Jennifer Traig’s “Devil in the Details” and the Virtual Book Tour

Devil is in the Details

Kevin Smokler’s Virtual Book Tour is making its way around the web today. The latest installment of the tour features Jennifer Traig’s memoir Devil in the Details: scenes from an obsessive girlhood. She chronicles her adventures and missadventures with scruplosity, a hyper-religious form of obsessive compulsive disorder. Jenny’s book is equal parts disturbing and downright hilarious. She describes her family’s humorous approach to routines such as kissing the floor and swatting bookcases. She didn’t want her family to know that she was keeping kosher so when her mom inquires “Is there a reason you’re hiding that pork chop under your plate?”, Jenny replies, “Oh, I’m just tenderizing it.”

The book includes several intersitial’s describing some of her routines including “Musical Chairs: A Game.” In ten steps she describes the process of playing musical chairs by yourself.

10. Players may not sit on any of the toilets. This goes without saying. Don’t think about toilets. Don’t think about toilets. Don’t think about toilets. Oh, now you’re going to have to go wash. Game over.

This book is for anyone who might have thought they had an odd childhood. Read
Devil in the Details
and you’ll quickly discover there’s always someone out there who goes beyond anything you could have imagined.