Digging Into the flickr API: Help?

I haven’t mentioned in a few weeks how much I love flickr. It will be interesting to see how their sale to Yahoo! affects them: hopefully in good ways. I’ve been wanting to do more with the display of photos on websites other than my flickr account/pages but I’m not really techie enough to figure out how to tinker with the API. It appears that Pete Caputa is also curious about what can be done.

I’d really like to talk to someone that has (or is interested in) building off of the flickr API, so that photos stored on flickr, can be shown in an album on another website. Anyone?

Personally, I’d like to be able to have photos from the Exploit Boston! photo pool appear over on my Exploit Boston! website in random order in one spot, similar to the bit of code that flickr provides me (used over on the right side of this page) to do that sort of thing with photos I’ve added to my flickr account.

Anybody know how to do this or have an example of someone doing this on another website?

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I don’t know if you’ve heard from anyone else yet, but this should be easy enough to do with MagpieRSS, without really using the flickr API. I can whip up a sample in my free time if you’re interested…

Yes, that would rock! Thanks, Peter! How about a few more exclamation marks: !! !! !! ;)

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