I’m not the only one in love with the Nokia 6800

When I was poking around my web stats this morning I noticed that Eric Snowdeal linked to my entry about the too cool for school Nokia 6800 phone. He’s a fan, too. Eric mentioned that I work for Nokia yet I have a Sanyo phone. That’s true. But I also have a Nokia phone. It’s something they gave me for “work use only.” If they would kindly give me a 6800 I would happily stomp on my Sanyo 4900 and toss it out the window. I don’t work for the phone division nor do I have any super deluxe connections so the chances of me getting a free 6800 are next to nothing. But it’s a nice thought! Presumably the AT&T Wireless store near the office gives decent discounts to Nokia employees; but since I’m a contractor I’m not sure if I’ve made that list. I probably wouldn’t want to leave the Sprint PCS + Vision service anyway. Which means I’m still hoping that Nokia will make the 6800 or something like it available with Sprint PCS. A girl can dream.

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