Nokia 6800 available in the U.S. … but where?


The Nokia 6800 is apparently available in the U.S. with service from Cingular; but I haven’t found a zip code via the website that actually says it’s available in that area. I tried a few Boston area zipcodes and none of them seemed to have the phone. It appears to be a great phone to type on thanks to the flip-out keyboard. I’ve got web and email access on my Sanyo 4900 but I rarely use it to send messages or emails since typing on it is similiar to Chinese water torture. The camera headset attachment looks rather cool, too. I hope Nokia offers a super snazzy phone like this that works with SprintPCS someday.

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m contracting at another division (not the phone people) at Nokia. Seems like I need to find someone who works for the phone group so I can see one of the 6800’s in action.