Freelance Hub Lunch All 40

Freelance Hub Lunch

All 40 seats have been claimed for Thursday’s Freelance Hub lunch. A few people usually cancel the day before due to a sudden change in their schedule. If you’d like to attend, add your name to the waitlist and I will be in touch by 9am on Thursday morning if a seat opens up for you.

SXSW Interactive Festival

I am collecting insights and thoughts from people who have attended the SXSW Interactive Festival in past years. Have you attended the festival? Contribute your answer to this question: “Why Should Someone Attend The SXSW 2002 Interactive Festival?” for inclusion in an article that I’m putting together for Digital Web Magazine’s February issue. Contributions of 10-100 words are due on or before January 30, 2002. Fill out the contact form and share your thoughts!

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