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I finally set up a Word Press blog. It’s a site that Michael and I are using for a 15-day road trip we’re taking in mid-to-late April. I’m thinking about moving some of my other sites to Word Press, too. Though right now, I’m a little overwhelmed since I’m not all that savvy with PHP. Some things that seem so basic, like listing the category name at the top of each category page, are a huge challenge. At least for now. I can’t seem to figure out where the template is to add this little tidbit.

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In the current WordPress release line, you have to know a little php to make such things happen.

So for example, to display the category name on top of the category page like this:

Then you need to insert a little code in the desired spot in your index.php page. This thread in wordpress support gives you the needed code:

And fyi: its very annoying to try to explain code when your code is stripped out of the comment preview dealy without warning. If you have more questions, just holler.

Thanks for the tips, Jon! Somehow I completely overlooked the support tab on the Word Press site. I would have expected documentation about how modify the category page to be in the docs area.

Re: your code being stripped. Sorry about that! I switched’s design to what was supposed to be just a temporary plain MT template a while ago and haven’t gotten around to doing much tinkering. I’ll make note of code not showing up on the comment template(s).

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