Common Sense Networking? Organic Networking? Everyone Has The Capacity To Be Interesting Networking?

Earlier this week Shimon Rura and I hosted the second Genius Workshop dinner along with about 30 people who joined us. The idea is to bring tech innovators, creators and thinkers together in a room for dinner to conspire about individual projects and enjoy a good meal. Two people mentioned that we should have a more formal networking structure because they are serious about their business and focused on getting things done. Good for them, eh? The thing is, I think that most anyone you talk to can be of interest to you if you are open to the possibility. My event style for things I host is ideally a combination of networking and community. Many networking events will prepare a spreadsheet of participants’ contact information and backgrounds for everyone to review prior to the event so that you can determine who is worthy of your time. Whenever I’m presented with something like that I try to find at least a few people on the list who have absolutely nothing to do with what I am working on or interested in. You just never know. Susan Mernit and I had a related conversation about this during the Mobile Media Conference last weekend in LA and she concurred that she likes to throw in some randomness when inviting people to events. I’m glad I’m not alone!

Yahoo!’s 360 Degrees

Jess Barron sent me an invite yesterday to join the Yahoo! 360 network/community/blog thingy. It’s been a while since I’ve logged into Friendster, Orkut and Ryze. It’ll be interesting to see if I frequent Yahoo!’s project more consistently. Here’s my profile if you’d like to add me as a contact at 360 Degrees.

New home for my event mailing list at WhizSpark

I mentioned the other day that I was moving my event mailing list from over to WhizSpark. Mission accomplished! If you were on my list before and you did not receive an email via the WhizSpark system alerting you of the new list, you can sign up via my profile page at WhizSpark. It looks like 50 or so people were not added which was probably a copy/pasting oversight on my part and then a few unsubscriptions, too. If you’ve never been on my list before and you’d like to be alerted when I’ve got new events on the horizon, please sign up.

I’ve been going through old event photos and plan to move them over to my flickr account. Here’s one of my favorite sushi fest photos of Mark Bernstein. It was taken with an instant camera that we passed around the table at the sushi fest dinner party in 1999 at Guyuhama on Boylston Street.

Boston Globe Article about the Boston Blog Meetup

I recently passed on the organizer role for the Boston Blog Meetup to Jack Hodgson. He wasn’t able to attend the January meetup at Christopher’s Restaurant in Porter Square so I filled in for him at the last minute. A freelance writer for The Boston Globe surprised us with a visit and told us she had an article about the meetup in the works.

The article mixed up a few tidbits. There was some confusion between the meetup and my website. The latter has been around since 2002 and is at the top of the Google results page for “Boston blogs”, not the Blog Meetup. It’s not a huge deal but would have been an easy enough thing to clarify.

Current Work Related Projects: Progress!

I’m working on taking my 2005 aspirations seriously so towards the end of each month I’m going to post a summary of where I’m at and related thoughts. I’m not really expecting anyone else to find this particular fascinating. ;) (My RSS reader isn’t showing up the “continue reading” link for some reason so if you’re looking at this from your reader, too, you’ll have to visit my site to see the rest of the entry.)

This month I moved into an office/studio in Somerville that I share with two other women: Wendy Constantine (art director and designer) and Jessica Finch (fine art and design). We sublease our space from Wooden Kiwi Productions. They are an entertainment production company. They build things like theater sets and dance floors. I found the space on Craig’s List. I don’t know what I’d do without that website.

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