Gonzalo Silva and music serendipity

Gonzalo Silva was busking underground at one of the subway stations in NYC this summer when someone waiting for the train listened and bought a CD. The new fan, Sao Paulo director Jarbas Agnelli, decided to use a song of Gonzalo’s to put together a video from travels around NYC. It’s stunning. I was really moved watching this video. Maybe you will be, too.

Speaking of Gonzalo, he’s in Boston this week(ish). If you see him singing and playing his bass underground at a subway station, be sure to give him a few bucks for his efforts.

I’ve helped Gonzalo get up and running the past few months. It’s been such a treat to see how he’s been able to get the word out even farther about his music and connect directly with people (online) who normally only catch a limited glimpse of him while he’s playing underground.

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