owned theaters.

• Best First Feature Film, Galway Film Fleadh 2007
• Best Narrative Feature, Woods Hole FF 2007
• Grand Jury Prize, New Hampshire FF 2007
• Directors Choice Award, Magners Irish FF 2007

WHERE: At the following theaters:

• Cameo Theater 1 & 2
14 Columbian Square – South Weymouth, MA 02190

• Dedham Community Theatre
580 High St – Dedham, MA 02026

• Sharon Cinema 8
700 South Main St – Sharon, MA 02067

• Somerville Theatre
55 Davis Square – Somerville, MA 02144

• West Newton Cinema
1296 Washington St – West Newton, MA 02465

WHEN: In theaters March 14, 2008

WHO: On Broadway stars Joey McIntyre, Eliza Dushku, Mike O’Malley, Robert Wahlberg, Will Arnett, and Amy Poehler.

MORE INFO: Visit for
showtimes and more information.

Drupalcon Boston March 3-6, 2008

The freelance life is off to a good start. Jeff Whatcott, the new VP of Marketing at Acquia, hired me as an event planner to help out organizing the upcoming Drupalcon Boston event that lands in Boston March 3-6, 2008 at the Boston Convention Center. See you there?

About Drupalcon …

Drupalcon Boston 2008 takes place from March 3, 2008 to March 6, 2008 in Boston Convention and Expo Center. There will also be a Drupal Code Sprint on March 7.

Drupalcon is the twice-yearly gathering of Drupalers to learn about, discuss & advance Drupal, and to network with other Drupal community members. With sessions targeted at everyone from novice to expert attendees, Drupalcon is one of the best ways to advance your understanding and use of Drupal.

The session schedule for the conference is still under development. It will be structurally similar to Drupalcon Barcelona 2007 which had 20-25 1-hour sessions per day, running 4 sessions in parallel, with keynotes from industry leaders like Dries Buytaert and others.

AIIM Expo will be held at the same time and location, and Drupalcon attendees can visit the AIIM Expo Hall. For full access to AIIM Expo, separate registration is required.

Boston photo walk on Saturday November 10th

A few of us are getting together tomorrow morning to wander around Boston together and take photos. If you want to join us, please do!

Boston Photo Walk!
Saturday, November 10th
11:30 AM @ the big fountain – Boston Common (Tremont Street)
Lost? Questions? Call Sooz: 617-379-0637

I’m going to create a spot on BostonNOW’s website (where I work) of photos taken during the walk for anyone who wants to contribute to that. Tag your photos from the walk “BostonNOW photo walk” if you’d like to be part of it. Everyone who tags their photos for BostonNOW will be entered to win one of two $50 Finagle-a-Bagel gift cards.

Photos: Johnette Napolitano at the Paradise Lounge

Johnette Napolitano at The Paradise Lounge

I’ve been a fan of Concrete Blonde for a long time so it was a huge treat to see Johnette Napolitano at the Paradise Lounge on May 18th. As an added bonus, she sang my favorite Concrete Blonde song — “Little Conversations.” At the end of the night, Laurie Sargent joined her on stage for an inspired rendition of “Joey.”

Johnette is on tour getting the word out about her new solo album Scarred that will be released on May 29th and is available at shows. “Amazing” is the first single and that pretty much sums up the overall album. You can hear all the songs on Scarred streaming at .

On Broadway Is a Superb Movie

On Broadway

Last week as I was wading through the schedule for the I noticed On Broadway. It looked interesting so I got tickets for Michael and I to attend the encore world premier screening last night. Wow! This movie is excellent. I really hope they get a big distribution deal because everyone should have the opportunity to go to this movie in a theater. It’s refreshing to see a movie based in Boston that isn’t about murderers or gansters. Crazy, I know. It was heartfelt but never felt contrived.

As an added bonus there is an awesome Boston-inspired soundtrack with bands I play on including and .

and head over to and to read Michael’s review of On Broadway.

Boston Job: Operations Support Specialist at EditShare

I started a new job this week as an account manager at . They manufacture a system that stores audio and video media files in a central networked solution. It’s used by video production companies, television studios, etc. EditShare is looking for help from someone who wants to join the company as an operations suppport specialist. Obviously I haven’t been here long enough to share a lot of information about the company; but from what I can tell and what I’ve seen so far, it’s great. I knew Michelle, the officer manager, prior to taking the job. Since they’re located in Allston near where I live, I can walk to work which I have been really enjoying this week. Here’s the job description. If you have any questions or want to talk to Michelle who resumes can be sent to, let me know!

Operations Support Specialist

EditShare ( is seeking a full-time Operations and Support Specialist to join its Boston office. The right individual will be a self-motivated, fast-learning, energetic, teamwork oriented, multi-tasker looking to join an exciting start-up company. This position is full time, and is equal parts Tech Support (customer-facing) and internal Operations (behind-the-scenes product testing, quality control and delivery readiness).

EditShare is a manufacturer of a digital video server. The customers who call EditShare for tech support are mostly video editors using Avid, Adobe, Final Cut Pro, Pinnacle or a number of other non-linear video editing applications. These video editors are producing shows for Discovery Channel, A&E, Showtime, OLN and many other network and public TV projects, and EditShare’s digital video storage server is where all of their digital media is stored and shared. These customers need someone in tech support who speaks the language of video editing, but who also knows the technical specifics of EditShare’s OS. Our ideal candidate is a video editor who knows a bit about Linux, the foundation of EditShare’s technology.

The ideal candidate will:

  • Learn in-depth how to install, configure, use and troubleshoot EditShare software and hardware
  • Assist pre-Sales team or potential customers answering technical questions
  • Assist new customers with installation – by phone, via remote desktop programs, or in person.
  • Conduct training sessions with new or active customers – by phone, via remote desktop programs, or in person.
  • Coordinate sending out support bulletins to existing customers, verify that customers received them, and help customers implement any actions suggested by the support bulletin.
  • Assist in helping customers install upgrades
  • Handle daily inbound calls to post-Sales technical support “help desk” and document calls in a Customer Relationship Management database
  • Work with the overall EditShare team to contribute to product development by creating white papers and other technical documentation
  • Work with EditShare team to represent the company at some trade shows,
    customer sites and industry events

The right individual will receive intensive training in EditShare software and hardware installation and configuration. Applicants need to be able to come up to speed rapidly. Applicants should be familiar with a variety of video editing applications, especially Avid and Final Cut Pro. Applicants should have a basic understanding of networking – CAT5/6 wiring, IP Addresses, CableDSL Routers, etc. Applicants should also have a basic knowledge of Windows and OS X, and especially Linux (as our product is Linux-based) – enough to help customers with the occasional command line fix, and to help enable or disable custom features before machines are shipped to clients.


  • Familiarity with various NLE programs, especially Avid and Final Cut Pro
  • Familiarity with Linux, Windows and OS X
  • Basic Knowledge of TCP/IP Networking
  • Autonomous trouble ticket resolution
  • Excellent customer care skills
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Independent, innovative problem solving
  • Solution documentation