Ebay Mania Ebay is

Ebay Mania

Ebay is certainly making the contest giveaways for the 80s party a LOT easier to arrange. I’m awestruck by some of the crap, err, “stuff” I’ve found online. Here’s what I’ve bid on so far:

Michael Jackson “Thriller” poster
Menudo LP (ooh, it’s a rare collector’s item!)
Kate Bush “Lionheart Babooshka” Poster
The Cure’s “Boys Don’t Cry” Poster (it pains me to give this one away, but I will!)
New Kids On The Block Pins (okay, it’s weird but I have to admit, I did own their first tape)
4 tapes with 30 music videos each (Life in a Northern Town? Yes!)

Kim suggested we play mp3s from her new ipaq which she’s ugpraded to a 5 gig hard drive. Geeks in 2001 meet the 80s. Too fun. The invite should be out soon. If you’re not on the e-list (over there to the top right), be sure to signup so I can send you a proper invitation.

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